Prime Carrying Swiftwick HEALTH+ Compression Socks for Truck Drivers


Prime, Inc. is excited to announce our partnership with Swiftwick, a leading U.S. producer of athletic compression socks. In an effort to encourage healthy living among truck drivers, we’re teaming up with Swiftwick to promote HEALTH+ Medical Class II graduated compression socks.

This fall, three Prime company stores will carry the HEALTH+ Medical Class II sock line. The compression socks offer health benefits such as post race recovery and reduced swelling. The socks can also help prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). The HEALTH+ socks are one step every driver can make to improve their overall health. It’s all day comfort for the long haul!

Prime’s goal is to offer industry guidance on healthy lifestyles and wellness among truck drivers nationwide. By teaming up with Swiftwick and encouraging drivers to purchase and wear the Medical Class II compression socks, we hope to continue raising awareness for healthy living within the trucking industry.

As you may know, truck drivers spend as much as eight hours of their day sitting and driving over an 11-hour duty status period. Remaining in a constant position increases the chance dehydration, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and sleep disorders. Mechanical vibration and road feedback are also negative health issues that drivers experience.

The HEALTH+ sock line helps prevent pooling of blood in the legs using controlled pressure and addresses the risk of DVT, a leading cause of blood clots, edema and leg discomfort.

Prime, Inc. strives to be a leader in providing superior transportation across North America while supporting the optimal health of our drivers. Having the HEALTH+ socks available to truck drivers advances our commitment to our drivers and their families. Come check out these compression socks this fall!

To learn more about the HEALTH+ sock line and how it can improve your health, visit You should also check out Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness Program.


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