Prime Inc. Fleet Manager Learns How to Fix an Air Chute

Prime Inc, North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company, is passionate about training drivers how to be safe, profitable, and efficient out on the road. The company offers many continual education programs available to drivers year-round as well as providing tools to assist their drivers delivering freight around the country.

Chris Martin is a Fleet Manager in the Prime Inc. Refrigerated Division. He has been an associate at Prime for over 17 years. The Operations team asked Chris to go out to the Plaza facility in Springfield, MO and learn how to fix a rivot on an air chute, which can be an issue drivers encounter with refrigerated trailers. Chris teamed up with David Steffensen from the Prime Inc. Trailer Maintenance Department to be taught how to fix an air chute on a Prime Inc. refrigerated trailer along with what tools you will need in order to make the repair. This hands-on training was captured and shared with the Prime Fleet through the company’s mobile app this week.

You can check out the video here:

To repair a broken air chute, you will need these main items: rivets (located inside the Prime Inc. trailer’s reefer unit passenger-side door), a ladder, a hammer, and a #2 Phillips Screwdriver.

If drivers do not feel comfortable doing this fix on their own, they can reach out to their Fleet Manager or Road Assist Advisor at Prime Inc. for assistance. Drivers have live support at Prime, 24/7/365.  Learn more about driving for Prime Inc on To speak with a Recruiter, call 800-511-5663. 


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