A Prime Thanksgiving

On Thursday, millions across America will be sitting down at a table with family and friends to enjoy Thanksgiving together. They will have come from miles away to break bread with those who important to them. They will share the people and things they are thankful for while slicing a juicy turkey and serving up freshly made dressing. And they’ll top it off with fresh pecan pie before falling asleep watching the football games.

Meanwhile, back at Prime it is business as usual. Someone has to dispatch the freight. Someone has to deliver the turkeys and the pecans for the pie. While people everywhere are expressing thanks for the people and things in their lives, I will be giving thanks for the people at Prime, the ones who make Thanksgiving Day possible.

I’m thankful for my fleet manager and the dispatchers who cover his board when he is not there. I’m grateful for my log lady who watches out for my DOT clock so I’ll always be legal. I’m grateful for the technicians in our shop who take extra care to make sure this female driver is safe on the road when they are not around.

I’m thankful for the ones who prepare my meals when I come to the terminal and for the ones who clean the showers. You make us feel like we’ve just come home. I’m grateful for all the drivers who sacrifice home time to move the freight. Instead of sitting down with family Thursday, you’ll be sitting at a counter in some truck stop eating canned turkey and frozen dressing…if you’re lucky.

I’m thankful for our Road Assist team who support us when we are in trouble, and for the live load associates who are the second pair of eyes protecting our perishable load. I’m grateful for the sales associates who get me the load and the load planners who make sure I get home on time.

I’m grateful for the trainers who raise up the next generation of drivers to be the best Prime has to offer. I’m thankful for our Safety associates who watch for trends in my driving and see red flags before I do. And for the folks in citations who are there to help me work through that negative experience should I need them to.

I’m grateful for Security who protects all that we have at Prime and for the folks at Oasis and Campus Inn who make us feel like we are home when we are away from home. And I am grateful for the leaders who use their wisdom to keep Prime reaching ever higher.

I am grateful for EVERY SINGLE PERSON at Prime, who by doing what you do, not only makes my life and job easier, but you keep America going. Each of you fill in the gap and make up the hedge. As I pause on Thursday to offer thanks for my many blessings, I will offer up thanks for each and every one of you. We could not do this without you.

From my truck to your family, may you enjoy all the riches this life has to give on Thanksgiving Day… and always. May you have a very Prime Thanksgiving.

Interested in starting your career as a truck driver for Prime? We’re one of the largest trucking companies in North America and are proud to say that we train and employ the best drivers in the industry. Apply now online or call our Recruiting Team at 888-664-9121.

Written by Reba Hoffman (Prime Driver since 2014)


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