Is Team Truck Driving Right for You?

Taking on the open road can seem daunting by yourself. Long hours are spent on the road in solitude, and you may be far from your friends and family for quite some time. After a while, you may start to miss the familiar feeling of another person nearby.

If that’s the case, team driving may be a solution for you. Team driving is accomplished by two truck drivers whoshare the driving responsibilities to deliver loads across the country. With a team driver, you’ll always have someone else in the cab to share your time with.

Want to learn more about the pros and cons of team truck driving? Read on and discover if team trucking is the right career choice for you.

What are the benefits of team truck driving?

Team truck driving comes with some very compelling benefits. To some truck drivers, it may be a wise choice to split the work with another driver.

More money in your pocket

A key draw to team truck driving is the equitable division of all parts of the job. While it may initially seem concerning that your payment is split in half, consider that with another driver you’ll typically be able to run double the amount of hours/loads/miles versus a solo driver. Also, team drivers are often first picked for jobs that must be completed fast since they can get somewhere in half the amount of time.

If you are an independent contractor leasing or owning a truck, there is a potential to split truck expenses in half, which means keeping more of your paycheck too. With solo truck driving, you would be stuck covering expenses on your own, but with team driving that number is cut in half.

Don’t feel lonely

Being alone on the road can be taxing on your physical and emotional health. Being with another person can help you to feel safer and give you the socialization you need.

Some team truck drivers may be spouses or best friends. With the amount of time you spend away from home, this offers you the opportunity to see your loved ones more often. Not only do you get to be together more, you get to work together to accomplish a common goal.

Not sure who you would want to share team truck driving with? Don’t worry about finding someone – team trucking companies are willing to help you find a partner to share the road with.

What are the drawbacks of team truck driving?

Though team truck driving comes with plenty of perks, it may not be a perfect match for everyone. Before choosing to be a team truck driver, there are a few things you should consider.

Less time together

While you may be living together 24/7, the nature of team truck driving may leave you seeing each other less often. You may be able to structure your sleep schedule so you see one another, but it’s possible you’ll be driving on alternating schedules.

You may also experience some problems with sleep schedules while on the road. If you’re alternating shifts, you may be stuck trying to sleep during the day. While this is possible, it will definitely take some getting used to. You’ll also have to learn to adapt to the noises of the highway and being able to sleep while the truck is moving.

Sharing everything

Sharing a small space with someone for an extended period of time can get stressful fast. If you don’t already know the habits of someone, it may be a steep learning curve to get used to their behaviors.

Learning to share this space can mean conflicts can arise. Compromise is key to be successful as a team truck driver. Being able to work well with another person while respecting your shared needs will help you stay on track on the road.


Examine your lifestyle before making a decision about team truck driving. If you’re willing to share space with another person to earn more and experience trucking together, team driving may be the perfect choice for you.

Interested in pursuing team driving? Contact Prime today or complete our online application and our recruiters will be in touch with you shortly to discuss this exciting career opportunity.

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