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  • Prime Inc. Announces Increase in Tanker Driver Pay

    Springfield, Mo. - Prime Inc., a refrigerated, flatbed, tanker and logistics trucking company, has announced an increase in tanker starting pay.  Company associates in the Prime Tanker Division can now earn 41 cents per mile for starting pay.  This increase in pay adds to a substantial list of driver benefits, as well as excellent home time for drivers in the Tanker Division.“It has always been our policy at Prime to share our growth and success with our drivers,” said John Hancock, Prime Inc. director of training and driver recruiting. “As the Tanker Division at Prime experiences gains, we are passing on this success to our fleet through an increase in driver pay.”

    Unlike many other companies in the trucking industry, Prime Inc. did not decrease driver pay when the economy slowed.  “This is a true increase in pay for our tanker drivers – we’re not getting back to where we were before the tough economy hit.  Prime never cut driver pay during the volatile economic conditions of the past couple of years,” said Hancock.

    Tanker driver openings are now available in many different locations throughout North America, including Fort Wayne, Ind.; Decatur, Ind.; Louisville, Ky.; Columbus, Ohio; Raleigh, N.C.; Chicago, Ill.; and Pittsburgh, Pa.

    “Not only do our drivers in the Tanker Division have great earnings, but they also drive some of the best equipment on the road,” said Hancock.  “Prime offers access to great equipment for driver associates and independent contractors.”

    For more information about the driving opportunities at Prime Inc., please call 1-877-PRIME-JOB.

  • Prime Inc. Partners with Kids Against Hunger to Feed Starving Children in El Salvador

    Springfield, Mo. - Prime Inc. recently partnered with Kids Against Hunger – Springfield, Inc. (KAH – Springfield) to package meals for starving children in El Salvador. Employees from every department at Prime Inc. assembled 22,680 meals in just two hours.

    “We’re very proud of our Prime staff for their hard work and commitment to helping those who are less fortunate,” said John Hancock with Prime Inc. “Kids Against Hunger is making a huge impact in children’s lives and we’re so glad we were able to get involved.”

    Karen Brigham, former Prime Inc. management information system manager, founded KAH – Springfield in 2007. The organization, which is based on a passion for feeding children in the United States and around the world, relies solely on volunteers to accomplish the necessary organizational tasks and complete meal packaging and distribution.

    “Prime has been very supportive of our mission, both financially and by volunteering their time,” said Brigham. “The people at Prime are some of the most generous people I know, and they really worked hard to help us feed people around the world.”

    Serving this charity meant a lot to a number of associates at Prime. “You always hear that it’s a small world, and this instance proved that more than ever for me,” said Hancock. During the process of working with Kids Against Hunger, I discovered the packaged meals that were being created by Prime employees were going to help the mission efforts of Kenton and Elsie Moody in El Salvador. The Moody’s happen to be friends of Hancock from his days in college.

    KAH – Springfield meal packages contain a rich and easily digestible rice-soy base and include dehydrated vegetables, vegetarian chicken flavoring, 21 essential vitamins and all nine of the essential amino acids required for complete nutrition. Formulated by food scientists, the meal goes beyond simply feeding the children and provides them with better health, reversing the starvation process and promoting their mental capacity to learn. The food is also designed to accommodate the broad diversity of ethnic tastes and religious differences around the world.

    About Kids Against Hunger – Springfield, Inc.

    KAH – Springfield focuses on feeding hungry children in Springfield, Mo., and starving children around the world through educating and engaging the people of Springfield to aid in the Fight Against Hunger. As a satellite packaging location licensed through KAH headquarters in New Hope, Minn., KAH - Springfield is an independent non-profit organization that relies solely on volunteers to help prepare, package and ship meals locally and across the globe. To date, KAH – Springfield has packaged and distributed well over two million meals to families in need. For more information about KAH – Springfield, please visit

  • Prime Inc. Honors Fallen Soldiers With Wreath Delivery

    Wreaths Across America wreath-laying ceremonies to take place December 11, 2010 across America.

    Springfield, Mo. – Prime Inc. recently announced its participation in this year’s “Wreaths Across America™ Day”, which takes place on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 12 p.m. EST. Held annually on the second Saturday in December, the custom of placing wreaths on veteran graves across America relies on the help of volunteers, active organizations and the generosity of the trucking industry.

    Prime Inc.’s participation in the event has become an annual tradition for the company. This year, the company has not only donated a truck for the cause, but a driver and several thousand dollars to purchase wreaths in Springfield, Missouri.

    “We are honored to be able to pay tribute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom,” said John Hancock, Prime Inc. director of training and driver recruiting. “It is Prime’s hope that every grave is decorated for the holidays to signify just how important their service was to our country.”

    The Missouri Highway Patrol will escort Prime Inc.’s driver through the state to deliver wreaths in Bloomfield, St. Louis, St. James and Springfield. Ceremonies around the nation will be performed in unison at 12 p.m. EST on Saturday, Dec. 11. Each ceremony will include a flag ceremony, the traditional playing of “Taps” and a 21-gun salute. One member from each branch of the military will place a wreath on a grave.

    About Wreaths Across America™

    Wreaths Across America™, a non-profit 501-c3 organization, was formed as an extension of the Arlington Wreath Project. The Arlington Wreath program began with the donation and laying of 5,000 Christmas wreaths in Arlington National Cemetery by Morrill Worcester of Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington in 1992. The program was expanded in 2006 to create Wreaths Across America™, providing wreath donations nationwide. The wreath laying, held annually on the second Saturday of December, is now in its 19th year of existence with over 450,000 wreaths placed on a veteran’s grave.

    For more information about Wreaths Across America, please visit

  • Prime Inc. Raises Min Pay Per Mile To 95¢ For Reefer And Flatbed Division

    Springfield, MO. – Prime Inc., headquartered in Springfield, MO., which pays its contractors 72 percent of revenue, has again raised its minimum guaranteed revenue for independent contractors in its refrigerated and flatbed divisions, ensuring no less than $95,000 for every 100,000 miles completed. This enhancement in guarantee still allows the operator to share in gains of the marketplace but have the assurance that it will never be lower than 95 cents per mile.

    “We believe contractors should be paid on percentage of the revenue,” says John Hancock, Prime’s recruiting director. “If they are only being paid on a flat per mile rate, they’re not benefiting from the potential of the marketplace. At Prime, our operators immediately reap the rewards when the marketplace moves upward.”

    Hancock notes at Prime independent contractors also get 100 percent of the fuel surcharge and this guaranteed minimum revenue also includes all authorized miles, loaded or empty.

    According to market insiders, a shift in supply and demand will soon drive load revenue higher. Due in part to carrier failures and fleet size reductions over the past few years, the supply of capable carriers and qualified drivers has shrunk while demand has steadily grown. Accordingly, pricing potential will increase as demand strengthens in spring/summer.

    “We’re confident in our ability to reach in the marketplace and deliver superior earnings to our operators, and they get that immediate reward. We are confident enough of our freight network to pay 72 percent and still go no lower than 95¢ per mile plus 100 percent of the fuel surcharge,” says Hancock. “If you’re considering making a change, this is a great opportunity for you here at Prime. We understand you need to share in the market, yet still have this 95 cents in place as a stopgap.”

    The latest increase in pay is effective immediately, making now an ideal time to join the Prime team. For more information call 1-877-PRIME-JOB or apply online.

  • Prime Driver Named Missouri’s 2009 Driver Of The Year

    Springfield, Mo. – Prime Inc. announces Harvey Williams as Missouri’s 2009 Driver of the Year. An Independent Contractor in the Refrigerated Division, Harvey drives team with his wife Sue. Of this prestigious honor Harvey stated, “We’ve wanted this for a long time. We just love it. You can’t go higher than this as far as I’m concerned.”

    A career driver, Harvey has driven over 6 million miles accident-free. His father, who drove a truck and was also a crop duster, taught him the importance of safety from the beginning of his career. Harvey’s father used to share his secrets to safe driving. “Just watch what you’re doing. Keep your head moving all the time,” Harvey said of his father’s advice. “Before you ever get in your truck you go around your truck and you inspect everything. Make sure that everything is taken care of that pertains to safety,” he added.

    Harvey contributes his success to his partnership with his wife of 43 years. “I couldn’t have done it without her. Anything that I have done, Sue has done with me.”

    Harvey has been with Prime Inc. for nearly 11 years, “There’s nothing in this world that we wouldn’t do for Prime or they wouldn’t do for us. The equipment that we drive is the best equipment on the highway.”

    Don Lacy, Director of Safety for Prime Inc. explained, “Safe driving is one the most important factors in choosing a driver of the year. Hard work, dedication and productivity complete the criteria. Harvey Williams’ superior record and work ethic make him a worthy recipient of this award. We are proud to have him as a member of our Prime family.”

  • Overdrive Magazine picks Prime Inc. Driver as the Best

  • Prime Inc. Announces 2009 Drivers of the Year

    Springfield, Mo. - Prime Inc. announced in January 2010 that the following drivers deserve the distinction of being Prime's elite:

    • Larry Arnim, Jr.: Refrigerated Division Solo Independent Contractor
    • Robert & Leslie Montag: Refrigerated Division Team Independent Contractor
    • James & Susan Bohlen: Refrigerated Division Company Driver
    • Daryl Curl: Flatbed Division Independent Contractor
    • Johnny Burris: Flatbed Division Company Driver
    • Ron Lucier: Tanker Division Independent Contractor

    These five categories comprise the entire Prime fleet. There are approximately 5,000 independent contractors and company drivers at Prime Inc. Prime's DOT Recordable Accident Frequency for the 2009 calendar year was under one half of a percent, and the DOT Recordable Preventable was .16 of a percent. These two numbers are well below the industry average. Safe driving is the most important criterion in determining Prime's driver of the year. Hard work, dedication and productivity round out the rest. Prime dispatchers and supervisors from each division voted for the recipients of this prestigious award.

    Brian Singleton, a refrigerated division dispatcher for Prime, Inc., works with Larry Arnim, and said the Independent Contractor of the year was more than worthy of this award.

    "Larry's success stems from his constant proactive approach to his business," said Singleton. "He
    is always looking at ways to maximize his hours. Larry calls his receiver on just about every single load to ask if they will accept an early delivery. If they accept this request, he calls me to make sure that I am aware of the new appointment time. Larry's 7.5 MPG fuel average doesn't hurt his success either."

  • Prime Inc. Announces 2008 Drivers of the Year

    Springfield, Mo. – Prime Inc. announced that the following drivers deserve the distinction of being Prime's elite:

    • Thomas Hogan: Refrigerated Division Solo Independent Contractor
    • Barbara Van Zant & Iris Lane: Refrigerated Division Team Independent Contractor
    • Douglas Slocum: Refrigerated Division Company Driver
    • Anthony McNabb: Flatbed Division Independent Contractor
    • Charles Plant: Flatbed Division Company Driver
    • John Shannon: Tanker Division Independent Contractor

    These six categories comprise the entire Prime fleet. There are approximately 3,500 independent contractors and company drivers at Prime Inc. Prime's DOT Recordable Accident Frequency for the 2008 calendar year was close to one half of a percent, and the DOT Recordable Preventable was .25 of a percent. These two numbers are well below the industry average. Safe driving is the most important criterion in determining Prime's driver of the year. Hard work, dedication and productivity round out the rest. Prime dispatchers and supervisors from each division voted for the recipients of this prestigious award.

    Scott McKnight, a fleet manager at Prime Inc. has good things to say about his Team drivers. "Barbara Van Zant and Iris Lane are dedicated to be the best. They have had no service failures since starting with Prime and have acquired a 2 million mile safe driving award. They truly have the customers' best interest at heart when it comes to the integrity of the freight upon delivery," stated Scott.

  • Prime Inc. Announces Driver of the Month

    CEO Praises Work Ethic of 20-Year Veteran

    Springfield, Mo. – Bryan Elmer has been named trucking company Prime Inc.’s driver of the month for February. Elmer has worked as an over-the-road driver for 28 years, having spent the last 20 of those years with Prime Inc.’s Refrigerated Truck Division. “Bryan Elmer is a perfect example of a Prime driver—loyal, hard-working and customer-focused,” said Robert Low, founder and CEO of Prime, Inc. “I am pleased to present this honor to such a fine person.”

    Elmer continues to enjoy driving because he has what he calls a “passion for the road.” “I get to see something different everyday. How many people can say that about their job?” says Elmer. Elmer also continues to enjoy driving for Prime because, “Prime is always thinking about what’s best for their drivers.” One example of that focus is Prime’s Road Assist Program. This program helps the driver get back on the road as quickly as possible when breakdowns occur. “One time in particular the lug nuts became loose and one of the tires became un-drivable. Using wireless communications technology, Prime was able to detect the problem, locate the nearest service station and even notified the service station that I was coming in and what the problem was,” he explains. Elmer said because of Prime’s assistance, his downtime was minimal.

    One of the highlights of Elmer’s career is Prime’s celebration of his 20-year anniversary with the company. “I received a message from my fleet manager at the company’s headquarter in Springfield to stop in on his next trip through town. When I arrived, they had a limousine waiting for me and I was taken out for dinner and a night out on the town,” the driver says. “Other companies don’t do things like that. That night was just one thing in a long list that shows Prime cares about their drivers.”

    Founded in 1970, Prime Inc.’s corporate headquarters are located in Springfield, Missouri. For more information on Prime Inc., visit Professional drivers are encouraged to stop by Prime’s terminal at the intersection of Interstate 44 and Highway 65 in Springfield, Missouri.

    “Prime and its drivers are active participants in the Highway Watch program,” said John Hancock, Director of Training and Driver Recruitment. “It is also just as important for us to encourage other groups that regularly travel the nation’s roadways to take advantage of this unique training.”

  • Prime Inc. First in Missouri to Use New Homeland Security Training

    March 23, 2005 – Prime Inc., North America’s largest refrigerated carrier, is partnering with the Missouri Motor Carriers to distribute a new audio CD that will train drivers on how to be part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Highway Watch program. Prime is the first trucking company in Missouri to utilize this training format.

    Having the training in audio format significantly decreases the time needed for training over-the-road truck drivers to recognize potential safety and security threats and avoid becoming a target of terrorists. “Drivers can now be trained as they do their jobs instead of waiting weeks to schedule and participate in an instructor-delivered seminar,” said Robert Low, president and founder of Prime Inc.

    Ross Nichols, Director of Member Services, Missouri Motor Carriers, hand delivered the CD’s to Prime Inc. on Tuesday, March 22nd to begin the process of distributing the CD’s to Prime’s 3,300 drivers. “As this partnership with Prime illustrates, the Highway Watch program is a successful example of the federal government, industry groups, state associations and trucking companies working together for homeland security,” said Nichols.

    “Prime and its drivers are active participants in the Highway Watch program,” said John Hancock, Director of Training and Driver Recruitment. “It is also just as important for us to encourage other groups that regularly travel the nation’s roadways to take advantage of this unique training.”

  • Prime Inc. has Huge Showing at 2004 Missouri State Truck Driving Championship

    PRIME Inc., headquartered in Springfield, MO, had two drivers take home first place trophies and another win a second place trophy at the Missouri Motor Carriers Association’s (MMCA) State Truck Driving Championships over the weekend (June 4 & 5) held in Joplin, MO. Charlie Hibbard (9 yrs. with PRIME) came away with first place in the Flatbed Class. Don Sexton (7yrs. with PRIME) also snagged a first place trophy by winning the Five Axle Van Class. The second place Five Axle Sleeper Berth Class went to Duane Grimme (12 yrs. with Wil-Trans/PRIME). Charlie Hibbard and Don Sexton will be representing the State of Missouri at the National Truck Driving Championship in August 18 – 21, 2004, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Jim Austin, PRIME Inc.’s CDL Programs Manager, was proud of the PRIME drivers’ accomplishments over the weekend. “Drivers who are serious about involving themselves in Truck Driving Championships at this level, do so out of a sense of professionalism and pride in what they do. We couldn’t ask for a better group of professional drivers that are dedicated to show how proud they are of themselves, their industry and of their association with PRIME. I am honored to be allowed the opportunity to associate myself with such professionals,” stated Jim Austin.

    The skills tests at the MMCA Truck Driving Championships were broken up into the nine following classes:

    § Straight Truck

    • § 3 – axle
    • § 4 – axle
    • § 5 – axle

    § Tank Truck

    § Flatbed Truck

    • § 5 – axle sleeper & auto transporter

    § Twins

    There were 165 total drivers from all over Missouri that competed this year. PRIME entered 11 driving professionals into four classes. The competing drivers had to be accident free throughout all of last year in order to qualify. Drivers were judged (by law enforcers) on appearance, industry knowledge and attitude. This competition is not a race but a closed course of precision driving measured by inches. The truck driving championships have been going on for 50 years.

  • Roll Stability Control

    Prime Inc. announces the implementation of "Roll Stability Control (RSC)" on every additional truck to their fleet. Prime adds an average of 80 trucks to their operations per month. Prime Inc. feels the return on investment lies within the safety of their drivers, the transit of customers' cargo, and America's passenger vehicles. Prime is one of the first trucking companies to incorporate RSC into their new 2005 model year fleet trucks. The RSC system device focuses on a vehicle's center of gravity, the lateral acceleration limit (rollover threshold) and wheel speed. RSC is designed specifically to help maintain truck/trailer stability and aid in reducing vehicle rollovers.

    When RSC senses conditions that may result in a rollover, the system can reduce engine torque, engage the engine retarder, apply proper pressure to the drive axle brakes and, if required, modulate the trailer brakes with just enough pressure to slow the vehicle. Although rollovers do not happen that often, they are one of the most prevalent accidents among truckload carriers. "It is estimated that this system will reduce rollovers by 60 percent, states Bill Taylor, Prime Inc.'s Director of Maintenance. Prime experienced $3.2 million in freight, trailer and truck damage last year due to rollovers. We are continually looking at safety and cost saving devices for our equipment, drivers and nation's highways. This [RSC] technology should reduce our costs associated with rollovers to around $1.3 million while increasing safety," Bill Taylor continues.

  • Prime Signs up for TripPak Scanning

    Prime, Inc a respected name in transportation and early adopter of truck stop scanning has signed up with TripPak SCANNING, the cashier assisted document capture service found at full service truck stops in North America.

    "We have been pleased with the adoption of truck stop scanning," said Robert E. Low President of Prime. "Given the popularity of this program and the new in hours of service regulations forcing changes in the driving patterns of our operators, we are eager to expand the options we make available for trip document submission. TripPak SCANNING is a feature at TravelCenters of America, Petro Stopping Centers and other participating locations within our network."

    "To improve cash flow and better prepare for the upset in established driving patterns brought on by changing hours-of-service regulations, Prime is leveraging our truck stop scanning service and working to cover every base," explains Mark A. Cleveland, President and Chief Development Officer of TripPak Services. TripPak offers scanning solutions for fleet terminals, a centralized scanning service for complete outsourced document management and truck stop trip document capture services. "Any combination of these programs, together with our universal drop box coverage, delivers a tailored solution for any fleet, large or small" Cleveland adds. Prime Inc. continues to offer drivers the choice of fleet sponsored TripPak EXPRESS.

    Participating fleets can direct drivers to participating truck stops where the fuel desk employees process images and return documents with a receipt to the driver. Drivers can confirm that images were submitted through the system by reviewing them at just minutes later. Alternatively, drivers can simply drop their trip envelopes in a TripPak box to be scanned overnight and images captured at a truck stop can be merged with images processed in the TripPak SCANNING center and exported to participating carriers, while original documents are maintained by TripPak.

    Prime Inc., founded in 1970 by Robert E. Low, is an irregular-route refrigerated, flatbed, and tanker carrier with common and contract authority. Prime transports a variety of commodities, primarily food products, throughout the contiguous United States, Canada, and Mexico. Prime is fully committed to providing the highest level of service by using the best people, equipment, and technology to ensure that freight is delivered safely, securely, and on time. The fleet has almost 3,000 tractors, 3100 refrigerated trailers, 600 flatbed trailers, 100 tanker trailers and gross revenues exceeding $512 million for the fiscal year ending March 30, 2002. Prime has more than 3500 associates.

    TMI is a premier service provider to the trucking industry; the fifteen-year old company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in Brentwood, Tennessee and Wilmington, Ohio. For information about TMI Services, visit

  • Prime Inc. Hosts Successful Holiday Party

    Prime Inc.'s 2003 Holiday Party proved to be one of the company's best ever. The event was held on December 26th at the Oasis Inn & Convention Center in Springfield, MO. With over 850 attendees (drivers and in-house associates) and a room full of delicious hors d'oeuvres, the holiday party theme "Celebrate America" had an imposing environment to celebrate.

    The party showcased an exquisite panorama of red, white and blue through out the venue. Two large screens showing the Prime video "Celebrate America" established the climax of the evening, along with honoring Prime's Millionaires throughout the event. Karaoke-singing and dancing kept the Prime crowd entertained and on their feet.

    For additional information, call Clayton Brown at Prime Inc., 417-866-0001, extension 3102 or visit Prime's web site at Professional drivers are encouraged to stop by Prime's terminal at the intersection of Interstate 44 and Highway 65 in Springfield, Missouri.

  • Prime Inc. Hosts Their First Customer Advisory Board in Biloxi, MS

    Prime Inc.'s Fall/2003 Customer Advisory Board at the Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi, MS may have been Prime's best ever. Prime Inc. puts together an advisory board twice a year that consists of Prime's top customers, managers and drivers. The advisory board gets together for two weekends out of a calendar year to have industry-related meetings in the morning and participate in relaxing activities in the afternoon. This Fall's meetings were structured a bit different than in the past. "The new format for the advisory board provided all the attendees a well rounded educational experience detailing current transportation and political trends," stated Keith McCoy (Director of Marketing, Prime).

    On Friday, October 31st, John Larkin (CFA, Managing Director of Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.) and Steve Shawley (President, Thermo King) gave presentations on the trucking industry and their particular services. Saturday morning started with a presentation by Steve Peterson (Director of Alliance Management, General Mills) and closed with a speech given by the Honorable J.C. Watts (former Congressman and Oklahoma Sooner quarterback). In the past, the Customer Advisory Board meetings were structured for a moderator to spark discussion about the industry and the values of business partnerships. This year's speaker lineup proved to be much more informative and thought provoking.

    This was Prime's first time to host their Customer Advisory Board at the Palace Casino Resort. When asked about the benefits of this venue Keith McCoy added, "the best of the customer advisory board was having all attendees and events totally centralized at one location. The services at the casino were outstanding." The service at the Palace was something that Robert Low (President, Prime Inc. and Palace Casino Resort) anticipated being top notch. "I hoped that everyone would enjoy the Southern hospitality and great cuisine as well as the ambiance of the Mississippi Gulf Coast," Mr. Low stated.

    When asked about the goal of Prime's Customer Advisory Board, Robert Low mentioned, "the objective of the CAB [Customer Advisory Board] is to bring together Prime's best customers, managers, and a few selected drivers to talk about relevant issues from different perspectives. We also want to provide informative presentations from recognized industry experts in a relaxed, pleasant setting. Naturally we want to ingratiate ourselves to our customers and drivers by making the Prime CAB the premiere meeting of its type by providing the appropriate mix of excellent content, relaxation and entertainment." The meeting at the Palace Casino Resort was well received by all of the attendees.

  • Bill Mack to Broadcast Radio Show from Prime

    Former Country Music DJ of the Year, Bill Mack, to Broadcast Radio Show from Prime Inc. Headquarters in Springfield, MO

    Grammy Award Winning Song Writer and former Country Music DJ of the Year, Bill Mack, will be broadcasting "The Satellite Cowboy" from Prime Inc.'s Millennium Building in Springfield, MO on October 24, 2003. The show will air on XM Nationwide Radio "Open Road" channel 171 from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. "XM radio has achieved a tremendous nationwide trucker following in a very short time. This remote broadcast is the first of its kind for XM and provides an excellent chance for drivers to pull right off the interstate and meet the famous Bill Mack," says Don Lacy, Prime Inc.'s Director of Safety. XM Radio - Bill Mack

    Nobody in broadcasting has a more recognizable voice than Bill Mack. He has been heard on radio; seen on television; and musically shaped records for years. Bill has written songs for Dean Martin, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Jones and dozens of other top country music performers. Most notably, Bill's biggest moment in music came in 1997 when his song, "BLUE" made LeAnn Rimes a star and won him a Grammy when it was voted "The Country Song Of The Year", the highest honor that can be bestowed on a songwriter. John Hancock, Prime Inc.'s Director of Recruiting adds, "We are happy to have Bill Mack coming to Springfield. He is a voice that many know from late night radio (trucking and non-trucking folks, I have found). It is my understanding that this is his first remote from a trucking company, I am pleased that he wanted Prime to be that first location."

    For additional information, call Clayton Brown at Prime Inc., 417-866-0001, extension 3102 or visit Prime's web site at Professional drivers are encouraged to stop by Prime's terminal at the intersection of Interstate 44 and Highway 65 in Springfield, Missouri.

  • Prime Named Gorton's Carrier of the Year

    Prime Inc., a leading international refrigerated, flatbed and liquid bulk truckload carrier headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, has been selected as Carrier of the Year by Gorton's, one of America¹s premier fish and seafood producers since 1849. Strict criteria used by Gorton¹s, based in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in determining this annual designation includes on-time pick up and delivery, equipment availability, claims, equipment compliance and other service related categories.

    One of Gorton's four core carriers, Prime also accumulated enough monthly points awarded by the company for quality service to be named Carrier of the Year in 2000 and 2002. "Prime is a Logistics partner that we want to do business with, said Bruce Horne, Gorton's General Transportation Manager. They provide outstanding service for Gorton's. Prime shares our operational goals of providing excellent customer service and performance. Robert Low has created an environment at Prime that translates into superior service for their valued customers."

  • Prime's Annual Picnic To Feature Two Competitive Trucking Events

    Prime Inc., a leading international refrigerated, flatbed and liquid bulk truckload carrier headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, has announced that its annual Summer Picnic will be held on Saturday, July 5th behind the Oasis Inn and the Bass Country Inn on North Glenstone in Springfield. Prime associates will be treated to various games and activities from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Lunch will be served from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., snacks until 4:00 p.m., and dinner will be provided from 5:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m. Other entertainment includes a live band, softball, a water slide, Bingo, casino games, swimming, basketball, volleyball and a techno fair.

    Two competitive truck driving events are also features which the public is invited and encouraged to attend. The Truck Driving Championships, which tests drivers¹ skills on a course designed to simulate various situations drivers actually encounter on the highway each day, will be held in front of the Oasis Inn from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Winners of this event advance to state competition, where they have a chance to qualify for nationals. The Truck Pride & Polish Competition, which runs from 8:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. with judging to be held at 1:00 p.m., will determine who has the best looking, best cared for trucks at Prime. Prizes will be awarded in both Owner Operator and Lease Operator categories for Best of Show, Best of Class and Peoples¹ Choice. Presentation of awards for both of these events will be at 7:00 p.m. in the Exhibit Hall on the motel grounds.

  • Prime Receives Certification From US Customs To Aid Mexican Border Crossings

    Prime Inc., a leading international refrigerated, flatbed and liquid bulk truckload carrier headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, has announced that it has been certified by the United States Customs and Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition (BASC). This certification and the process behind it, said Randy Price, Director of Corporate Security at Prime, is an indication of how seriously Prime takes the security of each and every load we haul throughout North America, especially those going into or out of Mexico.

    BASC was created to combat the smuggling of contraband via commercial trade and is considered a major proactive vehicle in the war on drugs and terrorism. The BASC was initiated in March 1996 in Miami, Florida. In September 1998, Prime was an initial member in the development of the Laredo, Texas charter. Although the BASC is a voluntary program for businesses, with no Customs-imposed mandates, corporate participants are expected to set self-imposed business standards that will significantly deter narcotics traffickers and terrorists.

  • Prime's President Named Refrigerated Carriers' Top CEO

    Prime Inc., a leading international refrigerated, flatbed and liquid bulk truckload carrier headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, has announced that its president and owner, Robert Low, has been named Top CEO in the category of Refrigerated Carriers by Transport Topics magazine.

    Low founded the company with one truck in 1970 in Urbana, Missouri. By 1980 Prime was generating refrigerated revenues in excess of $50 million per year and decided to relocate its corporate headquarters to its current location at the intersection of Highway 65 and Interstate 44 in Springfield, Missouri. Within a year the company was racked by industry deregulation, spiraling interest rates and a national economic slowdown which forced the company to reorganize under Chapter 11. In 1988, Prime emerged from bankruptcy as a smaller but profitable entity. "Since then," says Low, "we've not looked back."

    The company has diversified and expanded to include flatbed and liquid bulk divisions as well. "Diversification has enabled us to spread out the cost of overhead while steadily driving revenues," Low said. Prime's annual revenues have increased from $25 million to more than a half billion in less than 15 years. "Historically we've seen growth in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 percent per year. But to protect our margins, we have to curtail growth to some extent in order to constantly improve for the benefit of our customers and our associates."

    So what's the secret? According to Low, "We have always been blessed with sharp, talented, hard-working people. They come in early. They stay late. They give 100% all the time. They make this company what it is. We are very fortunate at Prime."

    The company was also selected as one of the top five best run trucking companies in the United States according to the study conducted by Transport Topics. Prime, the largest refrigerated carrier in the United States, purchased the assets of Oklahoma City-based ROCOR in 2002 which it operates as RTC - a division of Prime Inc.

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