Omnitracs Mobility and the Prime Mobile Application provide up to the minute cargo monitoring and driver communication, resulting in greater performance, faster ship times, and increased customer satisfaction.

In this age of computerization and high-tech gadgetry, we continue to focus on our number one objective: to deliver all freight on time and damage-free, each and every time. At Prime, we continue to provide countless benefits to customers by using new technologies to enhance our position as an industry leader in the safe, cost-effective transport of temperature sensitive goods.

Modern technology is no longer optional in the trucking industry today. It is key to improving efficiency, productivity and communications. The tracking functions in our Qualcomm Mobility system benefit our shippers by providing continuous communication, from initial dispatch to final delivery. Though industry standards dictate that we have such load-positioning capabilities, what we do with the data that we get from the trucks is what really counts!

Interpreting and presenting this information to associates and customers in a timely, accurate manner enables Prime to merge this important technology into every aspect of our operating system. This technology directly benefits customers by making load status conditions available throughout the shipping process.

Better control of shipments, improved inventory control, and cost reductions through enhanced equipment utilization are among the many benefits which Prime provides to shippers.

Prime Mapping allows real-time driver assistance and takes the guesswork out of route planning, ensuring that your order arrives on time, every time.

Prime utilizes StarTrak as well as Trailer Tracs® equipped with a refrigeration monitoring system. StarTrak is an untethered trailer tracking system. Trailer Tracs makes use of the Qualcomm link on each of our tractors. This enables us to monitor load temperatures, set points, alarm conditions, connect and disconnect times. Prime Position Tracking allows us to locate tractors, in real-time, within a 600 foot radius at all times. This proactive, early alert system enables us to see where loads are at all times and ensures that each load is delivered on schedule. If a truck breaks down, we can run a radius sweep and locate another piece of equipment which we can use to 'rescue' the load and deliver it on time.

Prime Mapping and Routing provides detailed Rand McNally® and PC*Miler directions to driver associates to ensure that loads get from point A to point B in the quickest, safest and most efficient manner. The greatest benefit of this technology is reducing the time driver associates spend searching for shippers' docks, especially in remote locations or congested industrial areas.  Prime is also deploying custom truck routing turn-by-turn directions on the MCP200 platform.

Every day, this high technology enhances the lives of our associates and our customers by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary phone time between associates
  • Automating mapping and routing instructions
  • Instantly providing load status data such as bill of lading numbers
  • Identifying who conducted the loading
  • Determining the number of pieces
  • Monitoring temperature requirements
  • Tracking arrival, docking and departure times
  • Making settlement and payroll information instantly available

Standard and custom service reports enable us to routinely measure, and constantly improve our customer service performance. Other routine reports include real-time and historical accounts, alert programs, swap/match and lane transit times.

Prime also has a mobile application available for their drivers.  This application allows for immediate scanning of documentation with immediate upload through WIFI and cellular networks.  This is available in Android Google Play and the Apple Store.

Prime Electronic Commerce enhances communications via the following sources:

  • EDI capabilities up to X.12 v4010
  • AS/2
  • XML
  • E-mail Invoicing
  • E-mail Status Updates
  • Direct Link Access
  • Fax Based Reporting
  • Load Tracing and Tendering through the Internet
  • Web access to Proof of Delivery and Bills of Lading documents
  • E-mail access to Proof of Delivery and Bills of Lading documents

Improving service, enhancing the quality of life for our driver associates, and ensuring safe, timely delivery for every customer, every time, are just a few reasons why Prime continues to insist on, and invest in, modern technology. These and many other new technologies enable Prime to enhance capabilities while seeking innovative solutions to the modern demands and requirements of shippers nationwide.

For more detailed information about how Prime's technology can meet your shipping needs, contact Prime today at 1-800-848-4560. 

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