Prime Driver Success Story – David Quenah

I’m a guy with very humble beginnings. I came from a civil war-ridden country to the US in 2004. Education was always my main priority, as quality of education was not something I had access to growing up in Liberia, West Africa. When I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Business Management in 2017, I had $120k in student loans and no job to show for it. My 3- and 2-year-old daughters were also looking up to me for sustenance. I couldn’t afford daycare and the little that my fiancée made wasn’t enough; it could barely pay the rent. 

In November of 2017, I was hired by UPS as a seasonal package delivery guy till December 15. During this time, I was delivering Christmas presents to families, while I couldn’t afford that for mine. It was difficult. When I told the UPS driver my story, he told me to look into trucking, that’s when the name PRIME INC popped up. PRIME has enabled me to support my family and plan the wedding that’s long overdue for my fiancée. And it has helped me to keep building on my non-profit- FC LASEP ACADEMY.

If I could give one piece of advice to a new driver, what would it be? The key word is patience! Patience! It takes time, but you will get there, as long as you are patient, dedicated and focused. There will be a lot of positive and negative stories around about trucking and compensation. Personally, I will say it is good to listen to them, but don’t let those stories change the goals you had in mind when you came to Prime Inc – that is financial freedom. You might not know now, but you will when can pay your bills on time and take your loved one to dinner without worrying about shortage of rent the day after.

-David Quenah (Prime Driver since Dec ’17)

Interested in starting your career as a truck driver for Prime? We’re one of the largest trucking companies in North America and are proud to say that we train and employ the best drivers in the industry. Apply now online or call our Recruiting Team at 888-664-9121.

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