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All Driver Associates

"Prime Time Certified" (PTC) Award Program recognizes driver associates who achieve outstanding on-time performance. These PTC awards are earned on quarterly and yearly basis of continuous on-time performance. Awards include patches, belt buckles, shirts, and sweaters. At the 2-year level, associates receive a gold ring with one diamond. With every additional year of continuous on-time service, a diamond is added to the ring.

Education Prime is happy to provide the Prime Success Scholars program to our driving and non-driving associates and their dependents. The program offers deep discounts off tuition as well as room and board to our associates and their dependents. Find out more here:

Safety Award Program recognizes driver associates who operate without a preventable accident. Awards, which include exclusive pins, hats, patches, and jackets, are given after 6 months, 1 year, and then every year thereafter.

"Millionaires" Program recognizes driver associates who have driven at least one million miles without a preventable accident. Qualifying driver associates receive a prize package and a personalized plaque displayed prominently in Prime's Hall of Fame located in the terminal. The "Gold Level", Prime's highest level of safety achievement, is awarded to those who have driven a million miles at Prime. 

Driver Referral pays active drivers for referral of other drivers. Earn money and possible free use of a truck.

Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi, MS offers Prime Associates discounts on hotel accommodations, golf, and food. Truck parking is available. Learn more here: Palace Casino Flyer

Company Drivers Only

Major Medical, Pharmacy Card, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, and additional voluntary benefits are made available at reasonable rates to all Prime associates. Company drivers may choose to use a Cafeteria Plan for purchasing your insurance.

Availability of Summary Health Information. As an associate, the health benefits available to you represent a significant component of your compensation package. They also provide important protection for you and your family in the case of illness or injury. Your plan offers a series of health coverage options. Choosing a health coverage option is an important decision. To help you make an informed choice, your plan makes available a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), which summarizes important information about any health coverage option in a standard format, to help you compare across options.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage:

For a paper copy of any of the Summary of Benefits Coverage, please contact one of the Benefits Specialists:

Basic Life Insurance: $15,000 Natural Death / $30,000 Accidental Death Benefit

Workers' Compensation Coverage is provided by Prime. In addition, Prime pays a portion of the medical and life insurance premiums.

401-K Success Sharing Plan is available to company drivers beginning the first full quarter after being with Prime for 6 months. Associates can place up to 75% of their pay into the plan pre-tax. Prime's 401-K profit sharing matching amount is 100% of the first 3% deferred; 50% on the next 2%. Prime associates are able to select the investments and the percentage placed in each investment.

Paid Vacation Requirements after 1 year. See table. (Miles accumulate from A seat on.)

Vacation Pay Rates:

  • 125,000 miles $700 (one week)
  • 250,000 miles $700 (one week)
  • 375,000 miles $1,400 (two week)
  • 500,000 miles $1,400 (two weeks)
  • 625,000 miles $2,100 (three weeks)
  • 750,000 miles $2,100 (three weeks)
  • 875,000 miles $2,100 (three weeks)
  • 1,000,000 miles $2,100 (three weeks)
  • 1,125,000 miles $2,100 (three weeks)
  • 1,250,000 miles & above $2,800 (four weeks)

Home Policy: Gives a driver 24 hours off for every 7 days worked.

Passenger Policy: allows a maximum of 1 passenger, 12 years and older.

Pet Policy: Prime Inc. is pleased to allow driving associates to have a single pet on their truck. The pet policy provides a weight limit of 30 pounds and requires a refundable pet deposit. The deposit can be paid in full up front or financed over a 6 week period.

Independent Contractors

Quarterly Mileage Incentives are calculated and paid for all Prime team driver associates who run more than 50,000 miles per quarter.

Longevity Incentives are paid according to the following schedule to driver associates:

  • 6 years - earn an extra 1¢ per mile.
  • 8 years - earn an extra 2¢ per mile.

Rider Policy Passenger and pet policy at no cost to contractor. This is a privilege that can be revoked if Prime determines that it is being abused. Multiple permits must be approved by the Safety Department on a case-by-case basis.

Home Policy allows you to go home whenever you choose as long as you remain profitable.

Success Leasing Operators Only

Lease Payment Reimbursement. After a driver associate has leased from Success Leasing, Inc., for two continuous years they are reimbursed one lease payment per year. After four continuous years leasing from Success Leasing, Inc., the driver associate is reimbursed two payments per year and for every year thereafter. The driver associate chooses when these "reimbursed payments" occur based on his or her needs.

Longevity Incentive Through Success Leasing, Inc. A plan whereby lease completion incentives* increase and the mileage charge decreases on additional leases. After 6 years of continuous leasing, the amount paid by an operator for the mileage charge drops from the standard 4.5¢ to 4.0¢.

 After 8 years of continuous leasing, the amount paid for the mileage charge drops to 3.5¢, and at the completion of the lease, the incentive paid to an lease operator increases to the full value of accrued mileage charges paid.

 *The lease completion incentives may vary based on repairs.

Prime is proud of our outstanding driver associates! Our driver associates are some of the most reliable and safety-conscious in the business!

We are always looking for more dedicated, hard-working and safety-conscious drivers, so if you've got what it takes to be a Prime Driver Associate, we want to talk with you!

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