Prime Truck Driver Career Path

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Looking for a CDL School to start your career in the trucking industry? We've got a better option than that! Prime's on-the-job training program is accepting new entrants every week. Apply today or give us a call to get started!


Prime’s PSD begins with you obtaining your CDL permit. Then you’ll go on the road with a certified CDL instructor for one-on-one behind-the-wheel training. After training, you’ll return to Prime’s corporate headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, for final CDL state testing and your Class A CDL. Then, you will be hired on as a company employee with guaranteed pay!

Obtain CDL Permit / 4 Days

  1. Enter program, study and test for Missouri CDL permit.
  2. Start driving/training at Prime Training Center in Springfield, Missouri.
  3. Work toward 40,000 training dispatched miles (minimum) with food allowance while without CDL (Food allowance is paid back with future earnings).

On-the-Road Instruction / 10,000 Miles

  1. Train with experienced certified CDL instructor for 3-4 weeks in a real world environment.
  2. Get behind-the-wheel time with one-on-one student/instructor ratio.
  3. Earn 10,000 miles toward total 40,000 miles needed.

Pass Final CDL Skills Test / 30,000 miles

  1. In Springfield, pass final state CDL exam.
  2. Obtain CDL with HazMat endorsement.
  3. Receive certification and begin as a “B2” company driver trainee.
  4. Earn 14¢ per mile ($700 per week guaranteed).
  5. Complete additional 30,000 miles toward total 40,000 mile goal. (10,000 miles + 30,000 miles = 40,000 miles completed)

ACE Orientation / 40,000 miles

  1. Take ACE Orientation at Prime Training Center.
  2. Pass upgrade skills test and get into own truck.
  3. Earn starting pay of 41¢ per mile ($750 to $850 per week) or 46¢ per mile in our ECO49 trucks ($850 to $1000 per week) in refrigerated division. Flatbed division starts at 43¢ per mile. Tanker divisions starts at 48¢ per mile. 
  4. Eligible for Success Leasing Truck or Company Driver position.  Required: No accidents & must complete ACE, Driving Skills Test and Prime Safety Certified Driving Class.

If you have obtained a CDL from an outside school, you will go straight to our Company Driver Orientation and then train with a TNT Trainer for a total of 40,000 miles. If the truck is moving, it counts toward your requirement of total miles. You will receive $600 guaranteed minimum per week for the first 20,000 miles of training (typically 4-5 weeks) and $700 guaranteed minimum per week for the remaining 20,000 miles of training.  

 *Recent graduates from CDL Schools may qualify for tuition reimbursement of $500 per month for up to 3 months. Ask your Recruiter for more info! 


Apprenticeship CDL Instruction

With Prime Inc.'s paid truck driving school, you can start on the road to success with no prior driving experience! And furthermore, you're learning from the best in the business, Prime Certified CDL Instructors!

Best of all, the only cost to you is $155 if you stay for a full year! Here's how it works:

Begin your Apprenticeship

You can begin your apprenticeship without a CDL. Prime's Driver Training Program takes you through the following:

  • Obtain your CDL learner's permit on-site.
  • Once you've earned your CDL learner's permit, you will then drive over the road training with a CDL instructor (Prime has a 1-to-1 student/instructor ratio)
  • Take your CDL test.

Once you graduate from Prime's student driver program and obtain your Commercial Driver's License (CDL), you will then be scheduled for Prime's new-hire orientation. At this point, you will be considered a "B" seat driver and credited 10,000 miles towards your training mileage requirements.

"B" Class

  • Continue Team training until you complete approximately 40,000 total miles (10,000 credited miles included in this number)
  • Attend Classroom instruction at Prime's Training Center
  • Earn the greater of 14 cents per mile or $700 per week*
     * = if available to work 7 days a week.

"A" Seat

Once you reach this point, you will be eligible to run your own company assigned truck or you may elect to lease a truck from the lease company and run it in the Prime network as an Independent Contractor in Reefer, Tanker, or Flatbed.

Note: If you have driving experience, you may transition into our career path with less training needed. This is specified by our safety department; please ask a recruiter where you qualify.


To enter either program, you must meet the following:

  • Must be at least 21 years old with a valid license from your state of permanent residence including a tanker endorsement 
  • Be able to obtain United States Passport, TWIC Card, and Hazmat Endorsement
  • Have a verifiable work history and references
  • Have an acceptable motor vehicle record
  •  Must be able to pass a physical compliant to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards 
  • If any failed or refused drug or alcohol related test, must provide proof of completed Substance Abuse Counseling to consider


  • Must present one or more of the following: US Passport, State Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, or INS paperwork that shows US Citizenship or that permanent residence has been established and is current

Criminal History

  • An affirmative answer to the questions regarding criminal record will not automatically result in the denial of employment.  An applicant’s criminal record will be evaluated based on the job for which the applicant has applied.

These qualifications are as of 04/16/15 and may be changed by Prime Inc. without prior notification.

Start your career with Prime Inc. today and you'll be on the road to success before you know it! Don't settle for less; earn money while you learn from the best!

Fill out our truck driver application or call 1-877-PRIME-JOB!

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