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Refrigerated Truck Driving Jobs

Our refrigerated division is our largest fleet. Prime associates haul fresh and frozen foods, beer, juices, meats, pharmaceuticals and floral goods. We want you—whether you’re a seasoned driver who already has their CDL or you’re a brand new driver. Apply to begin your career as a refrigerated truck driver at Prime.

Refrigerated Driver Jobs

Drive A Reefer for Prime

Truck drivers are crucial to the American people and economy. When you drive for our refrigerated division, you bring necessary products to communities across the country. At Prime, you can be a solo company driver, company team or independent contractor. The majority of our reefer jobs are for over-the-road truckers.

Almost all of our reefer trucking jobs are over-the-road (OTR). You will be out on the road for three to four weeks at a time. As an OTR driver, you get to travel the country while earning a living. No two days will be the same!

How Much Do Reefer Truck Drivers Make?

Refrigerated Driver Pay Rates

Prime pays refrigerated truck drivers competitive rates. We also offer a host of benefits for both company drivers and independent contractors. Company drivers can earn more depending on the type of refrigerated trailer they haul.

Refrigerated Company Driver

Full-size truck: 46 cents per mile
Lightweight truck: 51 cents per mile

Prime Inc. Flatbed trailer with sunset in background

Refrigerated Company Teams

56 cents per mile split

Refrigerated Independent Contractors

72% revenue

Drive with Purpose

Why Drive Refrigerated?

Truck drivers get products where they need go. You will help get food on grocery store shelves and medicine to hospitals and pharmacies. Being a refrigerated truck driver is something to be proud of.

More Miles

Get more miles on the road—and more money. Refrigerated drivers typically have longer hauls.

Job Security

You have steady work all year. The products you haul are always in demand.

Driver Referral Bonus

Know someone who would be a fit for Prime? Refer a driver and get $100 when they haul their first load.

Driver Training Program

Start Training & Earn Your CDL

You need your CDL to be a truck driver. Our Driver Training Program gives you the experience needed to ace your CDL exam and start a successful career in trucking. We offer training for new drivers and recent CDL graduates. Complete our program to drive for Prime.

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