The 15/4 Movement at Prime

The 15/4 Movement at Prime

Over the past few years, I have said that we are starting a “movement” here at Prime. I knew that the success that hundreds of Prime drivers have had losing weight would catch the attention of America and inspire the country to fight the War Against Obesity. This is why major media has been reporting about what is happening with the Driver Health and Fitness (DHF) program.

Now is the time that Prime can take the national spotlight and lead what I am calling the 15/4 Movement. It’s what we have been telling Prime drivers for the past three years. You can get great results from just 15 minutes of exercise a day, and within those 15 minutes, 4 minutes of vigorous exercise. Even on those days when you are just cramped for time, you can still move for 4 minutes with maximum intensity and burn as much fat as one hour of moderate activity like jogging or the elliptical machine. Because this is so effective, we have put together the 4 Minute Exercise Plan that you can do anywhere, anyplace, anytime. You don’t need any equipment and you don’t need to change clothes, either.

Imagine all across America, at truck stops, rest stops, shippers and receivers – wherever a Prime truck is parked, you can see a Prime driver doing the 4 Minute Exercise Plan right on the side of the truck! If the 6,700 drivers at Prime would make this a habit, and we get the national media to cover it, filming Prime drivers across the country, we will definitely start the next exercise craze! America will start to “Get it in when they can fit it in” for 4 minutes a day just like the drivers at Prime. The national media is ready to pick up this story! The question is, “Is Prime ready?” Is Prime Ready to lead the next fitness movement in America?

Written by: Siphiwe Baleka, Driver Health and Fitness CoachSiphiwe Baleka is a former Prime Driver who completed a lease with Prime Inc. After seeing himself the effects of long haul truck driving, he created the Driver Health and Fitness program at Prime. Interested in learning more about the Prime Driver Health and Fitness program? Visit for more info.

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