Prime’s Truck Driver Training Instructors Earn While Students Learn

Prime needs truck driver training professionals for its Prime Student Driver Training Program and is offering excellent incentives for trainers.

Prime’s student driving program is building a reputation as one of the best truck driver training programs in the country. As a result, many students are signing up for the course, eager to get into CDL driving jobs and start earning a solid paycheck.  Instructors An important role in the success of the Prime Student Driver program is that of the CDL Instructor. Prime is actively looking for new CDL InstructorsInstructors to join its team of professionals ready to teach these new students proper driving technique, safety practices, and DOT requirements so they can be successful in CDL driving jobs once they’re certified.

Prime has developed a very compelling incentive program for drivers who want to become Instructors and Trainers in its truck driver training program. CDL IInstructors can earn up to $3,175 for each new driver that obtains a CDL and goes on to meet certain other benchmarks. The criteria for becoming an instructor are reasonable, and the potential payout is huge for those willing to join this elite team of trainers.

Here’s how the incentive pay structure is set up for CDL Instructors in Prime’s truck driver training program:

o   Earn $300 per week (up to 4 weeks) while the instructor trains the Prime Student Driver how to safely operate a tractor trailer and prepare to take their CDL Exam

o   Earn a bonus ($500 minimum) when your student passes the CDL Exam

  • $875 if the student passes on the 1st time!

o   Earn $300 when the student stays with Prime for 6 months

o   Earn $300 when the student stays with Prime for 1 year

o   Earn $500 when the student becomes an “A” seat lead solo driver

($3175 maximum earnings per apprentice, based on non-spouse training)

To become a truck driver training program instructor, Prime drivers must have at least one year of professional driving experience, including 90 days as an A Seat Lead Driver. CDL Instructors can have zero reportable DOT accidents within the past 12 months and must have a good MVR and CSA score. They also must have a fuel economy of at least 7.0 MPG, a net fuel cost under $0.18 per gallon, and a good on-time service and log compliance record. They must also be considered profitable drivers, either as a company driver or as an independent contractor for Prime.

Drivers interested in signing up to become truck driver training program Instructors should notify their fleet manager and express interest. After verifying that drivers meet the qualifications, they will attend a week-long CDL Instructor Training Class, which is taught weekly at the Campus Inn in Springfield, MO.

Teaching new students the ropes and watching them develop as they get behind the wheel and become top-notch drivers is an incredibly rewarding experience. All students who graduate from the Prime Student Driver program and get CDL driving jobs are taught to be safe, efficient, and regulation-compliant professionals due entirely to the efforts put forth by their CDL Instructors. The incentive pay for training is nice but leaving behind a legacy of road-ready drivers is even more fulfilling.

If you want the satisfaction of knowing you’ve trained young professionals the proper way to drive a truck while earning an excellent paycheck, contact your fleet manager, or visit the Prime Inc. website at for more information. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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