How Absentee Ballot Voting Works | Voting for Truckers

With Election Day on November 6 swiftly approaching, do you have everything in order to cast your vote? Americans nationwide will be heading to their local polls that day, but as a truck driver, you may already know you’ll be on the road and out of state on Tuesday, November 6. If so, now is to time to learn about absentee ballot voting so you can still exercise your right to vote. 


Voting for truckers can be difficult; absentee ballots allow over-the-road truck drivers to cast a vote even if you can’t physically attend a polling station on Election Day. Rules for absentee ballot voting vary from state to state, but here are the basics.


Register to Vote

First, you must register to vote like everyone else. In most states, you can enter your information online, print it out, sign it, and mail the completed form to the address printed on it. The exact registration deadline to vote in the November election varies by state, but you can follow this link and click on your state for more details.


Verify Registration

You must verify your voter registration before you can begin absentee ballot voting. If there’s a problem, re-register before proceeding.


Verify Eligibility to Vote by Absentee Ballot

Not just anyone can participate in absentee ballot voting. As a truck driver, you qualify because your occupation could take you away from your home state on Election Day.


Apply for an Absentee Ballot

All you need to do is fill out an absentee ballot application for your state and mail it to your County’s Election Office. The deadline for turning in your application to vote in the November election varies by state, but you can follow this link and click on your state for more details.


Complete and Return the Absentee Ballot

A physical ballot will arrive in a return envelope. Fill out the form, seal it, sign where indicated and return it to the County Election Office either in person or by mail. Again, the deadline for turning in your completed absentee ballot varies by state, but this link has the information you need.


Prime Inc. has terminals in Utah, Pennsylvania and Missouri. You can find specific voter information for these states by clicking on the links. In addition, provides useful information for those needing an absentee ballot.


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