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Driver Awards

Driver Award Programs

Prime Inc. recognizes drivers for their performance, on-time service, and safe driving through the award programs listed below throughout the year.

Prime Time Certified (PTC) Awards

The Prime Time Certified program is designed to reward drivers for on-time service. After 2-year achievement, drivers earn $50 in Prime Points annually at every half-year mark (2.5 years, 3.5 years, 4.5 years, etc). Prime Points can be used at the Prime Inc. Company Store, Northstar Grille, Tru Salon & Spa, and Fire & Ice.

Information on service awards can be obtained from your Fleet Manager. If a service failure occurs after achieving any award level listed above, the qualification period will revert to the beginning and any prior award received will not be duplicated.

  • 6 Months

    Black Polo Shirt

  • 9 Months

    Black Polo Shirt & Hat

  • 1 year

    Jacket, Hat, & Decal

  • 18 Months

    Duffle Bag

  • 2 Years

    Ring with Diamond

  • 3-9 Years

    Small Diamond Added to Ring Annually

  • 10 Years

    Large Diamond Added to Ring

  • 11 Years

    Pendant with Diamond

  • 12-19 Years

    Small Diamond Added to Pendant Annually

  • 20 Years

    Large Diamond Added to Ring

  • 21 Years

    Watch with Diamond

  • 22+ Years

    Small Diamond Added to Watch Annually

Safety Awards

The Prime Safety award program is designed to reward drivers for accident-free service.

For each year of safe driving, driver will be given a pin and a patch indicating number of years with no accidents. The Million Mile program is based on a progressive award system. If you have a preventable accident in the first 3 years, you must start over. Information on safety awards can be obtained from the Safety Department.

  • 6 Months

    Black Hat

  • 1 Year

    Black Satin Jacket & Hat with Silver Design

  • 7 Years

    1-Million Mile Plaque, Black Leather Jacket, Decal, & Pin

  • 14 Years

    2-Million Mile Plaque, Black Leather Jacket with Purple Sleeves, Decal, & Pin

  • 21 Years

    3-Million Mile Plaque, $5000, Brown Leather Jacket, Decal, & Pin

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Award Status
Check your awards status under MyProgress & your million mile status under MyInfo in the Prime App!
Award Pickup
All Prime Time Certified and Safety awards (except Million Mile awards) can be picked up from the Prime Inc. Company Store locations inside the Springfield, Pittston, and Salt Lake City terminals. Million Mile awards are distributed through the Safety Department.
All jackets are embroidered with your name through our onsite Embroidery Shop in Springfield, MO.
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Driver Hall of Fame

Each year, Prime recognizes its outstanding driver associates for their reliability and safety-consciousness. Browse through our award winners and honorees.

The Millionaire Program was created to recognize Prime driver associates who have completed a million miles or more of safe driving with no preventable accidents. This is such an outstanding achievement. To earn the One Million Mile status, you must complete 7 years of accident-free service at Prime Inc.

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