Refrigerated Division

As Prime moves your business from pickup to delivery, we do it with incredible accuracy. Our on-time service rate is unmatched in our industry. But our commitment to total customer satisfaction doesn't stop there. From 24-hour customer service to motivated professional drivers to the most technologically advanced fleet in the market today, Prime guarantees the best possible service every time.

Prime has a fleet of over trucks and over remotely-monitored, temperature-controlled trailers. If your needs include fresh produce, fresh cut floral, pharmaceuticals, fresh or frozen meats, or any other dry or temperature-controlled freight, give us a call today!




Refrigerated Sales Territories

Sales Coordinator
Sales Assistant
Sales Area
Sales Coordinator
Sales Assistant
Sales Area
Steve Behnke
 Fax: (417) 521-6867
Heather Chastain
 Fax: (417) 521-5717
LA, Gulf Coast TX, Mexico
Todd Davis
 Fax: (417) 521-3990
CO, IA, KS, MN, Kansas City MO, ND, NE, SD, WY, Manitoba
Brent Foster
 Fax: (417) 521-5710
Tammy Grice-McLees
 Fax: (417) 521-6854
KY, Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, WV
Daniel Howser
 Fax: (417) 521-3990
CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia
Chris Gibson
 Fax: (417) 521-5660
Southern IL, IN, East MO
Paul Novakowski
 Fax: (570) 654-5484
Eastern PA
Kevin Parnell
 Fax: (417) 521-6876
Southwest MO
Jennifer Sanderson
 Fax: (417) 521-5698
Cleveland OH, MI, Western PA
Joni Stewart
 Fax: (417) 521-5629
ID, MT, OR, UT, WA, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan
Ryan Summers
 Fax: (417) 521-6868
West AR, NM, OK, TX
Sarah Weaver
 Fax: (417) 521-5688
DC, DE, MD, NJ, East NY, Northeast WV
Roland Williamson
 Fax: (417) 521-6852
AL, East AR, MS, TN

Refrigerated Personnel

Sales & Marketing
Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Amy Compton

Chris Round


Jim Guthrie
Director of Recruiting

Pat Leonard

Keith McCoy
Director of Marketing

Steve Wutke
Vice President of Sales

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