Drive On, Workout

When you’re constantly on the road, working out can be a challenge. Lucky for you, a couple of nationwide gyms are making it much easier for drivers to squeeze in a gym session, no matter where you are. Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness Coordinator, Matt Hancock, connected us with two seasoned gym goers to learn the driver-friendly details at two of the country’s most popular gyms.

Prime Inc. Planet Fitness Running

Planet Fitness

Driver: Moe Mendez

Driver-Friendly Details: With more than 2,000 locations across all 50 states, Planet Fitness is easily among the most accessible gyms in the country. Memberships start as low as $10 a month and come with a variety of perks. “There are clean showers and massage chairs, and they almost always have big parking lots,” says Prime driver Moe Mendez. “This makes it easier to pull my truck into.” Mendez says it just takes a bit of proper planning to ensure a regular gym performance. “I make sure to plan out my route, so I can get into a gym four to five times a week,” he says. “The 24/7 access is a great perk with my crazy schedule.” And he’s quick to say it’s well worth the effort. “Health is wealth,” Mendez says. “I’ve lost 35 pounds since starting this new workout lifestyle as a driver. It is possible.”

Anytime Fitness

Driver: Justin Surface

Driver-Friendly Details: It isn’t too tough to find an Anytime Fitness when you’re driving across the country—the gym prides itself in operating more than 3,000 gyms in 50 states and nearly 30 countries. Prime driver Justin Surface prefers working out at the gym for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it’s the weight selection. “Anytime Fitness locations often have a larger free-weight selection than most gyms,” he says. Also, some of the Anytime gym locations are in Walmart parking lots, which makes it handy for parking large trucks. “If I ever can’t park close, I’ll take a Lyft or Uber to the gym,” Surface says. “I’ve even taken a city bus.” Surface also likes the private showers at Anytime Fitness locations, and he likes the 24-hour, key fob accessibility. “They’re not usually crowded, even during peak times,” he says.


Packing for Performance

Matt Hancock, Prime, Inc.’s Driver Health and Fitness Coordinator, shares three must-have items for all drivers heading to the gym.


Water bottle

Purchase a water bottle that you can refill and reuse. “Being dehydrated by even 1% can lead to a 10% decrease in performance,” Hancock says. “Aiming to drink half your weight in ounces is a great goal.”


Headphones & entertainment

Try listening to fast-paced music during lifting sessions or audio books for longer cardio sessions. “This helps take your mind off the monotony of what you’re doing, and you might even learn something in the process,” he says.


Workout plan

“Having a plan gives you something to aim for, and you’ll have a better sense of accomplishment when you get it done,” Hancock says. “This will boost your self-esteem to keep you coming back for more.”

Need a plan? Find pre-designed workouts on Prime’s website.


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