At Prime, we conduct our business and operations with consideration for their environmental impacts, and seek to lead our industry segment in reducing that impact.

Due to the nature of our operations, we focus strongly on making our transportation network as efficient and environmentally sound as possible. We apply this approach to our facitilities as well, particularly with regard to conservation and recycling programs.

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We continually evaluate both available and emerging technologies and seek opportunities for using them to improve environmental performance. All of our associates are responsible for considering the environmental impact of their actions, participating in conservation efforts and complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

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Social Responsibilty at Prime includes but are not limited to: Weekly corporate safety meetings, Predictive accident analysis training, Post accident training, Fatigue management, health awareness campaigns, performance recognition, safety orientation, on-the-road training, driver development training, driver health and wellness program, workout facilities, trainers and programs.

The largest usage of water at Prime is its truck & trailer wash water (Triple Crown Wash). Water is sourced by surface water, recycled water and potable water.

Idle reduction, improved aerodynamics, improved logistics, driver training, automatic tire inflation systems, single wide base tires, low viscosity lubricants, reduce highway speeds, weight reduction, weight reduction, sensorTRACS, trailer skirts, trailer tails, wheel covers, light weight tractors, light weight trailers.

Custom tire tread pattern to improve roll resistance.

Retread & Remolding operations on Prime’s trailer tires.

Shredding used tires to produce TDF, TDA, mulch, pellets & powder for repurposed public materials.

EPA’s SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving feight transportation efficiency. Prime has been given their highest score and excellence award winner since 2012.

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