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  • The Easiest Way to Quit: Don’t!

    Let’s face it. While trucking is an amazing and exciting adventure, it also has its not so pleasant moments. There are times when you feel like you are king or queen of the world. You LOVE the open road, the sites, and even playing a key role in feeding America.

    There are times when you’re frustrated. Loads get wonky. Shippers are cranky. Receivers go on vacation right after putting you in the door. Oh, and let’s not forget the traffic. Every driver on planet earth is completely surrounding your truck, traveling 35mph on the highway! They have no idea you’re late for delivery.

    Prime Inc. row of trucks

    Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and turn in your keys. If you are there, I can tell you the very best way to do it. Just DON’T do it! Trust me, that grass is NOT greener on the other side.

    Sooner or later you may want to walk. At that moment, you need to remember a few things:

    • You are already driving for the BEST company in the industry. It won’t be smoother down some other company’s road.
    • You already have the BEST equipment in the industry. Not only is that time saving with fewer breakdowns, but it is far safer. Don’t believe me? Just look at some of the equipment sitting next to you in the truck stop. Go ahead and look. I’ll wait.
    • Overwhelmingly, drivers who leave Prime wind up regretting that decision very quickly. Many of them return.

    If calling it quits is not the answer, what is? Glad you asked. Here are some things you can do to lighten your load and help you through the inevitable rough patch and keep you banking bucks and rolling closer to that million-mile celebration.

    Quit! Just not yet. If you feel quitting is the answer, just tell yourself you’ll do it after the next two or three loads. By that time, you’ll be miles beyond the rough patch and feeling better about yourself and your job.

    Exercise. Seriously! Go for a walk or run down that country road. Look at the trees, the sun and sky. Breathe in some fresh air for a few minutes. It will ease your mind and remind you that you’re alive!

    Talk to someone like your fleet manager. I mean a real heart to heart discussion. Ask them to call you when they have a few uninterrupted moments so they can listen. Tell them about your frustration. Discuss the possibility of changing things around to lower your frustration level. You’d be surprised what they might be able to do, but that can’t do any of it unless you let them know how you’re feeling.

    Take a break. Maybe that’s a few days at home. Could be a 34-hour reset in Albuquerque with new places to explore. The point is, sometimes you just have to get out of the truck for a day or two. Make plans for some “you” time.

    Listen to positive messages. That might be talk radio. Could be uplifting music. Books on success may be your thing. Whatever works for you but regardless of what you choose, make sure you steer clear of unhappy, disgruntled drivers. Listen, you’re weary because you’ve have had a bad run. You’re vulnerable. The last thing you need is the influence of drivers who hate their jobs and life in general. They will suck you down the black hole faster than the DOT can pull you over for blowing by a weigh station.

    We all have those times when we are tempted to get out of trucking. To go be a greeter at the big box store or flip burgers. Trust me, I get it. But it will pass. Just step back, take a moment to count your many blessings you have at Prime. You’ll see it for what it is… just a bad run and certainly not worthy of your quit.

    You are a very valuable part of Prime, and our great nation. You’ve got to feed America! I salute you. I support you. And at the end of the day, I’ll be out there in the parking space beside you. We’re in this together and this is an AWESOME RIDE!

    Written by Prime Driver Reba Hoffman

  • Listen in on our February 2019 SAFETY MEETING online!

    Listen in on our February 2019 SAFETY MEETING online!

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    Prime FeedBurner Safety Podcast
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  • Prime Inc. Hosts Driver Training Development Meeting

    Springfield, Missouri, February 8, 2019 – Prime Inc, North America's most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company, hosted a Driver Training Development Meeting at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO on Thursday, January 31st. The meeting was attended by Prime associates from the training, operations, IT, and recruiting departments as well as by Prime Instructors and Trainers representing each of Prime’s divisions.

    The Prime Student Driver Program started in 2002 out of the concept to help Prime Drivers train their spouses to get their CDL. Since the creation of the PSD Program, it has evolved and grown bigger every year helping thousands of new drivers from across the nation to obtain their Class A CDL through hands-on, one-on-one training in the real world. Prime has continued to innovate over the last decade to improve the process and skills being passed on to students and trainees. They are always looking for ways to create an even better experience for their fleet, new and old.

    The idea to hold this training-specific meeting was sparked by conversations from the Prime Driver Advisory Board (DAB) Meeting held in November 2018. The DAB members agreed that the training program offered by Prime is one of the best in the industry but that the company could make it even better through some updates to the curriculum, expectations, and training materials provided to new drivers and to trainers/instructors.

    The training meeting was coordinated by Stan Kasterke, Prime Training Program Manager, and covered the following topics: program stats; training program criteria, placement, and retention; safety and accident stats/review; Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) explanation and criteria, trainer expectations, and collection/documentation of training. This event was a starting point for program improvement and opened up opportunity for dialogue and innovation from both driving and non-driving associates. Next steps following the meeting? All attendees were asked to review current curriculum for CDL Instruction and TNT Training phases and provide feedback on updates and changes within the next 2 weeks.

    “A successful program doesn’t happen from one person’s work or ideas; success comes from a group of people coming together with focus and intent,” states Stan Kasterke. “The Prime training program has proven to be successful in helping individuals become safe professional commercial vehicle operators, and making Prime #1 because of our on the job training program. This meeting is the start of building on a strong base, but going to the next level for those who rely on our company as an industry leader.”

    If you would like to learn more about the Prime Student Driver Program, visit


    About Prime, Inc.  
    Prime, Inc. is North America's most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, logistics and intermodal transportation company. Company driver and independent contractor opportunities available in all divisions. New drivers can earn their Class A CDL through the Prime Student Driver Program with new classes starting weekly. At Prime, we have built a strong and enviable reputation for providing superior transportation services throughout North America. Our commitment to providing unsurpassed world-class customer service continues as we seek new methods, technical advances and systems which enable us to meet the ever-increasing demands of the shipping industry. 

  • Prime, Inc. Announces New Director For All Fleet Maintenance Operations Across The U.S.

    Springfield, Missouri, February 8, 2019 – Prime, Inc. has announced new leadership for all terminal locations in the US to oversee Fleet Maintenance. Kevin Bergman was chosen as the new Director of Fleet Maintenance effective January, 1, 2019. With his longevity at Prime, Inc. and insight into the operations and strategic development path, Kevin Bergman brings an innovative approach to the future of Fleet Maintenance.

    We have a great team and work hard to ensure that Prime, Inc.’s repair and maintenance for our driver’s is among the best of the best, in-house and on the road,” said Kevin Bergman. “We will continue to build upon our outstanding growth and strive to have a maintenance operation that sets the bar high for the entire transportation industry.”

    A people first approach to Prime, Inc. shops is priority to Kevin Bergman. His leadership brings a strong emphasis on a great working environment and culture for both non-driving and driving associates, alike.

    “Kevin’s natural ability to identify opportunity, address challenges and create solutions made him a solid choice for this key position. He’s been a passionate and motivated Prime, Inc. associate for over twenty years and I am excited for what he’s already done and what he’s about to do at Prime, Inc..” Robert Low, Prime, Inc. Founder & CEO


    About Prime, Inc. 
    Prime, Inc. is North America's most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, logistics and intermodal transportation company. Company driver and independent contractor opportunities available in all divisions. New drivers can earn their Class A CDL through the Prime Student Driver Program with new classes starting weekly. At Prime, we have built a strong and enviable reputation for providing superior transportation services throughout North America. Our commitment to providing unsurpassed world-class customer service continues as we seek new methods, technical advances and systems which enable us to meet the ever-increasing demands of the shipping industry. 

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    Prime Ways Magazine-Volume 4 Issue 1

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  • Prime Driver Success Story-David Quenah

    I’m a guy with very humble beginnings. I came from a civil war-ridden country to the US in 2004. Education was always my main priority, as quality of education was not something I had access to growing up in Liberia, West Africa. When I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Business Management in 2017, I had $120k in student loans and no job to show for it. My 3- and 2-year-old daughters were also looking up to me for sustenance. I couldn't afford daycare and the little that my fiancée made wasn't enough; it could barely pay the rent. 

    In November of 2017, I was hired by UPS as a seasonal package delivery guy till December 15. During this time, I was delivering Christmas presents to families, while I couldn’t afford that for mine. It was difficult. When I told the UPS driver my story, he told me to look into trucking, that's when the name PRIME INC popped up. PRIME has enabled me to support my family and plan the wedding that's long overdue for my fiancée. And it has helped me to keep building on my non-profit- FC LASEP ACADEMY.

    Success Story of Prime Driver

    If I could give one piece of advice to a new driver, what would it be? The key word is patience! Patience! It takes time, but you will get there, as long as you are patient, dedicated and focused. There will be a lot of positive and negative stories around about trucking and compensation. Personally, I will say it is good to listen to them, but don't let those stories change the goals you had in mind when you came to Prime Inc – that is financial freedom. You might not know now, but you will when can pay your bills on time and take your loved one to dinner without worrying about shortage of rent the day after.

    -David Quenah (Prime Driver since Dec '17)

    If you are ready to join Prime Inc. and create your own success story, give us a call at 888-664-9121 or apply online

  • A Prime Thanksgiving

    On Thursday, millions across America will be sitting down at a table with family and friends to enjoy Thanksgiving together. They will have come from miles away to break bread with those who important to them. They will share the people and things they are thankful for while slicing a juicy turkey and serving up freshly made dressing. And they’ll top it off with fresh pecan pie before falling asleep watching the football games.

    Thanksgiving-Prime Inc. Blog

    Meanwhile, back at Prime it is business as usual. Someone has to dispatch the freight. Someone has to deliver the turkeys and the pecans for the pie. While people everywhere are expressing thanks for the people and things in their lives, I will be giving thanks for the people at Prime, the ones who make Thanksgiving Day possible.

    I’m thankful for my fleet manager and the dispatchers who cover his board when he is not there. I’m grateful for my log lady who watches out for my DOT clock so I’ll always be legal. I’m grateful for the technicians in our shop who take extra care to make sure this female driver is safe on the road when they are not around.

    I’m thankful for the ones who prepare my meals when I come to the terminal and for the ones who clean the showers. You make us feel like we’ve just come home. I’m grateful for all the drivers who sacrifice home time to move the freight. Instead of sitting down with family Thursday, you’ll be sitting at a counter in some truck stop eating canned turkey and frozen dressing…if you’re lucky.

    I’m thankful for our Road Assist team who support us when we are in trouble, and for the live load associates who are the second pair of eyes protecting our perishable load. I’m grateful for the sales associates who get me the load and the load planners who make sure I get home on time.

    I’m grateful for the trainers who raise up the next generation of drivers to be the best Prime has to offer. I’m thankful for our Safety associates who watch for trends in my driving and see red flags before I do. And for the folks in citations who are there to help me work through that negative experience should I need them to.

    I’m grateful for Security who protects all that we have at Prime and for the folks at Oasis and Campus Inn who make us feel like we are home when we are away from home. And I am grateful for the leaders who use their wisdom to keep Prime reaching ever higher.

    I am grateful for EVERY SINGLE PERSON at Prime, who by doing what you do, not only makes my life and job easier, but you keep America going. Each of you fill in the gap and make up the hedge. As I pause on Thursday to offer thanks for my many blessings, I will offer up thanks for each and every one of you. We could not do this without you.

    From my truck to your family, may you enjoy all the riches this life has to give on Thanksgiving Day… and always. May you have a very Prime Thanksgiving.

    Written by Reba Hoffman (Prime Driver since 2014)

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    Prime Ways Magazine-Volume 3 Issue 3

  • 2018 Prime Inc. Annual Picnic

    Prime Inc. is happy to host the annual Prime Picnic again this year for our driving and nondriving associates and their families to come together to enjoy fun, food, friendly competition, and more! If you are a driver, please communicate with your Fleet Manager if you would like to be routed to one of these events, and we will do our best to get you to one of them. We really love seeing our drivers at these events, but we want you to know how much we appreciate  all of our drivers who continue to haul freight during these dates so we can continue to be the best in the industry by providing unmatched service and meeting the capacity needs of our customers. If you can’t make it to one of the picnic events, we hope to see you at the next Prime event. 

    Prime Picnics will be held in the following locations:

    • Pittston, PA -Saturday, August 18th from 10 am to 4 pm
    • Springfield, MO-Saturday, September 1st from 10 am to 4 pm
    • Salt Lake City, UT-Saturday, September 8th from 10 am to 4 pm

    Note: These events are not open to the public. Please bring your Prime ID Badge for entrance into the Prime Picnic. Immediate family of associates are welcome! 

    Drivers are invited to compete in some friendly competition at the following events:

    Prime Truck Driving Championship (Springfield, MO): The Truck Driving Championships (also known as the Rodeo) allow drivers to  showcase their driving skills on an obstacle course at the Springfield, MO Headquarters training pad. The top finalists have an opportunity to compete on Team Prime at the 2018 Missouri Truck Driving Championships. Any Prime Driver with a CDL can enter! We will be holding this event under the Friday night lights of the training pad. All drivers will need to check in at the main training pad at 5 pm on Friday, August 31st. We will have hot dogs, burgers, brats, cold drinks etc for all who want to come out and compete or watch the event. All event competitors will get a 2018 Prime Commemorative Coin! Any questions, contact Dave White in the Safety Department at 417-521-3830. Winners will be announced on Saturday, Sept 1st at the picnic. 

    Click here to register for Truck Driving Championships! 

    • 1st Place-Trophy & $100 Prime Bucks
    • 2nd Place-Trophy & $75 Prime Bucks
    • 3rd Place-Trophy & $50 Prime Bucks

    Pride and Polish (Springfield, MO and Pittston, PA): The Pride and Polish competition allows drivers to showcase their truck as well as be recognized for  their attention to detail and cleanliness inside and outside of the  truck. The competition will take place in Springfield, MO on Friday, August 31st this year alongside the Truck Driving Championships. The competition will take place in Pittston, PA at the annual Prime Picnic on Saturday, August 18th. All event participants will get a 2018 Prime Commemorative Coin! If you have any questions, contact Pam Linhart in Safety at 417-521-3916.

    Click here to register for Pride and Polish!

    • Best in Show-Owner Operators  
      • Winner gets trophy & $500 cash
    • Best in Show-Lease Drivers  
      • Winner gets trophy & $500 cash
    • Best in Show-Company Drivers  
      • Winner gets trophy & $500 cash
    • Peoples Choice  
      • Winner gets trophy & $500 cash

    We hope to see you this year at the Prime Picnic. Thank you to all of  our associates for your hard work day and night to make Prime the best  in the industry! If you have any questions,  please contact us at

  • Lights. Camera. Action!

    I would describe being a hero as “An ordinary person reacting or responding to an emergency for the greater good of another without consideration for his or her personal safety.” And that is why heroes rarely accept being called heroes.

    It was an ordinary day of trucking on Wednesday May 23rd when my truck “Showtime” - driven by my cousin and full time co-driver Dewayne Bryant pulled into the Pilot truck stop in Youngstown Ohio.

    Pulling into one of the bays farthest from the building I made my exit in a controlled urgent rush to get to the bathroom – thanking Dewayne for picking a bay so far from the building. Upon my exit from Pilot, I broke into a bit of an “Airborne shuffle” in front of the noses of fueling diesel beasts.

    About halfway to the truck, I saw a guy standing in my path in blue shorts and red sleeveless Tee shirt. I saw he was slick headed bald on top and sported a big Abraham Lincoln type of beard that fell to his chest. His left arm had a choke hold on a sack full of McDonald’s, along with a coke and hanging from same arm was a gym bag and held by his fingers were a quart of chocolate milk. In his right hand was a McDonald’s ice cream sundae.

    As I got nearer, I saw he was looking to his left and then he looked at me then back to the island and then he started yelling “Hey! HEY! HEY! YOUR TRUCK IS ROLLING!” I looked and saw a truck rolling backwards from the fuel island. This is where an ordinary guy on an ordinary day reacted to an emergency for the greater good of another. Without a second thought to my personal safety I tore off my shirt revealing my Superman persona and leaped into action.

    I had no idea that at age 60 I could move so fast. The truck was now on the downgrade and moving like a speeding train. In an instant as I ran to catch it I saw a white box truck entering the fuel island area behind the semis. There was nothing I could do to warn the driver. The box truck barley cleared the runaway truck as I grabbed the door handle of the speeding truck. I flung the door open and adrenaline pumping I pulled myself into the unfamiliar truck and slammed the brake pedal hard. My heart was pounding as the truck lurched backwards then forward from the sudden stop.

    I set the brakes and then realized I couldn’t find the door handle, as I looked for release I saw a guy calmly walking up to the door. I just then found the handle and opened the door to his confused questioning eyes that seem to ask, “What are you doing in my truck?” I swung outta his cab and said, “Dude – next time - you should set your brakes!” I walked back up to the guy who had alerted me to the impending disaster and he said “DUDE! I can’t believe you caught that truck!” I replied, “Me neither! Not bad for a 60 year old guy right?”

    By then a small crowd had gathered and everyone was in disbelief that I had caught the truck. I admit I basked in the glow for just a moment. Then the manager from Pilot appeared asking if everyone was ok, yes was the reply and then a guy walked up to me and the other good citizen asking us if he could post the video on Video - What video? I never got his name but he has a FB page “CDL Y B1 En Convoy”.

    We posed for a quick photo and he took my number so I could find the video. It took awhile to come down off the adrenaline and once I did I reviewed the video. I couldn’t believe he was fast enough to have captured what he did. If you look closely at the very beginning of the video at the passenger side rear of the trailer you will see how the white box truck BARLEY cleared the trailer before I stopped the truck. Then if you look behind the trailer after I stopped it - you will see a white parked semi truck that would have completely been totaled had I not stopped runaway truck. Only about 2 seconds and the timing of the universe that put me there at that exact moment separated disaster from what turned out to be a non incident. And I declined the “Hero” status that was being laid upon me because, “I was just an ordinary guy responding to an emergency for the greater good of another.” The driver who failed to set his parking brake did catch up to me before I got to my truck. He thanked me and asked if there were anything he could do. I shook his hand and told him “No, I was just looking out for another trucker brother and no worries it was all good.”

    In conclusion, I always leave some “Food for thought” or moral to the story so here it is...

    I was in Colton, California where I witnessed this one personally. A driver in training and his trainer backed into a door at the “Old Colton” facility. The trainee had not set his tractor brake. He then disconnected the trailer and got back in but before he could react the tractor rolled forward and over a curb and into a chain link fence. The tractor was high centered on the fuel tanks on the curb. Hazmat and tow team had to be called.

    It takes a second to check to make sure your parking brake is set.


    Written by: Karl Wiggins (Prime Driver since 2006)

  • Driver Advisory Board Nominations Open

    Nominations are open for the Prime Inc. Driver Advisory Board! Talk to your Fleet Manager today if you are interested in being nominated for this important role. The Prime Driver Advisory Board (DAB) was created in November 2016 due to feedback from our fleet. Prime has a culture founded on open communication for its driving and non-driving associates.  We have done our best to make the ability to contact anyone within the company easy and straightforward.  That communication avenue has always been informal but very open.  The Prime Driver Advisory Board is a way to formalize that communication stream and bridge any gap that might present itself due to company growth.  As our company grows, we feel it's imperative that we listen even closer to questions or concerns...especially from those that deliver loads on-time and safely.  


    Prime wants to make sure everyone has a voice, and this Advisory Board is yet another way to communicate the things that are on your mind as it relates to your business. The current board members have helped create and facilitate multiple changes for our fleet during their term. We appreciate the efforts of this group so far, and we look forward to even more exciting things in the future from the DAB as we continue to grow and improve the format. Nominations close on June 15, 2018. 

    If you have any questions, contact Andrea Mueller ( or Clayton Brown (

  • Missouri Truck Driving Championships in Branson

    BRANSON, MO. - On June 1 & 2, 2018, the Missouri Trucking Association held the 51st Annual Missouri Truck Driving Championships at the Branson Convention Center.

                 The two-day event, sponsored by the Association's Council of Safety Supervisors, evaluated 166 drivers on a written test of their knowledge of the industry; safety and security; first aid; and fire safety. Another segment of testing included hands-on required pre-trip vehicle inspections. The participants then competed on a point-value-assessed driving skills course of six obstacles completed under actual everyday conditions. In their respective classes, drivers tested their expertise in the driving skills they use daily. The skills course tested drivers' ability to judge distances, maneuver tight spaces, park and position their vehicle exactly over scales, before barriers or around curves.

                 Over 675 on-lookers at the Awards Banquet Saturday evening saw Bruce Brewen of Valles Mines, MO, receive the prestigious "Grand Champion" title as Missouri's best of the best. Bruce, a driver for Hogan Transports, Inc. of Earth City, MO achieved this recognition by achieving the highest point differential above the average within his class in all three elements of skill and knowledge.


     Mr. Brewen was also awarded the top driver in the Four Axle Van Class during the annual safe driving competition. He will be joined by eight other class winners as the Missouri Championships Team travels to Columbus, OH to compete against other state teams in the American Trucking Association's National Truck Driving Championships August 15 - August 18, 2018. During the competition the Missouri Team will compete against 450 other professionals vying for selection as the nation's top professional truck drivers.

                 First, second and third place winners in all nine classes of competition as well as the top "Rookie", the driver with the best Pre-Trip Inspection, the driver with the highest score on the Written Examination and the driver awarded for Professional Excellence were honored at the Awards Banquet Saturday evening.

                 Winners and runners-up in the classes of competition are listed below with the driver name and employer company.

    Straight Truck Class

    1st - James Houghton, Gower, MO- FedEx Express, Kansas City, MO.

    2nd - Alisha Slaughter, El Paso, TX - CFI, Joplin, MO

    3rd - Paul Tyler, Arnold, MO- XPOLogistics, St. Louis, MO

     Three Axle Class

    1st - Robert Roth, Blackwater, MO- FedEx Freight, Columbia, MO

    2nd - Kelley Asher, Republic, MO- FedEx Freight, Springfield, MO

    3rd - William Tibbles, Eureka, MO- FedEx Express, Berkeley, MO

     Four Axle Class

    1st - Bruce Brewen, Valles Mines, MO- Hogan Transports Inc. Bridgeton, MO

    2nd - Michel Boyce, Independence, MO- Holland, Holland, MI

    3rd -David Wiechers, Lee's Summit, MO- ABF Freight, Kansas City, MO

    Five Axle Van Class

    1st - Glen Horack, Elkland, MO- Prime Inc. Springfield, MO

    2nd -Wayne Pierce, Old Monroe, MO- UPS, St. Louis, MO

    3rd - Ben Walker, Carriere, MS- Prime Inc. Springfield, MO

    Flatbed Class

    1st - Scott Fischer, Medford, OR- Prime Inc. Springfield, MO

    2nd - Robert Bramwell, Centerview, MO- ABF Freight, Sedalia, MO

    3rd - Remy Braun, Carthage, MO- D & D Sexton, Carthage, MO

    Tank Truck Class

    1st - Thomas Miller, Bunkee Hill, IL- Prime Inc. Springfield, MO

    2nd - Jon Hume, Saint Peters, MO- FedEx Freight, St Charles, MO

    3rd - Andrew Hunt, Willard, MO- FedEx Freight, Springfield, MO

    Sleeper Berth Class

    1st - Roy Romo, Shelton, WA- Prime Inc. Springfield, MO

    2nd -Bobby Chilcoat, Moore, OK- CFI, Joplin, MO

    3rd - William Chuch, Deland, FL- CFI, Joplin, MO

     Twin Trailers Class

    1st - Michael Chatterton, Rogersville, MO- FedEx Freight, Springfield, MO

    2nd - Steve Fields, Independence, MO- YRC Freight, Kansas City, MO

    3rd - Scott Davis, Kearney, MO- ABF Freight, Kansas City, MO

    Step Van Class

    1st - Grant Garwood, Joplin, MO- FedEx Ground, Joplin, MO

    2nd - Donald Alpers, Ava, MO- FedEx Ground, Stafford, MO

    3rd - Trisha Cordero, Kansas City, MO- FedEx Express, Kansas City, MO

                  Roy Romo, of Shelton, WA a driver for Prime Inc. Springfield, MO was named "Rookie of the Year" for his outstanding well-rounded performance as a first-time contestant.

                 The "Pre-Trip Inspection" award for the highest score in assuring that a vehicle is in safe and efficient operating condition before leaving on a trip went to Trisha Cordero, of Kansas City, MOFedEx Express, Kansas City, MO.

                 Shane Duncan, of Seneca, MO a driver for Certified Express Inc., Neosho, MOreceived the Award for Highest Written Examination Score.  

                 The Recipient of the Professional Excellence Award, the driver who most exemplifies the best attributes of a professional truck driver, was Richard O'Brian, of Maryland Heights, MO a driver for FedEx Freight, Harrison, AR.

                 The "Team Championship" went to FedEx Freight, Inc. based in Harrison, AR for having the highest average team score in the competition.


    Missouri Trucking Association

    102 East High Street / P O Box 1247

    Jefferson City, MO 65101 

    Contact Tom Crawford

    President and CEO

    (573) 634-3388 

  • Prime Inc. Hosts 3rd Annual Highway Diamonds Gala

    Strong. Driven. Women. 

    That's the motto behind the Prime Inc. Highway Diamond program which kicked off in 2016. The mission of this program is to employ and support female drivers at Prime while recognizing and reducing challenges women may face in the transportation industry. Prime is proud to have nearly 12% of its fleet comprised of female drivers whereas the industry average is quoted at 6-7%. On Tuesday, April 10th, the company held its third annual Highway Diamonds Gala at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO. 

    Click here to view the event photo gallery!

    This year’s Highway Diamond Gala consisted of a variety of speakers, a delicious dinner, and award presentations. The evening was kicked off with Steve Wutke, Vice President of Sales, who educated the audience on the history of women in the transportation industry and the women who blazed the trail for our female drivers today. Following Wutke’s opening, Prime Driver and Trainer Tiffany Hanna captivated the crowd with an awe-inspiring National Anthem for the third year in a row trailed by Prime Driver Dee Sova providing the blessing of the meal and sharing her enthusiasm for Highway Diamonds. 

    Prime Inc.’s President and Founder, Robert Low, shared his gratitude for the Highway Diamonds and all drivers in the company. Brooke Mosley, Female Driver Liaison at Prime Inc., had the honor in announcing the 2018 Highway Diamond award winners. Mosely presented Prime Driver Pamela Wilday with the 2018 Excellence Award and Prime Driver Tiffany Hanna with the 2018 Highway Diamond of the Year Award. 

    Pamela was nominated for the Highway Diamond Excellence Award by her Fleet Manager, Thomas Long, who received an email from a female domestic abuse victim. She was escaping home with her two children, and Pamela approached her with help. She bought the two girls sundresses, showers, and took them for a meal. Situations like this one happen every single day. Prime Drivers are on the front lines all across America offering help to others. Pamela was recognized not only for her excellent customer service skills, driving history, and training abilities, but for offering a helping hand to others.

    Tiffany Hanna won the 2018 Highway Diamond of the Year Award after being nominated by many fellow drivers at Prime. Nominations poured in for her because of her willingness to help other drivers, building and encouraging women in the trucking industry, and excellent motivation techniques. Tiffany is a mother of five, military veteran, and a cancer survivor.

    Highway Diamonds always recognize a non-profit organization every year at their annual gala. This year, Harmony House was in attendance at the Gala, and Prime donated the centerpieces to be taken back to their facility to be used for their rescue rooms. The mission of Harmony House is to provide shelter, advocacy, and education to survivors of domestic violence and promote the principle that all individuals have the right to a life free of abuse.

    The speaking portion of the night was concluded with hearing from Chris Spear, President & CEO of the American Trucking Association. The event attendees then headed to the dance floor as local band called Pearl Nation hit the stage to end the night. 

    Want to join the Highway Diamond program? Find the Prime Inc.Highway Diamond page on Facebook or check out 

  • Prime Inc. Hosts 2018 CDL Instructor and TNT Trainer Banquet

    Prime Inc, North America's most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company, hosted its annual banquet to recognize its top 15 CDL Instructors and top 15 TNT Trainers. The event was held at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO on May 17th. 

    At Prime Inc., CDL Instructors are responsible for training someone to earn their Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL). TNT Trainers are responsible for training someone who has obtained their CDL. Both instructors and trainers are vital to the success and safety of Prime's growing fleet and Prime Training Program. If someone is completing the entire Prime Training Program, they will have both a CDL Instructor and TNT Trainer, sometimes the same person.

    “I want to congratulate and thank the instructors and trainers who were invited to the banquet this year. Congratulations on meeting the standards to receive an invite and thank you for your service to Prime and our driver training program. Prime's service to our customers and the motoring public is exemplary due to your dedication to the new drivers, who you train, to become the best in the industry. “Driven by the best” is our motto because of your dedication,” stated Stan Kasterke, Prime Training Program Manager.

    Click here to view the event photo gallery!

    Congratulations to our Top 15 CDL Instructors for 2017: 

    Prime Driver

    Fleet Manager

    At Prime Since


    Christopher Soroka

    Dominic Rogers



    Randy Womack

    Sally Cates



    John Wankel

    Chance Dukewits



    Jay Jesmer

    Cheryl Lane



    Carlos Lazos

    Ryan Sullivan



    Timothy Hicks

    Lance Brightshue



    George Wolf

    Derek Hausman



    Allen Ross

    James Young



    Timothy Wiemer

    Darren Rook



    Justin Humiston

    Jon Murray



    Jeff Creasy

    Jon Murray



    Danny Gibbons

    Zach Teisher



    Tim Taylor

    Zach Teisher



    Scott Fischer

    Dennis Daniels



    David Wilcox

    Jon Murray



    Congratulations to the Top 15 TNT Trainers for 2017: 

    Prime Driver

    Fleet Manager

    At Prime Since


    Michael Dickinson

    Donald Walcher



    Curtis Gutzmer

    Brian Stowell



    Brian Jeffers

    Ken Auman



    Howard Triplett

    Doug Adams



    Timothy Ryan

    Chase Darling



    Shemiah Seewald

    Patricia Brewer



    John Lewis

    Jon Samples



    Chad Hatfield

    Aaron Ward



    Sharon Bailey

    BJ Higdon



    Roger Greenlee

    Chris Martin



    David Burgess

    John Greenlee



    Jason Kendall

    Connor Bacon



    Nanayoofi Boham

    Barry Pahler



    Ray Parker

    Darren Rook



    Howard Thompson

    Justin Walker



    Congratulations to the following award recipients for 2017: 

    • Rookie of the Year: David Wilcox
    • 2nd Runner Up for Instructor of the Year: Tim Weimer
    • 1st Runner Up for Instructor of the Year: Tm Taylor
    • Instructor of the Year: Danny Gibbons
    • Flatbed Trainer of the Year: Brian Jeffers
    • Tanker Trainer of the Year: Timothy Ryan
    • Refrigerated Trainer of the Year: John Lewis

    Prime would also like to take this moment to recognize former Prime Driver Barrie Nadin who was an exceptional CDL Instructor for this company and loved by many. Unfortunately, he passed away in early 2018. May he rest in peace. 

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    Prime Ways Magazine-Volume 3 Issue 2

  • Prime Drivers to Compete in Missouri Truck Driving Championships

    Prime Inc. is proud to be sending 15 of their drivers to represent the company at the 2018 Missouri Truck Driving Championships which will be held in Branson, MO on June 1st and June 2nd. This is the 51st annual TDC event which is hosted by the Missouri Trucking Association and brings together drivers from companies across the state to compete and showcase their professional truck driving skills. Drivers can compete in one of the following nine classes for the event: straight truck, three-axle, four-axle, five-axle, step van, five-axle tank, five-axle flatbed, twin trailers, or sleeper berth. The general public is welcome to attend this event. You can find more information online here:

    These 15 drivers that make up Team Prime have earned their spots through competing in the 2017 Prime Truck Driving Championships. The Prime TDC is hosted in Springfield, MO over Labor Day weekend each year along with the Pride & Polish and company picnic. This event, which is also known as the Rodeo, allows drivers to showcase their driving skills on an obstacle course at the Springfield, MO Headquarters training pad. Any Prime Driver with a CDL can enter to compete against their fellow drivers. Contact the Safety Department if you have any questions about this competition. 

    DriverDivisionPrime Driver SinceFleet Manager
    Glen HorackRefrigerated1996Patricia Brewer
    Thomas MillerRefrigerated1999Steven Wray
    Cliff HumphreyRefrigerated2000Jeff Highley
    George ShuckFlatbed2004Brent Beckley
    Don CookRefrigerated2007John Blomberg
    Anthony EckRefrigerated2008Gage Gillum
    Buddy GrayRefrigerated2009Corey Hendrickson
    Roy RomoRefrigerated2010Steven Wray
    Robert ClevengerRefrigerated2011John Sample
    Ben Walker Jr.Refrigerated2011James Wycoff
    Jack PadillaFlatbed2013Wes Willard
    Scott FischerFlatbed2013Dennis Daniels
    Steve WhittakerFlatbed2014Brent Beckley
    Ricardo MontillaRefrigerated2014Jeff Highley
    Ken BeboutRefrigerated2015Curtis Donnelson

    Good luck to Team Prime! 

  • Prime Inc. Launches New Podcast Series

    We’re always looking for feedback and new ideas for improvement here at Prime. With our drivers being primarily over-the-road and having 15 locations nationwide, it can be easy to feel disconnected. That’s why we are running with an idea from one of our drivers to launch a podcast. Check out our pilot podcast!


  • Prime Inc Recognizes Safe Drivers at the 2018 Night of the Millionaires

    Prime Inc. hosted its fourth annual ‘Night of the Millionaires’ event on March 19, 2018 to recognize drivers who achieved at least one million safe miles driving for the company. The event, held at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO, honored over 700 Prime drivers who have driven at least one million miles without a preventable accident. The company honored 163 new inductees who earned their one, two, or three million miles level of safe driving in 2017 by recognizing them on stage and providing them with a commemorative plaque to take home. The company also displays a second plaque to celebrate these drivers in the hallways of the Springfield, MO and Pittston, PA terminals. 

    “This is the most special night of the year at Prime. It gives us the chance to honor and recognize our safest drivers. Each of the drivers in attendance has at least 1 million safe miles at Prime. Some of the drivers have in excess of 2 million safe miles and a select few, have in excess of 3 million safe miles. Prime is honored to have over 700 current drivers that now have reached the milestone of at least 1 million safe miles. These drivers are true heroes of our highways," states Steve Field, Director of Safety. 

    Click here to view the event photos!

    Prime would like to congratulate the following drivers for their safe million mile status: 

    Three Million Mile Drivers (21 Years of Safe Driving):

    Julius Bradley
    Daryl Curl
    Thomas Hogan
    Paula Lyke
    Joyce Meeks
    Robert Meigs
    James Saylor
    Ken Yeoumans

    Two Million Mile Drivers (14 Years of Safe Driving):

    Joseph AchtenbergMark Kidwell
    Cristobal AcovcMark Koenig
    James AndersonCalvin Little
    John BodenchakMax Lorentzen
    James BoulandRoger Lyke
    Jerry BrinegarAlexander Malopinsky
    Robert CareyPhillip Matchett
    David ChildressTroy McDonald
    Charity ChubbLarry Otteni
    Alfred CrossLawrence Patterson
    Dirk DartschCharles Plant
    Micheal HawkinsTimothy Ryan
    Jimmy HenleyMike Settle
    James HillAnthony Thompson
    Charles JamesonMelvin Thompson

    One Million Mile Drivers (7 Years of Safe Driving):

    Andy AckermanJames GoldenMichael Owen
    Cristobal AcovicDerek GoughThomas Ozegovich
    Pamela AdamsJamie GrayRobert Pacola
    Jayme AlbregardDennis GregaTimothy Parker
    Issac AldridgeAndrew HardyJerry Parks
    Patrick AnthonyAdam HarperJanie Perry
    Javier AtilanoWalter HazelwoodMichael Perry
    Robert BakerWayne HendsbeeMichael Phillips
    Cathy BeachMichael HickoxJames Pierce
    Gregory BeardenJantsen HightowerRandolph Pipkins
    Robert BeckerAnthony HillJames Pitts
    Terry BemboomEdward HillCharles Plant
    Hal BenderLekeitha HillJoseph Renick
    Todd BeyeaShawn HillMichael Rice
    Danny BiggsJohn HilliardSteve Rice
    Frank BoddyJonathan HiteJose Gonzalez-Rivera
    Roy BowmanKarla HorackBobby Robinson
    Robert BrousseauRico HudsonFelix Guzman Rodriguez
    Robert BuntonAmerico HuertasGregory Rufus
    Timothy BurrisJoel JacksonBruce Schenck
    Trent BusbyGuillermo JuarezBryan Schneider
    Ronald BushWilmot JenningsDonnie Short
    Raymond ButlerJeff JohnsonBradley Smith
    Michael CampbellShawn JohnsonGage Smith
    Tammy CampbellTerry JohnstonRobert Smith
    Cedric ChanceJames KeenMark Snider
    Kevin ConnMatthew KeenJamie Springer
    Michael ConnJeff KnudsenWillis Strong
    Eric CooperRobert KostenRichard Swazer
    Alfred CrossCharles LaneAnthony Szalay
    Curtis CrowleyThomas LaubscherAnthony Thompson
    Jesse DennisRandall LawtonDavid Tillman
    Craig DePueRahshawn LeeEdison Torres
    Doris DewberryRandy LeffingwellTimothy Trammell
    Diego DhaitiJohnnie LewisRobert Vanamburg
    Marcus DorseyGary MacFarlandHenry Vance
    James DowdyJames MallasRobert Wallace
    Robert DryerMichael MarcolyByron Walker
    Russell DurhamLarry MatteraJack Walker
    Robert EatonWilliam McCartyBen Walker
    Darrell EdwardsCharles McKinneyRobert Wallace
    Steven EdwardsDaniel MedvecDarron Watkins
    Donald EllingtonAntonio MejiasLewis Watts
    Zayda EscobarEvelyn MejiasAlexander Welker
    Eric FaustDudley MerrifieldWilliam Wells
    Cherie FrancisMichael MillerDarian White
    Nicholas FrancisChristine MilnerPhillip White
    Arvin FreemanRobert MilnerTorrell White
    Joseph FrisbeeBrian MosesSteve Willcoxen
    James FullerTerry NesbyCharlisha Williams
    Calvin GarnerMark NorcrossJeffery Wilson
    Jared GereCharles NorwoodPatricia Worley
    Charles GhaulJason OslundSusan Worley
    Robert GilleyKimberly OslundRodney Young

    For more information on Prime’s Millionaires Club, visit

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    Prime Ways Volume 3 Issue 1

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