Prime Example at the Healthy Trucking Association of America 5th Summit

Prime Example at the Healthy Trucking Association of America 5th Summit

(Springfield, Mo.) – Prime, Inc. recently received the Trailblazer Award for the Driver Health and Fitness Program at the 5th Annual Healthy Trucking Summit sponsored by the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) in Atlanta, GA.

During the event, held April 30-May 2, Prime Driver Melissa Fort was named the Female Healthy Trucker of the Year. The creator of the health and fitness program, former Prime Lease Operator Siphiwe Baleka, also received the Legacy Award.

Presenting the Trailblazer Award, Dr. Karen Heaton of the UAB Medical Center, recognized Prime for their “comprehensive approach to the management of metabolic syndrome.”

Accepting the award on behalf of Prime was Driver Health and Fitness Coach, Siphiwe Baleka. “Prime is a great place to work,” said Baleka. “They have every possible driver amenity you can think of. More than 130 drivers have enrolled in the program and since its inception, more than 600 drivers have lost over 6,000 lbs. and 90 drivers have quit smoking.”

For the first time, the HTAA named both a male and female “Healthy Trucker of the Year.” The honor of the first female award went to Fort who lost 10.1% of her bodyweight in Prime’s 13 week program. She is now coaching other drivers through the program while continuing to lose weight.

“Melissa really deserves this award. She truly is a great example of what I call a ‘Fitness Trucker.’ It’s a lifestyle change and she made it while driving teams,” Baleka said.

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