Corporate Culture

PRIME's enviable reputation within the transportation industry is a culmination of more than twenty years of dedication to a unique corporate culture which seeks the most qualified professionals and routinely rewards them accordingly. Every PRIME associate, driving and non-driving alike, is selected for their outstanding ability to perform well beyond typical expectations.

Our Most Valuable Assets

Positive, enterprising and highly-motivated individuals who possess the talent, creativity and drive to excel, routinely succeed once they join the PRIME Team. The stated goal of PRIME is simply to strive to be the best, not necessarily the biggest. The PRIME Team cooperates to exceed customer requirements by providing exceptional customer service.

Rewarding Efforts

PRIME associates are rewarded systematically and consistently for their exceptional attitudes, their uncompromising work ethic, and their ability to continue to ensure the safest, most reliable pick up and delivery of products throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Prime has been built on the simple, yet significant philosophy that providing the best staff with the best equipment, the best support system and the best training ultimately leads to the best customer service. PRIME's continued success is a direct result of a corporate culture that instills and inspires each associate to remain committed to reaching the pinnacle of their inherent potential.

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