There’s an App for That – Prime Inc. Professional Driver Phone App

Prime Inc., is always working to make the lives of their professional drivers safer and more productive. The latest example: the launching of a mobile app that drivers can download to their smartphones. It enables Prime drivers to communicate with in several different ways. Drivers can now share important information by text, receive information about loads directly, and transmit documents right from their phones. It saves time for the professional drivers, expedites the processing of documents, and minimizes the amount of time they must spend preparing bills and receipts for transmittal.

Work and communication is much easier now with the Prime Inc. mobile app. Professional drivers no longer have to wait in line at busy truck stops to fax their documents, or sit in the cab waiting on messages from dispatch or a call about the next load. Drivers simply have to have their smartphone in hand to get or send information, or transfer paperwork to the office.

The mobile app has several features including document scanning, messaging, and the capability to send documents and photos to Road Assist, HR, Cargo Claims, and more. By launching the app and pressing the Capture Documents button, professional drivers can enter their Prime Inc. trip number or choose one of the last 3 recent trips that are prepopulated. Then, they simply select the type of document they want to send, take a picture of it, frame it, and send it. Multiple documents can even be sent at one time to the Prime central offices and routed to the correct departments for processing.

One of the most popular features of the app is the Qualcomm messaging functionality.  Drivers can receive and send messages directly to their fleet managers. The app allows drivers to receive all Qualcomm messages with load information and priority information. Drivers can opt in to receive all messages if they would like as well. They can get important information through the app directly to their phones or tablets, so they can be at home, in a truck stop, or in a restaurant, and not sitting in their cabs waiting for messages to come in, or missing messages because they’re not near their Qualcomm units. When a load assignment comes in, the professional drivers at Prime Inc. can accept it or reject it by simply touching an icon in the app.

In the future, even more features will be added to make this app more useful, such as fuel pricing data and Qualcomm macros. All of the changes and additions to the Prime mobile app have been done due to the feedback from the drivers. The goal is to make driving for Prime Inc. the best career choice possible for professional drivers. Even the drivers themselves agree. Drivers have said, “This app is the best. Makes everything so easy,” “I haven’t needed a truck stop scanner in months,” and “Just hands down an all-around great application.”

The Prime Inc. app is available for both iPhone and Android phones through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. iPhone users should update to iOS 7 before downloading the app for full functionality. All users should check for updates to the Prime Inc. app to make sure they have all the latest features available to them.

To learn more about Prime Inc and becoming a driver, visit their website

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