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Trucking Jobs: Many Opportunities

Are you making what you're worth at your current trucking job? Great! But if you're looking for a company that wants to see you achieve your maximum earning potential, then look no further than Prime Inc.! Refrigerated, tanker, flatbed, and intermodal opportunities available now.

How Can I Make More Money?

Prime has strived to create many programs for both Company Drivers and Independent Contractors to enhance profitability. We believe that working harder and smarter will facilitate a long and prosperous career.

Do you want to be an Independent Contractor? Or do you want to be a Company Driver? Either way, we must understand how to make money, and more important, how to keep it. Time Management and Safety are keys to making this all fit together. Whether you have decided to become an Independent Contractor with your own business, or manage a business as a Company Operator, each one of us has to have a plan. Prime offers career opportunities in our refrigerated, tanker, flatbed, and intermodal divisions.

Incentives & Rewards

Prime has many programs that reward hard work and dedication to service and safety! Select contractors from each of our driving divisions are chosen monthly to receive our "Contractor of the Month" award, and Prime's "Millionaire Program" rewards our drivers for continuing accident-free service. In addition, we offer a wide range of incentives designed to promote safety, on-time service, fuel consumption, tractor maintenance, and training. To take a look at our various incentive programs available, click here.

What is "Prime Fuel Guard"?

Prime Fuel Guard is Prime's Fuel Surcharge Program which has been designed to keep fuel costs under control even when fuel prices increase. Fuel surcharge is based on Prime’s fuel cost minus $1.20 divided by 6 mpg to come up with the weekly amount paid in fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge is paid for all authorized dispatch miles. Don't let the high cost of fuel keep you off the road. Partner with Prime and keep your fuel costs down!

Let Prime Be Your Last Change

A recent study was conducted by the American Trucking Association (ATA) that suggested that the average lost earnings throughout the course of his/her career due to changing jobs is $120,000.00 because of downtime, retraining, etc. through various jobs. Talk to a recruiter today at 1-877-PRIME-JOB, or fill out an application online to get started on the road to success.

Prime has many available programs, designed to help you maximize your earning potential. Fill out our truck driver application or call 1-877-PRIME-JOB.

Leasing vs. Buying - Which is right for you?

Why Is Prime The Right Choice For Me?

  • Prime provides the best equipment available.
  • Prime wants to see you succeeded; more money, more home time, more happiness.
  • Prime will provide the opportunity you are looking for to maximize your driving experience.

You have the experience and know what it takes to get freight delivered safe and on time. Now it is time to take that experience to Prime Inc., a company that gives you the opportunity to live to your full potential.

How Will Prime Inc. Help You Earn More?

We have many programs in place designed to maximum your earning potential. First, know that we are committed to your long term success. We offer a 401-K Success Sharing Plan to company drivers after 1 year. We match 40¢ for each dollar saved up to 5% of pay. Operators can participate in our Retention & Rewards program, a saving program where Prime contributes $1000 annually and Success Leasing, Inc., offers $500 annually. We want you here for the long haul.

Prime offers incentive pay for safety and on-time service. We offer experienced operators the opportunity to make more money by becoming CDL instructors. The Prime Fuel Guard program is designed to keep fuel costs under control as prices increase. Through this program, contractors receive 100% of all fuel surcharges paid by customers.

The Prime Time Certified award program recognizes outstanding on-time performance. The safety award program awards drivers who operate without a preventable accident. Millionaires programs recognize drivers who have driven at least one million miles without a preventable accident. Various additional awards and programs exist. Prime values your safety.

What About The Equipment At Prime Inc.?

We also know you want to enjoy your work place. Prime's fleet is the nicest, cleanest, most modern in the industry. We have our own tractor trailer washes, such as the Triple Crown Truck Wash and Savannah Kleen. We use the latest technology. We are installing Omnitracs MCP200's which include in-cab scanning, Internet Explorer when within WIFI range, and many other cutting edge features. We offer updates through your cellphone using text messaging. We have a large fuel network with fuel and route planning software available through the Qualcomm.

  • We have both solo driver jobs and team driver jobs.
  • We have company driver and independent contractor jobs.
  • We haul Flatbed, Refrigerated Van, Intermodal, and Tanker.
  • We have Regional and Over the Road jobs.
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What About Home Time?

Lease operators determine their own home time policy and the longer they stay out on the road, generally the more money they are able to make. The most profitable remain out three to four weeks at a time. Some go home more often depending on where they live. You may take the truck home. Company drivers earn one day off for each week out.

As a Prime driver associate, you can live anywhere in the United States. Spouses or passengers are allowed after your training period is complete.

Join The Prime Team!

We have placed detailed information about Prime Inc. within the menus to the left. Bookmark our site or call us. We would love to talk to you. Prime Inc. has people standing by at 1-877-774-6356.

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