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  • The 15/4 Movement at Prime

    Over the past few years, I have said that we are starting a “movement” here at Prime. I knew that the success that hundreds of Prime drivers have had losing weight would catch the attention of America and inspire the country to fight the War Against Obesity. This is why major media has been reporting about what is happening with the Driver Health and Fitness (DHF) program.

    Now is the time that Prime can take the national spotlight and lead what I am calling the 15/4 Movement. It’s what we have been telling Prime drivers for the past three years. You can get great results from just 15 minutes of exercise a day, and within those 15 minutes, 4 minutes of vigorous exercise. Even on those days when you are just cramped for time, you can still move for 4 minutes with maximum intensity and burn as much fat as one hour of moderate activity like jogging or the elliptical machine. Because this is so effective, we have put together the 4 Minute Exercise Plan that you can do anywhere, anyplace, anytime. You don’t need any equipment and you don’t need to change clothes, either.

    Imagine all across America, at truck stops, rest stops, shippers and receivers – wherever a Prime truck is parked, you can see a Prime driver doing the 4 Minute Exercise Plan right on the side of the truck! If the 6,700 drivers at Prime would make this a habit, and we get the national media to cover it, filming Prime drivers across the country, we will definitely start the next exercise craze! America will start to “Get it in when they can fit it in” for 4 minutes a day just like the drivers at Prime. The national media is ready to pick up this story! The question is, “Is Prime ready?” Is Prime Ready to lead the next fitness movement in America?

    Written by: Siphiwe Baleka, Driver Health and Fitness CoachSiphiwe Baleka is a former Prime Driver who completed a lease with Prime Inc. After seeing himself the effects of long haul truck driving, he created the Driver Health and Fitness program at Prime. Interested in learning more about the Prime Driver Health and Fitness program? Visit for more info.

  • The 5 Main Rules of Trucking

    1. A load that starts out screwed up will stay screwed up until the trailer is empty.
    2. You can’t keep a good trailer… or get rid of a bad one.
    3. If you wash your truck, rain will most definitely fall from a clear blue sky.
    4. The harder the wind blows, the more likely it will be a headwind if you’re heavy or a side wind if you’re light.
    5. If you’re early, they won’t take you. If you’re late, they won’t take you. If you’re on time, they would’ve taken you yesterday.

     Written by Cliff Humphrey

    Cliff Humphrey has been hauling freight for Prime since 1990. Cliff is a 3-Million Mile Safe Driver and a recipient of the Highway Angel Award. Cliff is married to his lovely wife Wanda (pictured on left next to Prime Owner & President Robert Low).

  • The Student's First Ride


    Sweat trickles down their spine as this climb up and into the driver’s seat for the first time. They wonder why suddenly they can’t remember the gears. After all, it’s a simple count from one to ten. White knuckles grab the steering wheel with a death grip as the truck begins to roll.

    Their instructor tells them to keep going straight to make a turn and they silently question their teacher’s ability. Everyone knows that in order to make a turn in a vehicle, one has to “turn” the vehicle. Eternities later, they follow the command to turn and hand over shaking hand on the wheel moves the truck in a new direction.

    Cars whiz by. Traffic lights change. Streets get narrow. And then, as it begins to rain, the student realizes they have surely made a terrible mistake to think they could ever become a truck driver. They want to quit. Immediately. There’s just one problem. They’re driving and there is no safe place to pull that big rig over to abandon the driver’s seat. So they drive. And grind gears. And shake. But they drive.

    As the sun finally begins to set in the western sky, the student lets out the breath they only just realized they’d been holding all day. They gaze glassy eyed in the direction of their instructor who pats them on the back and congratulates them on a job well done. The weary and confused student can’t believe it was a good day. They feel they didn’t do anything right. They’d had so much trouble finding the gears, they’d considered calling a search and rescue team. And they feel like they’ll never get it right.

    The instructor smiles and points out to them they successfully navigated from where they were to the place they needed to be. They not only were not late, they were on time. They didn’t hit anyone. They solved every problem that arose and corrected every mistake they made. At the end of the day, that’s what successful trucking is all about.

    The student drinks in that truth, climbs up into the top bunk and as they pull covers over their head, they finally allow their muscles to relax. And as the hum of the reefer motor lulls them into sleep, they realize that they are meant to be a trucker. Tomorrow, they will get up and do it again. They will endure the rigors of the road again. They will solve every problem they face. They’ll correct the mistakes they make, because now they have crossed over into the world of trucking. They ARE a trucker and no matter what tomorrow brings, today they have completed the student’s first ride.

    Written by Reba Hoffman

    Reba J. Hoffman joined Prime in 2014 after spending a year riding her bicycle alone around the country helping women victims of violent assault. A therapist by trade, Reba uses her understanding of people and how they tick to help them live their dream of being a trucker by serving as a PSD instructor. When out of her truck, you’ll find her somewhere in the wilds of nature.


  • Prime Honors Top CDL Trainer Justin Humiston with ‘Instructor of the Year’ Award


    Premier trucking company Prime, Inc. recently recognized driving instructor Justin Humiston as its top CDL Instructor for 2014. The honor was officially awarded at the company’s annual ‘Instructor of the Year’ banquet held on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at the Ramada Plaza Springfield Hotel and Oasis Convention Center. Prime’s CDL Instructors are responsible for training new students while they work towards earning their Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The aspiring new drivers come without any prior experience driving commercial vehicles as they embark on the three to four weeks of initial training with one of the certified instructors.

    Prime was proud to award Justin Humiston as its top CDL Instructor earlier this month. Humiston was one of hundreds of CDL Instructors at Prime who collectively helped over 1800 Prime Student Drivers earn their Class A CDL in 2014. Originally from Millville, DE, Humiston has been with the company since 2010 and currently works in the Flatbed Division. Over the course of last year alone, he trained 21 Prime Student Drivers–empowering them to earn their CDL certification and in becoming exceptional commercial truck drivers for the company.

    “He takes the time to make sure his students earn a license and not just a piece of plastic. His only concern is making sure the student is successful. He will always find a way to help a student understand what to do and why to do it,” commented one of the Prime Student Drivers trained by Humiston.

    Another of Humiston’s previous Student Driver continued, “He is more than a great instructor; he cares for his students. He goes the extra mile.”

    In addition to recognizing the top CDL Instructor at the annual awards ceremony, the banquet accolades were presented to 14 other instructors–determined by the total number of trained students who remained working for the company following certification; the cumulative test scores for each of the three required tests (vehicle inspection, backing, and driving); and the number of student drivers who earned first-time passes.
    The other recipients honored as top instructors following Humiston were John Carrigan, Danny Gibbons, and Jeff Bridwell. Additional honorees included Kenny Pack, John Lewis, Orain Jones, James Fuller, Keith Luce, Daniel Alder, Scott Fisher, RayHancock, Darron Watkins, Edwin Peig, and Timothy Wiemer.

    For more information about Prime, Inc. and their Student Driver Program, visit

  • Prime, Inc. Studies the Body Composition and Metabolism of Truck Drivers

    North America’s premier refrigerated, flatbed and tanker trucking company Prime, Inc. continues to innovate in the field of driver health and fitness. Today, they announced additional results of its yearlong truck driver body composition study.

    From April 2014 to March 2015, Prime—using bioelectric impedance technology—measured the weight, body fat, water weight, muscle mass, physique ratings, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, bone density and visceral fat ratings of 770 drivers. They also recorded the weight and BMI of 2,319 drivers. The results showed that the average weight of both men and women combined is 232 lbs. with a 33.04 BMI and 34% body fat. The drivers also averaged 148 lbs. of muscle, a basal metabolic rate of 2,056 calories, a bone density of 7.5, and a visceral fat rating of 15 (a score of 12 or less is considered normal and healthy.) While 58% of Prime’s fleet is obese, it is 11% below the national average according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

    “The combined averages themselves don’t tell us a lot,” says Siphiwe Baleka, Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness Coach and creator of the study. “It’s when you look at the data in more detail that we start to learn a lot.” As an example, Baleka shows that the average BMI of new drivers increases from 32.05 during the first 60 days on the job to 33.44 by the end of the first year. By the end of the third year, it reaches a maximum average of 35.79 while drivers with five or more years of driving had an average BMI of 35.10.
    “What’s alarming is that male drivers between the ages of 56 to 60 years had an average BMI of 33.95, the highest of any age group. The average BMI for male drivers 61 to 65 then drops to 31.00. Why? Because at that age, the heaviest drivers are choosing to leave the industry, becoming too sick or unfit to drive or passing away,” says Baleka.

    According to some studies, the average life span of long haul drivers is just 61 to 65 years of age. Prime’s body composition study lends some support to that as well as confirming NIOSH‘s own conclusion in the National Survey of US Long-Haul Truck Driver Health and Injury that “working conditions common to long-haul trucking may create significant barriers to certain healthy behaviors; thus, transportation and health professionals should address the unique work environment when developing interventions for long-haul drivers.”

    Currently, about 38% of Prime, Inc.’s 6,700 drivers have enrolled in their Driver Health and Fitness program. Baleka uses the body composition data collected to coach those drivers and teach them how to improve their metabolism so that they burn fat at an accelerated rate while driving. Baleka has measured up to an 8% improvement in metabolic efficiency. Because the program has successfully helped drivers lose weight, reduce medication and decrease the incidence of sleep apnea, it has been featured in such magazines as Men’s Health, Sport Illustrated, Huma Resources Executive, and The Atlantic. It was also recently featured in a video segment for Fox Sports.

    For more information on Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness programs, visit or contact Siphiwe Baleka at

  • PSD Program Newsletter-March 2015

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  • Listen in on our January 2015 SAFETY MEETING online!

    Listen in on our January 2015 SAFETY MEETING online!

    Listen in iTunes
    Prime FeedBurner Safety Podcast
    Prime BuzzSprout Safety Podcast

    In this release: TCA Driver of the Year; Keep it Clean Sweepstakes; Disc Brakes, Roll Stability and New Trailers; Million Miler Celebration; Health; Inspections; Accident Procedures; Icy Conditions, High Wind Conditions; You're Missing Bonuses by Holding Trips; Road Assist; Two Drivers Improving Health; Medicals on File in Home State.

  • Allison Russell wins December & January Skimble Challenges

    Allison Russell is the reigning Skimble Challenge Champion, having won the December Skimble Challenge and the January Skimble Challenge. She has done 100% of the workouts for the February Skimble Chalelnge. Allison is proving that you can workout everyday and have fun while driving for Prime. She has worked as a professional truck driver for Prime since 2012 and works in the Refrigerated Division. Want to know more about the Skimble Workout Challenges? Go to


  • Prime Inc. Partners with Pedigree Truck & Trailer Sales

    Prime, Inc., a leader in refrigerated, flatbed, and tanker transportation has announced their partnership with Pedigree Truck & Trailer Sales to help introduce their quality pre-owned trailers into the market. Pedigree has historically sold some of the highest quality, best maintained trucks in the industry and now offers the same quality Prime, Inc. trailers. Pedigree Trailer Sales could not have come at a better time for carriers, as trailer manufacturers expect milestone breaking production causing extensive wait times and the new hours of service regulations triggering strains at the shippers.

    The new hours of service regulations have ramped up shippers’ trailer pool programs and the need for more trailers in the industry has vastly grown. Pedigree’s trailer sales program will not only help reduce these constraints, but provide thousands of quality Pre-Owned trailers to carriers (small to big) and trailer leasing companies. “We are basically responding to the market. We get calls daily from companies who desire to buy our trailers directly from us,” says Darrel Hopkins, Controller at Prime Inc.

    Pedigree is proud to introduce hundreds of 2009 Wabash Reefer Trailers direct from the Prime, Inc. fleet. ArcticLite equipped with carrier engines, these trailers are dressed to impress. Combining all Aluminum Wheels, Tire Inflation System, RightWeigh load scales, New Hendrickson Air-Ride Axles with seven year warranties, Solarguard Roofs and many fuel saving equipment options such as side skirts. All of Pedigree Truck & Trailer Sales (reefer, flatbed, and tanker) have been maintained by Prime, Inc. to meet the high demands of quality, on-time deliveries.

    About Prime Inc.
     Founded in 1970 by Robert Low, Prime Inc. is North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker and logistics trucking company. Headquartered in Springfield, MO, Prime's personnel, equipment and technology remains on the cutting edge of the transportation industry, and the company's growth remains steady and well managed. For more information on Pedigree Truck & Trailer Sales please visit 

  • Prime Inc. Releases New Song-Why I Do This

    Prime Inc. has released a new song titled "Why I Do This" written and performed by The Brothers Roberson. The Brothers Roberson, 2012 Midwest Regional winners of the Texaco Country Showdown, are a dynamic duo hailing from a family rich in country music heritage. Rhett Roberson is the lead singer and main songwriter for the team. Rhett has been a Prime Associate for over 5 years in Prime's Sales Department. He is accompanied by his youngest brother, Brendan Roberson, whose fine harmonies and instrumental asides prove for a hard-to-match combination. Both of the brothers have their musical beginnings in the church as worship leaders to different churches over their upbringing. Their spiritual backgrounds have been the foundation and launching point to their musical journey. Their influences have been very diverse, from John Mayer to Waylon Jennings, Ray Lamontagne to Garth Brooks. 

    Their new song "Why I Do This" brings to the light the many reasons why people might choose the lifestyle of a truck driver. The song was debuted at Prime's Christmas Parties across the country in the following locations: Springfield, MO; Pittston, PA; Salt Lake City, UT; Decatur, IN; and Lewiston, ME.


    Download the new single here:

     To learn more about Prime's truck driving jobs, check out or call 888-664-9121.

  • Prime, Inc. Pays It Forward this Holiday Season

    Prime, Inc., the leading North American trucking company, recently donated time and funds to two great causes this month: Toys for Tots and Wreaths Across America.

    Prime’s participation with Wreaths Across America included helping to haul 15 loads of wreaths across the country and assisting with a local cemetery’s wreath laying near the company’s headquarters. The Wreaths Across America ceremony took place on Saturday, December 13 at the Springfield National Cemetery.

    Wreaths Across America coordinates wreath laying ceremonies on a specified Saturday each December in Arlington, VA, as well as other veterans’ cemeteries and locations in all 50 states. These events are possible by volunteers who organize local ceremonies and raise funds to sponsor wreaths. The costs of their programs are paid by sponsors, corporate donors and volunteer truck drivers.

    Also on December 13, Prime held a dodgeball tournament in Springfield to raise funds for Toys for Tots. The event took place at Prime's onsite full court gym inside their headquarters. Nine teams of six Prime associates competed for fun in the tournament. In all, they raised $500.00 for the charity. This national foundation aims to help less fortunate children experience the joy of Christmas. Each year, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve collects new, unwrapped toys from October-December and distributes the toys as Christmas gifts.


    For more information about Wreaths Across America, visit More information about Toys for Toys can be found at To learn more about Prime, visit

  • Prime Walk/Run Challenge November 2014

    Congratulations to all of our Prime Drivers who competed in the Prime Driver Health and Fitness November Walk/Run Challenge!

    Special recognition goes out to these top 10 drivers:

    1. James Peters-105.44 miles
    2. Joshua Thompson-72.84 miles
    3. Cathy Byrd-49.88 miles
    4. Mike Veenstra-23.03 miles
    5. Johannas Gibson-22.14 miles
    6. Robert Triplett-16.94 miles
    7. Don Harrington-14.41 miles
    8. Raymond McDonald-12.93 miles
    9. Jeffrey Schmid-10.74 miles
    10. Jerry Byrd-7.56 miles

    To learn more about the Driver Health and Fitness program, visit  

  • Updated Auto Liability Insurance ID Card (Click Here)

    Obtain the current Prime Auto Liability Insurance ID Card by clicking here. 




  • Pick up your Prime Safety & Information Series CD!

    We encourage our drivers and those interested in learning about the great opportunities we have available at Prime to pick up one of our Safety and Information Series CDs. We release new CDs each month. You can find the audio here on our Prime Inc. website under the News Section, or you can pick up a CD from one of the locations listed below:

    • Petro-Kingman, AZ
    • Petro-West Memphis, AR
    • TA Truck Stop-Lake Station, IN
    • TA Truck Stop-Troutville, VA
    • Petro-Amarillo, TX
    • Little America, WY (I-80 Exit 68)
    • Jamestown, NM (I-40 Exit 39)
    • Prime Drop Yard
      • Auburndale, FL
      • Bensalem, PA
    • Prime Terminal
      • Springfield, MO (in Plaza building)
      • Pittston, PA
      • Salt Lake City, UT
      • Duke, OK
      • Decatur, IN
      • Lewiston, ME
      • Shelbyville, TN
    • Prime Floral
      • Oxnard, CA
      • Miami, FL
      • Pierson, FL
      • Wilsonville, OR
    • Savannah Kleen-Ft. Wentworth, GA


  • Prime Inc. Robert Low National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week

    Robert Low, Prime Inc. expresses his appreciation to drivers across America preparing for the National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week.

  • Listen in on our July 2014 SAFETY MEETING online!

    Listen in on our July 2014 SAFETY MEETING online!

    Listen in iTunes
    Prime FeedBurner Safety Podcast
    Prime BuzzSprout Safety Podcast

    In this release:  Advance Fleet Group; Detention and the Prime Mobile App; Live Calls, Great Time For Trucking; New D-Rings for Deer Guard; New Opportunities; Plan for Tire Wear; Prime Transformation Program; PTAs; Road Assist; The PSD program; U-Turns, CSA, Suspensions.

  • Prime Inc. Recognizes Millionaire Members

    Gold Millionaires

    Three Million Miler

    • Joseph G. Dendy

    Two Million Miler

    • Oscar B. Flatt

    One Million Milers

    • John M. Kinney
    • Brian E. Lindberg

    Silver Millionaires

    Silver Millionaires

    • David A. Sellers
    • Kevin E. Thompson

    Click here to read more about Prime's Driver Awards.

  • Prime Inc. Contractors of the Month (April 2014)

    April 2014 Awardees Include:

    Howard M. Thompson

    Refrigerated Division

    Jerry A. Fletcher

    Flatbed Division

    Robert W. T. Jones

    Tanker Division

    David J. Shannon

    Company Tanker Division

    Paul Tiltscher

    Company Refrigerated Division

    Anthony J. Bessette

    Company Flatbed Division

    Theresa K. Medlin & Randy W. Medlin

    Refrigerated Team Division

  • Prime Drivers Jason And Heather Davis Take It Off Road

    Prime team drivers Jason and Heather Davis went off road and recently competed at the USA BMX Dixieland Nationals in Atlanta, GA on April 26th and 27th. Jason, who is a former BMX Pro racer, competed in two races and is attempting to qualify into the top 8 riders in the men’s 41- 45 Intermediate Division. Heather is already qualified and placed 4th in the 31 & Over Girls race on Saturday and 3rd in Sunday’s race.


    “I had sugar issues,” joked Jason. “I almost didn’t race. You tell yourself just go out there and have fun, but once you have been competitive, it gets pretty serious.” Jason and Heather are just another example of Prime drivers who find a way to train and compete while living out of their trucks. In 2012, Jason won the first ever Prime Bicycle Challenge, competed in a Revolution 3 triathlon series race, and competed in the 2012 BMX National Championships. “Overall, I ended the (previous) year #68 out of 364 riders in my district. I’d like to improve on that and hit top 20. That means more racing.”

     “It’s amazing how many dedicated athletes we have in our fleet,” said Siphiwe Baleka, Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness coach. “We are getting a reputation for being the healthiest fleet in the country, and we are attracting both current and former athletes who want to drive for Prime because they see an opportunity to make great money, train, travel, and compete across the country. We have a former pro basketball player, an Olympic track and field athlete, former college football players, even para-gliders and skydivers. You just never know who is behind the wheel.”

    Heather Davis is certainly taking advantage of the opportunity to drive and compete. Asked about her goals for 2014, Heather said, “These other girls are always trying to beat me. This year I will make it into the top five.”


  • Prime Inc. Recognizes Millionaire Members

    Gold Millionaires

    One Million Milers

    • James C. Harmon
    • Shelia E. Harmon

    Click here to read more about Prime's Driver Awards.

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