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  • Prime Inc., Honored by Department of Defense for Extraordinary Support of Employees who Serve in the National Guard and Reserves

    Springfield MO Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), an agency of the Department of Defense, announced today that Darren Rook, Fleet Manager, Prime Inc., Springfield Terminal and company headquarters, was honored with a Patriot Award in recognition of extraordinary support of its employees and family members of those that serve in the Missouri National Guard and Reserve. 

    At 8:30 a.m. on January 19, 2018 the “Patriot Award” ceremony was conducted during the employee staff and safety meeting at 2740 North Mayfair Ave, Springfield, MO 65803.  Col. (Ret.) Steven Vanderhoof, Area 4 Chairman, ESGR, made opening remarks and thanked the employer for providing jobs for Guard and Reserve members. The official award presentation was conducted by 1LT Jeremy Idleman, S-1, 935th Aviation Support Battalion, 1400 N. Fremont, Springfield, Mo., Missouri Army National Guard. 

    The award presentation was attended by Robert Low, President and Founder, Prime Inc., and several employees.  Low accepted and signed the Statement of Support for the firm. Dennis Davis, Safety Supervisor, coordinated the meeting to include the award presentation ceremony.

    The company was nominated for being highly supportive of its military Reserve Component members by employee Joseph Jacoby. Jacoby is a driver for the firm and a Sergeant with the 1-955H unit, 7901 Nebraska Ave, Building 1350, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., US Army Reserve. Jacoby wanted his employer recognized because of the support they provide by overcoming the scheduling difficulties of getting an over-the-road truck driver home for drill periods and other military training requirements.  Because of their extraordinary cooperation and support he nominated them for the award and asked it be presented in a formal presentation ceremony.  

    According to Rear Admiral (Ret) Lee Metcalf, ESGR Missouri Chair, "The Patriot Award was created by ESGR to publicly recognize individuals who provide outstanding patriotic support and cooperation to their employees, who like the citizen warriors before them, have answered their nation's call to serve. Supportive supervisors are critical to maintaining the strength and readiness of the nation's National Guard and Reserve units."

    As the 1.3 million members of the National Guard and Reserve continue to perform an increasing number of unique missions with America's borders and beyond, ESGR will continue to be the resource for the employers of citizen warriors. ESGR advocates relevant initiatives, recognizes outstanding support, increases awareness of applicable laws, and resolves conflict between employers and service members. More information about ESGR Employer Outreach Programs and volunteer opportunities is available at, or by calling (James Carver at 816-337-8175).

    Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

    4800 Mark Center Drive - Suite 03E25, Arlington, VA 22390-1200


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    Prime Ways Volume 2 Issue 3

  • A Trucker's Thanksgiving by Reba Hoffman

    He walked through the grocery store with the list his wife had given him for last minute items for Thanksgiving dinner. He’d only been home an hour and had driven all night just to manage that. But he’d be home at the table surrounded by his family on Thanksgiving and that was worth his fatigue.

    He walked to the dairy isle and picked up the milk, butter and yogurt, marking them off the list. He smiled as he realized he’d delivered them all. He grabbed the brown-and-serve rolls and the sodas and made his way to the checkout. Folks complained about the long lines and how long they had to wait. He chuckled, remembering the two days he’d waited to pick up the load of turkeys they would slice up and devour.

    As he inched closer to the cashier, his last trip played in his mind. The snow that came out of nowhere, forcing him to inch forward on untreated roads. The dreaded blowout he had under the cover of darkness and the long wait for someone to come and replace the tire, every moment chipping away at his fourteen-hour clock. Not to mention the traffic from an accident that had traffic snarled for hours.

    Yet through every obstacle, the driver had inched forward through the darkness, committed to getting the load of turkeys on America’s table for Thanksgiving. But here and now, he was surrounded by many folks stood in line at the checkout, none of whom gave a single thought about how the items they waited to purchase got to the store.

    The driver smiled. He knew all too well. He understands the sacrifice the driver makes to feed America. He knows the mechanic who wallowed in grease under his truck to keep it running properly. And the fleet manager who works as many hours as he does, keeping him running and providing a living for his family. He knows the Road Assist army who is sitting at the phone at 2am and just seems to know who to wake up to change his blown tire in Nowhere, Nebraska in the middle of the night.

    He realizes America doesn’t know. But it’s ok because he does and strangely, at that moment, that seemed like enough. As he made his way to his pickup truck and snaked through town back to his home, he realized the full weight of how important his job is. He is proud to be a trucker, to provide everything America could possibly need or want. Without him, America doesn’t eat. America stops.

    He sat down at the table with his family, pushing back the fatigue that clawed at him. They bowed their heads and he said grace, giving thanks for every person who played a part in keeping him running. He carved the turkey and sat back, taking in the laughter of his children as they retold a calamity at school that week. He looked at his wife with such admiration, knowing the incredible job she does with the kids while he is on the road. The trucker takes it all in, knowing all too soon, he’ll leave it behind and take to the open road again.

    He's proud to be a trucker. He’s thankful for all he has, made possible by the work of his own hands. He’s the heartbeat of America and thanks to him, the heartbeat of America is alive and well.

    To all our drivers, fleet managers and dispatchers, support personnel and those behind the scenes who provide the glue that holds our fleet together, may you experience all the joy and splendor this holiday can bring. As you sit with your family and friends on Thanksgiving, know how much we are thankful for you!

    Written by Reba J. Hoffman

    Reba J. Hoffman joined Prime in 2014 after spending a year riding her bicycle alone around the country helping women victims of violent assault. A therapist by trade, Reba uses her understanding of people and how they tick to help them live their dream of being a trucker by serving as a PSD instructor. When out of her truck, you’ll find her somewhere in the wilds of nature.

  • Prime Inc. Launches New Program for Fathers

    This Fall, Prime Inc. has launched a new program called Prime Good Dads. The initiative was created for the fathers and father-figures in the company and the fleet. Over 80% of Prime drivers are males with a large majority being dads. 

    Many long haul drivers wonder about the impact of their absence on their children.  While over-the-road (OTR) dads may not be physically present with their children as much as they would prefer, it doesn’t mean they are absent fathers.  It may not be easy to be a good dad while also driving over-the-road, but it is possible.  Good Dads provide for their children. Good Dads communicate with their children.  Good Dads take an interest in their children’s activities.  Good Dads model responsible, respectful behavior in caring for themselves and others.

    Prime Inc. cares about its drivers and their families. With the launch of Prime Good Dads, Prime is initiating practical, day-to-day strategies and activities to help dads stay connected to their kids, whether or not they’re driving cross country.

    Learn more about Prime Good Dads and sign up for the newsletter by visiting

  • 2017 Prime Inc. Annual Picnic

    Prime Inc. is happy to host the annual Prime Picnic again this year for our driving and nondriving associates and their families to come together to enjoy fun, food, friendly competition, and more! If you are a driver, please communicate with your Fleet Manager if you would like to be routed to one of these events, and we will do our best to get you to one of them. We really love seeing our  drivers at these events, but we want you to know how much we appreciate  all of our drivers who continue to haul freight during these dates so we can continue to be the best in the industry by providing unmatched  service and meeting the capacity needs of our customers. If you can’t  make it to one of the picnic events, we hope to see you at one of the  Christmas Parties coming at the end of the year (details to come at a  later date).

    Prime Picnics will be held in the following locations:

    • Pittston, PA -Saturday, August 19th from 10 am to 4 pm
    • Springfield, MO-Saturday, September 2nd from 10 am to 6 pm
    • Salt Lake City, UT-Saturday, September 9th from 10 am to 4 pm

    Note: These events are not open to the public.  Please bring your Prime ID Badge for entrance into the Prime Picnic. Immediate family of associates are welcome! 

    Prime Inc Trucking Jobs Picnic

    Drivers are invited to compete in some friendly competition at the following events:

    Prime Truck Driving Championship (Springfield, MO): The  Truck Driving Championships (also known as the Rodeo) allow drivers to  showcase their driving skills on an obstacle course at the Springfield, MO Headquarters training pad. The top 10 finalists have an opportunity to compete on Team Prime at the 2018 Missouri Truck Driving Championships. Any Prime Driver with a CDL can enter! We will be holding this event under the Friday night lights of the training pad. NEW THIS YEAR: To sign up for this event, pre-register using this link. All drivers will need to check in at the main training pad at 5 pm on Friday, September 1st. We will have hot dogs, burgers, brats, cold drinks etc for all who want to come out and compete or watch the event. All event competitors will get a 2017 Prime Commemorative Coin! Any questions, contact Dave White in the Safety Department at 417-521-3830. Winners will be announced on Saturday, Sept 2nd at the picnic. 

    • 1st Place-Trophy & $100 Prime Bucks
    • 2nd Place-Trophy & $75 Prime Bucks
    • 3rd Place-Trophy & $50 Prime Bucks

    Pride and Polish (Springfield, MO and Pittston, PA): The Pride and Polish competition allows drivers to showcase their truck as well as be recognized for  their attention to detail and cleanliness inside and outside of the  truck. The competition will take place in Springfield, MO on Friday, Sept 1st this year alongside the Truck Driving Championships. The competition will take place in Pittston, PA at the annual Prime Picnic on Saturday, August 19th.  To sign up for this event, pre-register using this link. Space is limited! All event participants will get a 2017 Prime Commemorative Coin! If you have any questions, contact Pam Linhart in Safety at 417-521-3916.

    • Best in Show-Owner Operators  
      • Winner gets trophy & $500 cash
    • Best in Show-Lease Drivers  
      • Winner gets trophy & $500 cash
    • Best in Show-Company Drivers  
      • Winner gets trophy & $500 cash
    • Peoples Choice  
      • Winner gets trophy & $500 cash

    We hope to see you this year at the Prime Picnic. Thank you to all of  our associates for your hard work day and night to make Prime the best  in the industry! If you have any questions,  please contact us at

  • Prime Inc. Hosts 2nd Annual Highway Diamonds Gala

    Prime Inc., North America’s most successful refrigerated, tanker, flatbed, and intermodal carrier, held the second annual Highway Diamonds Gala on Monday, May 15th at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO. In 2016, the company decided to formalize a program called Highway Diamonds to honor, support, and recognize the female drivers in their fleet. Prime is proud to have nearly 12% of its fleet comprised of female drivers whereas the industry average hovers around 5-6%. Last year, the company held its first ever Highway Diamond Gala and decided to continue the event after a large amount of positive feedback and attendance in 2016.

    This year’s Highway Diamond Gala consisted of a variety of speakers, a delicious dinner, and award presentations. The evening was kicked off with Steve Wutke, Vice President of Sales, who set the tone of a night filled with excitement and encouragement. Following Wutke’s opening, Prime Driver and Trainer Tiffany Hanna captivated the crowd with an awe-inspiring National Anthem for the second year in a row trailed by Prime Driver Dee Sova providing the blessing of the meal and sharing her enthusiasm for Highway Diamonds.

    As guests enjoyed their wonderfully prepared ribeye and salmon, Helen Van Dam with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) shared about the organization and its mission. Van Dam shared the heroine tale of Beth; a once-victim of human trafficking turned field trainer for the organization. Van Dam educated the audience on the harsh reality that hundreds of thousands of victims currently exist in the United States and the pivotal role the transportation industry plays in reporting suspicious activities every day. The Highway Diamonds Gala is held each year in conjunction with a fundraiser for a charity of choice. Truckers Against Trafficking was the recipient of this year’s fundraising efforts.

    Wutke took the stage once again to welcome keynote speaker, Andrea Turner. Turner is the Vice President of Logistics and Customer Supply Chain for General Mills, one of Prime’s top customers. Turner has spoken at numerous events nationwide including the 2015 Supply Chain Insights Global Summit and the 2016 Twin Cities Women in Leadership Symposium. She shared her testimony of what steps she took to get to where she is today, what inspires her, and what fears she has overcome. Keeping the audience engaged with the catch phrase, “#likeagirl”, Turner inspired the audience to recognize their value and strive for greatness.

    Prime Inc.’s President and Founder, Robert Low, shared impressive statistics and gratitude for the Highway Diamonds in the company. “In 2014, there were around 480 female drivers. In 2016, there were 810 female drivers. That’s a nice growth company right there,” Low proudly exclaimed to the crowd. Low continued by extending his thankfulness for those willing to train, give back, and pay it forward.

    Brooke Mosley concluded the night’s event by announcing the 2017 Highway Diamond award winners. Mosley encouraged the attendees by stating to take what inspires you and let that motivate you to move forward. Mosely presented Prime Driver Amy Thompson with the 2017 Customer Service Award. Thompson is a graduate of the Prime Student Driver Program through which she earned her Class A CDL in 2013. She hauls freight across the country for the Flatbed Division and received the award based on her continual efforts towards customer satisfaction, strong work ethic, service with a smile, and positive attitude.

    Refrigerated Independent Contractor, Dee Sova, took home the 2017 Highway Diamond of the Year Award. Sova has been a professional truck driver for over 27 years and came to Prime from another large carrier in 2015 after being referred and encouraged to take the leap of faith by her now fellow coworker Reba Hoffman, who she met via social media. Sova is well-known across Prime and the industry for the online community she created called Trucking Divas Rock. Sova motivates and inspires female drivers in trucking, from carriers of all kinds, by sharing their stories for others to see. With tears in her eyes, Sova accepted the award and proclaimed, “From the bottom of my heart, I was not expecting this, and I am so blessed right now.” The award recipients received a one year membership to the Women in Trucking Association. 

  • It’s Not About Me | Written by Prime Driver Reba Hoffman

    It’s been three years since my journey began in trucking, and with Prime. I’ve been everywhere our trucks go and have experienced just about everything a trucker can. It’s been good, bad, exciting, boring, frustrating and fulfilling beyond anything I could hope and dream. 

    Since I am fiercely independent, I would love to look back and conclude that I’m the one who got me this far but that could not be farther from the truth. I stand in the place I’ve come to only by standing on the shoulders of an amazing team. On my own, I have the ability to haul sand in a little red wagon being pulled by a tricycle.

    I stood in pitch black darkness in the middle of nowhere the other night with a reefer unit that just stopped running. I was a hundred miles from the nearest mechanic and I had to deliver before they would even roll out of bed. My goose would be cooked if I could not get the unit running again and the chicken in the back began to thaw.

    At midnight, a Road Assist associate talked me through steps to override several functions and got the reefer started again. As I drove into the customer to deliver my still frozen load on time, it would be easy to think I was the hero, but I was not. The Road Assist guy was. He saved MY load.

    As the first quarter of the year ticked by and I passed parked trucks from other companies while on my way to pick up each new load, I realized how connected Prime is in the industry and how hard the Sales team had worked to keep me rolling and making money even when freight was low. The only time I sat was when I told my fleet manager I needed to stop and catch my breath. That’s heroic.

    When I got called into the Wyoming Port of Entry with a command to produce my permits book, I made the walk into the building with confidence knowing the individuals in the permits department had made sure my book contained every item DOT could possibly want. And at the end of our “visit” when the DOT officer uttered the words, “Have a nice day,” I could not take credit for passing DOT scrutiny. Someone I don’t even know ensured my book was put together properly.

    I get compliments from folks all the time. They tell me I’m a good driver or I’m courteous and professional. It makes me chuckle every time and I tell them it’s easy to appear that way when I have an entire arsenal of dedicated folks working around the clock behind the scenes to make me look good, perform at my best and get the job done.

    It’s not about me. It’s about the recruiters, the orientation specialists, the trainers, the support staff, the mechanics, the cooks, the shower cleaners who keep me placing my best foot forward. It’s about my fleet manager who puts up with me, and my Road Assist guy who is patient when I tell him the Thingamabob lost its doololly and caused the widget to fall into the whatchamacallit.

    Every single person at Prime is responsible for my success. By doing their jobs so well, I look good as I roll on down America’s roads delivering the goods. Without them, my truck wouldn’t budge. I salute every person who does their part to ensure my success. Without you, I would be nothing.

    Written by Reba J. Hoffman

    Reba J. Hoffman joined Prime in 2014 after spending a year riding her bicycle alone around the country helping women victims of violent assault. A therapist by trade, Reba uses her understanding of people and how they tick to help them live their dream of being a trucker by serving as a CDL Instructor. When out of her truck, you’ll find her somewhere in the wilds of nature.

    To become a student driver and start your career in the transportation industry, look into Prime, Inc.’s Student Driver Program to learn more. Then, be sure to connect with us on our social media sites to keep up with the latest industry information.

  • Prime Inc Recognizes Drivers at the 2017 Night of the Millionaires

    Prime Inc. hosted its third annual ‘Night of the Millionaires’ event on March 6, 2017 to recognize drivers who achieved at least one million safe miles driving for the company. The event, held at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO, honored nearly 500 Prime drivers who have driven at least one million miles without a preventable accident. The company honored new inductees who earned their one million miles of safe driving in 2016 by recognizing them on stage and providing them with a commemorative plaque to take home. The company also displays a second plaque to celebrate these drivers in the hallways of the Springfield, MO and Pittston, PA terminals. 

    Click here to view the event photos!

    “We are very pleased to be able to honor our safest drivers each year with the Night of the Millionaires banquet,” said Steve Field, Director of Safety at Prime, Inc. “Safety is so important to all of us in our industry, and this special evening allows us to honor some very exceptional driver associates with recognition. Reaching the one million or more safe miles achievement is something very outstanding in our industry, and it uniquely identifies those drivers who are the best. We are very fortunate that each year we have been able to recognize more drivers than the previous year.”

    Prime would like to congratulate the following drivers for their safe million mile status: 

    Three Million Mile Drivers (21 Years of Safe Driving):

    Willard Boyd
    Eugen Ghiurca
    Henry Manning
    Woodrow Richardson
    Gary Turner
    Roger Tweedy
    Leslie Walter

    Two Million Mile Drivers (14 Years of Safe Driving):

    Kenneth Adams
    Jamie Garcia Jr
    Albert Lambert
    Gabriel Arreola
    Don Garrow
    Steve Marsh
    David Ausemus
    Gino Gerald
    Jerrold Root
    Michael Baptist
    Donald Goetz
    Joseph Root
    Julie Barnett
    Samuel Gonzales
    Theodore Shaw
    Jack Battle
    Andre Green
    Randy Soria
    Franklin Davis
    Kenyon Green
    Jerey Villafuerte
    Daniel Dodds
    Walter Gregory
    Thomas Washington
    Jamie Garcia
    Junior Jenkins

    One Million Mile Drivers (7 Years of Safe Driving):

    Gary Adams
    Arthur Goldston
    Larnce Moore
    Taj Adams
    Antonio Gonzalez
    Lynda Moore
    Jose Andrade
    Nelson Goodley
    Mary Murray
    Charles Baker
    Kenyon Green
    Michael Neal
    Jack Battle
    Bruce Greeninger
    Sheila Nevels
    Richard Benham II
    Timothy Grimes
    Cary Nickolson
    Warren Beyer
    Jerry Haecker
    Jose Orellana
    Joel Bishop
    Narward Hartman III
    Kevin Owens
    Walter Bloom
    Andrew Healy
    Thomas Parker
    Gideon Boots
    Steven Henderson
    Steven Parrish
    Pernell Brodie
    Roberto Herrera
    Patricia Potts
    Roderick Brown
    Lee Howard SR
    Troy Potts
    Paulette Brownley
    Jerey Hubbart
    Douglas Pounds
    Fenton Buchanan
    Michael Hutchinson
    Barbara Price
    Jerry Byrd
    Shannon Hydar
    Gary Rhone
    Shirley Carey
    Johnny Jackson
    Harry Riley II
    Teodore Castellano
    Charles Jameson
    David Robinson
    Shawn Castillo
    Angela Johnson
    Jerry Rogers
    Mark Clements
    Calvin Johnson
    Tona Rollins
    Craig Coates
    Keron Johnson
    David Santoyo
    Jose Coelho
    Yvonne Johnson
    Clayton Saxer Jr
    Daniel Collins
    Thomas Jones
    Christine Shaw
    Jason Conway
    Jason Kendall
    Kimberly Shaw
    Michael Cope
    Susan Kleinhampl
    Theodore Shaw
    Michael Cramer
    Dion Kitchen
    Thor Sheneman
    Lee Crumbly
    Richele Lake
    Bruce Sherman
    Franklin Davis
    Cornelius Lampkins
    Charles Smith Jr
    Patrick Davis
    Bobby Lane
    Randy Soria
    Thomas Dawson
    Hiram Lastinger Jr
    Randy Starkes
    Matthew Dean
    Jerry Lawrence
    Charles Starnauld
    Roosevelt Deener
    Richard Layton
    Roland Strobel
    David Dickson
    Keith Luce
    James Stroud
    Gwendolyn Dison
    Hernandez Luckett
    John Sumy
    William Eastrich
    Robert Lyon Jr
    DeVonte Taylor
    Adam Engelhardt
    Jesse Mack
    Richard Tillinghast
    Chris Farrar
    Korey Martin
    Miroslaw Tlalka
    Horatiu Firica
    Ramon Martinez
    Octavian Tudor
    Larry Flanagan
    Bruce McClendon
    Jeery Villafuerte
    Anthony Flood
    David McKenzie
    William Walton
    Nicholas Frisbie
    Troy McKinney
    John Wankel
    James Gantt II
    George McLean
    Thomas Washington
    John Garcia
    Randy Medlin
    Dennis Wesselman
    Scott Garl
    Theresa Medlin
    Karl Wiggins
    Gino Gerald
    Sherron Mitchell
    Jeery Wilson
    Jerey Gibson
    Donald Monroe
    George Wolf
    Wesley Gilliland
    Joey Moore
    Randy Womack
    Charles Yordy

    For more information on Prime’s Millionaires Club, visit

  • Prime Inc. Hosts 2017 CDL Instructor and TNT Trainer Banquet

    Prime Inc, North America's most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company, hosted its annual banquet to recognize its top CDL Instructors. This year, the company decided to add recognition of TNT Trainers to the existing event which was held at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO on April 13th. CDL Instructors are responsible for training someone to earn their Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL). TNT Trainers are responsible for training someone who has obtained their CDL. Both instructors and trainers are vital to the success and safety of Prime's growing fleet and Prime Training Program. If someone is completing the entire Prime Training Program, they will have both a CDL Instructor and TNT Trainer, sometimes the same person.

    "I would like to congratulate all of the instructors and trainers who qualified and were invited to the instructor and trainer banquet. This year, we recognized the largest group ever. Although we had only 4 individuals who received first place, the entire Prime group is the very best in the industry. Congratulations to all who were invited to attend and thank you for all you do," stated Stan Kasterke, Prime Training Program Manager. 

    In 2016, the Prime Training Program helped 2,618 people from across the country obtain their Class A CDL. The Top 15 CDL Instructors recognized at the event assisted 256 of those people earn their license this past year. 

    Click here to view the event photos!

    Prime would like to congratulate this year's winners and thank all of our trainers and instructors for their continued hard work, patience, and dedication! If you are interested in becoming an instructor or trainer for Prime, contact your Fleet Manager for more information.

    Rookie of the YearChristopher Soroka
    First Runner Up-CDL Instructor of the YearDanny Gibbons
    CDL Instructor of the YearJustin Humiston
    Tanker Trainer of the YearSergio Demarchis
    Refrigerated Trainer of the YearRoland Strobel
    Flatbed Trainer of the YearBill Whoberry

    Top CDL Instructors for 2016:

    CDL InstructorDivisionFleet Manager
    Scott DahlstromRefrigeratedScott Meadows
    Robert DittmarRefrigeratedAaron Ward
    Zine DouceneRefrigeratedScott Meadows
    Danny GibbonsFlatbedZack Teisher
    Tim HicksRefrigeratedLance Brightshue
    Justin HumistonFlatbedJon Murray
    Jay JesmerRefrigeratedCheryl Lane
    Jody JuhlFlatbedJon Murray
    Carlos LazosRefrigeratedRyan Sullivan
    Barrie NadinRefrigeratedJames Harmen
    Mark RollerRefrigeratedJack Ewing
    Christopher SorokaTankerDominic Rogers
    Timothy TaylorFlatbedZack Teisher
    George WolfRefrigeratedDerek Hausman
    Randy WomackRefrigeratedDerrick Spivy

    Top TNT Trainers for 2016:

    TNT TrainerDivisionFleet Manager
    Aaron AndersonRefrigeratedAaron Ward
    Christopher BellRefrigeratedRyan Sullivan
    Malcolm CallawayFlatbedDon Walcher
    Jacob CasfordRefrigeratedChris Martin
    Anthony ChildsRefrigeratedTimothy Mlack
    Dennis ClimerFlatbedKelly Woodard
    Jonathan CumingsRefrigeratedOakland Morrison
    Sergio DemarchisTankerChase Darling
    James FarrRefrigeratedDarren Rook
    Jarmaine FarrellTankerDominic Rogers
    John KinneyRefrigeratedRyan Powell
    Kevin MarquisRefrigeratedJeff Allie
    Lawrence MintonRefrigeratedBarry Pahler
    Brian MosesTankerDoug Adams
    Gary RubsamRefrigeratedDavid Hoover
    Roland StrobleRefrigeratedRollie Kendall
    Bill WhoberryFlatbedBill Thompson
    Timothy WylieRefrigeratedNick McGill
  • Prime Inc Easter Egg Hunt 2017

    Prime Inc hosted the 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt at both of its terminals in Springfield, MO and Pittston, PA. Over 100 kids of Prime Associates were able to enjoy the festivities including an egg hunt and visit with the Easter Bunny. 

    Click here to view more photos! 

  • Something’s Got to Change | Written by Reba Hoffman

    The presents have all been opened, some were returned for exchange. Surely, Aunt Gertrude did not expect you to wear that sweater out in public… did she?! The last of the green bean casserole went to the dog and the fruitcake has been devoured (ok, I know you didn’t really eat the fruitcake but I won’t tell grandma if you won’t). Christmas is a memory and today you find yourself staring right into the face of a brand-new year.

    You’ve been here before. Years of water have rushed under the proverbial bridge and here you are wondering if you’re going to have another year just like all the previous ones. The answer is yes! Or no! Your choice!

    Day after day, you get up, brush your teeth, half-pour half-spill a cup of java and slosh it down your throat while you mindlessly weave through traffic to get to your job. If you’re a driver, you take your two-step commute from your bunk to the driver seat, crank ‘er up and head down the road for another eleven-hour shift down the same roads you’ve driven down before. Nothing new. Nothing different. Something’s gotta change!

    What’s got to change? The way you view your job. You may think you just work for a wage and hopefully at the end of the week, you take it to buy the bacon you bring home. What you don’t realize is you serve a bigger cause… a much larger and noble purpose without which America would be as barren as the Mojave Desert in February.

    Whether you are in Orientation or Operations, you are critical to the success of America. It doesn’t matter whether you clean the showers or protect the assets, we can’t do this without you.

    Your jobs are not just jobs. They are the glue that holds America together. Each and every one of you is a necessary spoke in the wheel of America the Beautiful. Without you, America will cease to exist.

    I am grateful for the men and women who serve in our military and emergency services. They risk their own life each and every day to ensure the safety and freedom of us all. Aside from those roles, there is no more patriotic act than to choose to serve in the transportation industry.

    What you do is honorable and noble, necessary and life changing. Sitting at your desk or laying under the chassis of a Pete with grease in your face, you may not see it. But the heartbeat of America alive and well, and is made possible by, well… YOU!

    On behalf of a grateful nation, I would like to thank each and every person at Prime for your role in making America great. Thank you for coming to work day after day, doing what you are so good at. Your hard work and dedication is the fabric upon which our great nation was founded and centuries later, YOU keep the flame of freedom burning hot.

    I salute you men and women of Prime. May your new year be prosperous in greater measure than you’ve had before. May your days be filled with joy and peace, and on those days when you feel you are not important, may someone cross your path and remind you how much of a difference you actually make.

    Happy New Year fellow Prime-ates!

  • Prime Inc Announces Revamped Driver Referral Program

    Prime Inc., North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company, has released a new and improved Prime Driver Referral Program this month. Prime understands the value of their associates referring people to join the company and wanted to make it easier for those people to understand how they can earn money for helping recruit new drivers. The company took a look at their long-standing driver referral program which has been very beneficial over the years to both the company and to their drivers. In 2015, Prime paid out over $400,000 in driver referral incentives. After reviewing the current details and gathering feedback from drivers, they decided the program needed to be simplified and created a more streamlined process and incentive pay breakdown. 

    How It Works

    ·        Earn $100 when referred driver hauls first load.

    ·        Earn $500 when referred driver stays 6 months. 

    ·        Earn ¼ cpm on every mile referred driver runs after 6 months. 

    ·        Earn $1000 when 3 referred drivers stay 6 months. 


    Earnings Example: 

    Refer 3 drivers who stay at least 6 months, and you would earn $2800 not including the additional mileage pay! 


    Program Rules: 

    ·        The person that is referred must run under Prime’s operating authority (A, B1, B2, C, or D Seats) as a company driver or independent contractor. 

    ·        All active Prime Driver Associates under Prime’s operating authority (A, B1, B2, and C Seats) are eligible to receive Prime Inc Driver Referral Program pay. 

    ·        To earn bonus at 6 months longevity pay and mileage pay, referred driver must be an A Seat. 

    ·        No driver referral bonus will be earned for referring a rehire (previous Prime Driver). 

    ·        To earn referral, referred driver must list Prime Driver’s name or driver code on application. 

    ·        For more information, contact Prime’s Recruiting Department. 

    ·        Program is effective as of December 1, 2016 until further notice or cancellation. (Prime reserves the right to modify the program at any time.)


    For any questions or feedback, please contact Prime’s Recruiting Department at 800-224-4585 or email Prime would like to thank all of the drivers who have continued to help the company grow by referring qualified and safe drivers to apply. 


  • Post Featured Image

    Prime Ways (Volume 1 Issue 4)

  • Prime Inc Introduces New Service Vehicles into Fleet

    Prime Inc., North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company, has recently released multiple service vehicles into their fleet. The company understands the value of the drivers’ time out on the road, and they constantly are looking for new ways to improve their fleet’s efficiency from coast to coast. One of their recent ideas was to implement additional service vehicles across the country to assist with maintenance needs for their 6,000+ tractors and 10,000+ trailers.

    Prime is currently operating six service trucks based out of the following locations:

    • Nashville, TN
    • Altus, OK
    • Pittston, PA
    • Springfield, MO
    • Laredo, TX
    • Salt Lake City, UT

    The company has plans to add three more service vehicles to their fleet in the coming months which will be based in the following locations:

    • Denver, CO
    • Chicago, IL
    • Pierson, FL

    The service trucks circulate around Prime’s customer locations and trailer dropyards and are equipped to replace the following items: tractor and trailer tires & wheels, brake components, lights, batteries, chute repairs, and annual inspections. If Prime drivers have an emergency on the road, the company can dispatch one of their service trucks in the area to the scene to assist the driver. If you have any ideas or questions regarding these vehicles, please email

  • Prime Inc. Announces Inaugural Driver Advisory Board

    Prime Inc., North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company, announced their new Prime Driver Advisory Board. The company prides itself on having an open door policy and a culture of transparency with its in-house and driving associates. With more than 7000 active drivers, they wanted to create an additional option to provide drivers a formalized platform to give them an even bigger voice and impact on company decisions and issues as well as to create strong advocates for company changes, updates, and driver concerns.  

    “We have always attempted to stay close to our drivers, but as Prime has grown, it becomes harder to do.  The Driver Advisory Board is another way for us to collaborate and listen even better to the folks that make the wheels turn and deliver the loads safely and on time.  Open dialogue and great communications with our drivers will make us a better company and an even better place to drive,” stated Robert Low, Founder and Owner of Prime Inc. 

    On Friday, Oct 28th, the selected drivers attended the first introductory meeting at the Ramada Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO. Drivers and management engaged in conversation and presentations on topics including safety, maintenance, training, customers, and more. A third-party moderator kept the conversations and ideas flowing during the event.

    The Prime Driver Advisory Board is comprised of professional truck drivers from each of their primary divisions with experience levels ranging from less than a year to over 20 years. The honorary drivers went through a selection process consisting of qualification, nomination from their fleet manager, and submission of driver information and essay. The board members will serve terms consisting of 2 years and participate in multiple meetings per year.

    Prime Driver Advisory Board Members:

    ·        Brandon Kelly (Refrigerated Division, 2 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Mark Trouten (Refrigerated Division, 11 Months Prime Service)

    ·        Brian Fletcher (Refrigerated Division, 1 Year Prime Service)

    ·        Paul Waychoff (Flatbed Division, 1 Year Prime Service)

    ·        Michael Hammonds (Flatbed Division, 6 Months Prime Service)

    ·        Tiffany Hanna (Refrigerated Division, 1 Year Prime Service)

    ·        James Jackson (Refrigerated Division, 4 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Craig Koberczky (Flatbed Division, 3 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Jacob Frazier (Flatbed Division, 9 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Kingswood (Woody) Sprott (Tanker Division, 3 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Shelby (Wayne) Asher (Refrigerated Division, 22 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Glenn Horack (Refrigerated Division, 23 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Keith Luce (Refrigerated Division, 11 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Jerald Thomas (Flatbed Division, 12 Years Prime Service)

    ·        John Bodenchak (Flatbed Division, 16 Years Prime Service)

    ·        Timothy Ryan (Tanker Division, 17 Years Prime Service)

    Prime would like to congratulate the drivers chosen for the Driver Advisory Board. The company looks forward to continued communication, ideas, and improvement brought forth from this group of associates. Prime is working on a website for current drivers to communicate with the board members. Once this site is completed, the company will provide more info on how to access and utilize it. If you have any questions or ideas regarding the Prime Driver Advisory Board, please send your communication to  

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    Prime Ways (Volume 1 Issue 3)

    Check out the latest edition of our Prime Ways magazine with features on our associates, facilities, programs, and much more! Our cover story for this issue highlights multiple ways in which our drivers eat and cook while out on the road and living in a truck. 

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    Prime Ways (Volume 1 Issue 1)


  • Construction Projects

    Growth is a good thing.  We will continue to expand our facilities to accommodate the comfort and convenience of our associates.  This website was built to better communicate our expansion details and progress.  Our current projects include expansion and site improvements within our Springfield, MO and Salt Lake City, UT terminals.  In order for Prime to remain one of the most successful transportation companies in the Industry we must strategically build our infrastructure in a way that fosters the ultimate in productivity and comfort.  

    To learn more, please visit

    Prime in Progress

  • Prime Inc. | National Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week 2015

    Join Prime in celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week, September 13-19, 2015. This annual event, sponsored by American Trucking Associations (ATA), honors our nation's drivers for their commitment to excellence. Prime has added the "wellness" portion to this event in an effort to remind all drivers that their health is important to us, their families, and the safety of our nation's highways.

    During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, America takes the time to honor all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. These 3.2 million professional men and women not only deliver our goods safely, securely and on time, they also keep our highways safe. Truck drivers keep America moving!

    Think about it... virtually any finished product you buy is handled by a truck driver at some point--food, fuel, medicine, clothing, furniture--the list could on for days! Drivers keep the country’s economy afloat, and it's important to pay tribute to these hard-working men and women.

    Prime, Inc. wants to spread the health and fitness culture within the trucking industry, and also encourage others to focus on the importance of drivers. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect and appreciate those that deliver our nation's freight safely and securely, while also promoting healthy lifestyles for truck drivers. National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week has not one, but two goals!

    Prime will be providing complimentary meals for our drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week:

    Springfield, MO: September 18 – Complimentary Lunch and Dinner

    Pittston, PA: September 18 – Complimentary Lunch and Dinner

    Salt Lake City, UT: September 17-18 – Complimentary Lunch

    Denver, CO: September 18 – Complimentary Lunch

    Prime Floral: September 18– Complimentary Lunch

    Decatur & Savannah Kleen: September 17 – Complimentary Lunch

    Walmart Locations: September 18 – Complimentary Lunch

    Prime Rewards Points to Drivers:

    • 5,000 points ($50) – A Seats
    • 3,000 points ($30) – B1, B2 & C Seats

    Prime Rewards Points may be used in Prime’s onsite company store (in the MO, UT, and PA terminals), salon & spa (in MO and PA terminals), and café (in MO and PA terminals).Truck Driver Appreciation

    In addition to ATA's annual National Truck Driver Appreciation WeekTrucking Moves America Forward is showing their involvement this year. Its mission is to establish a long-term industry-wide movement to create a positive image for the industry, to ensure that policymakers and the public understand the importance of the trucking industry to the nation’s economy, and to build the political and grassroots support necessary to strengthen and grow the industry in the future.

    Trucks are critical to our national and global economy, to our families, to our businesses, and so much more. Whether you’re a professional truck driver or you have loved ones who dedicate themselves to the industry, let's come together to say THANK YOU to our wonderful drivers not just during National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week, but every day throughout the year! Stay healthy and safe out there :)

    Connect with Prime on Facebook and Twitter to tell us how much you appreciate the truck driver in your life!

    Stability. Opportunity. Strong Freight Network. Great Pay. That's Prime, Inc. Get on the road to a new and exciting truck driving career and APPLY today.


  • Orge and Punsal Claim the Title of 2015 Fittest of the Fleet

    North America’s premier refrigerated, flatbed, intermodal, and tanker trucking company Prime, Inc. challenged other carriers to compete at its third annual Fittest of the Fleet competition on Saturday, September 5, 2015 at Prime’s headquarters in Springfield, MO. Eight transportation carriers from across the country entered drivers in the competition. At the end of the day, it was Prime’s Enoch Orge who won the Men’s competition, while Jennifer Punsal from USA Truck won the women’s competition.

    “This year’s competition was definitely the toughest and most competitive,” said Siphiwe Baleka, Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness Coach and creator of the event. “In addition to bodyweight exercise, we used battle ropes, slam balls, sand bags, and pull up bars. The three events were a little longer than in previous years, too. In order to claim the title, ‘Fittest Truck Driver in America’, you are going to have to earn it!”
    In each of the events, the driver starts in the truck, must exit the truck, and finish by entering the truck and closing the door. The first event consisted of three rounds of 10 alternating arms and side shuffle using the battle rope, 15 push-ups, 10 Russian twists with the battle rope, and 15 jumping jacks with the battle rope. Finishing in third place was James Peters of Prime. Finishing in second place was Bryan Hutchinson, also of Prime. Winning the men’s event with a time of 4 minutes and 31 seconds was Enoch Orge, also of Prime. Jennifer Punsal won the women’s event.

    The second event consisted of 50 slam ball thrusters, 40 sit ups, 30 alternating lunges, 20 slam balls, and 10 burpees. During the reps, the drivers had to run to a cone about the length of a trailer and back every minute. The men used a 30 lb. slam ball and the women used a 20 lb. slam ball. Enoch Orge finished in third place while Antonio Davila of Henderson Trucking finished in second. Winning the men’s second event, with a time of 6 minutes and 5 seconds, was Chad Kester of Halvor Lines while Jennifer Punsal won the women’s event.
    In the final event, drivers had to exit the truck, dolly down the landing gear, do 5 burpees, pick up an 80 lb. sandbag and carry it to the back of the trailer, do 30 mountain climbers, open the trailer doors, enter the trailer and touch the front wall, exit the trailer, close the trailer doors, do 5 pull-ups, pick up the sand bag, carry it to the landing gear on the passenger side, drop the sandbag and crawl under the trailer, dolly up the landing gear, crawl back under the trailer, do 5 more burpees, pick up the sandbag, carry it around the front of the truck to the driver’s side, put the sandbag on the shoulder and do 8 squats, drop the sandbag, then enter the truck. In a very close event, Antonio Davila finished third with a time of 3 minutes 24 seconds. Chad Kester finished second with a time of 3 minutes and 18 seconds, and winning the event was Enoch Orge with a time of 3 minutes and 17 seconds. Jennifer Punsal completed her hat trick, winning the third event for the women.

    Enoch Orge and Jennifer Punsal each won $500 courtesy of Peterbilt of Springfield, a one year membership to Gold’s Gym, and a one year Pro+ Membership on the Workout Trainer app by Skimble, Inc.
    “The event seriously challenged me and it was not a laughing matter,” said Orge, the new champion. “As a result of being a part of this event and seeing the standards that were expected of us, I will continue to improve on my fitness levels and keep pushing forward.”
    For more information about the competition or to schedule interviews with the winners, contact Siphiwe Baleka at

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