Refrigerated Division

As Prime moves your business from pickup to delivery, we do it with incredible accuracy. Our on-time service rate is unmatched in our industry. But our commitment to total customer satisfaction doesn't stop there. From 24-hour customer service to motivated professional drivers to the most technologically advanced fleet in the market today, Prime guarantees the best possible service every time.

Prime has a fleet of over trucks and over remotely-monitored, temperature-controlled trailers. If your needs include fresh produce, fresh cut floral, pharmaceuticals, fresh or frozen meats, or any other dry or temperature-controlled freight, give us a call today!

Refrigerated Sales Territories

Sales Coordinator

Sales Assistant

Sales Area

Jason Acree
Fax: (417) 521-5629
Jill Buatte ID, MT, OR, UT, WA, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan
Steve Behnke
Fax: (417) 521-6867
Kristina Merlin NC, VA
Heather Chastain
Fax: (417) 521-5717
Patricia Webb Southern LA, Gulf Coast TX, Mexico
Todd Davis
Fax: (417) 521-3990
Amy Allman
Sheryl Rock
CO, IA, KS, MN, Kansas City MO, ND, NE, SD, WY, Manitoba
Brent Foster
Fax: (417) 521-6871
Christine Bown IL, WI
Tammy Grice-McLees
Fax: (417) 521-6854
Lori Schrier KY, Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, WV
Daniel Howser
Fax: (417) 521-3990

Jill Buatte
Laura Smith

Adam Landau
Fax: (417) 521-5594
Katie Johnson Eastern PA
Rob Low
Fax: (417) 521-5660
Christine Bown
Lori Schrier
Southern IL, IN, East MO
Aaron McLees
Fax: (417) 521-6867
Maribeth Brown
Andrea Hoffman
Paul Novakowski
Fax: (570) 654-5484
Jeneen Ornoski
Ginnie Soloman
CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia
Kevin Parnell
Fax: (417) 521-6876
Amy Allman Southwest MO
Jennifer Sanderson
Fax: (417) 521-5698
Gary Parnell Cleveland OH, MI, Western PA
Ryan Summers
Fax: (417) 521-6868
Amy Allman
Patricia Webb
West AR, Northern LA, NM, OK, TX
Weston Tuttle
Fax: (417) 521-5688
Ginnie Soloman DC, DE, MD, NJ, East NY, Northeast WV
Roland Williamson
Fax: (417) 521-6852
Kim Miranda AL, East AR, MS, TN

Refrigerated Personnel

Sales & Marketing

Logistics Services


Garrett Dowdy Amy Compton Rick Gallagher
Director of Logistics
Rick Gumucio Chris Round Pat Leonard
Director of Reefer Operations
David Pfitzner Keith McCoy
Director of Marketing
Brad Quinn Steve Wutke
Vice President of Sales

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