Highway Diamond Spotlight: Lakesha Tooks

  Q: Did you come through our training program here at Prime Inc and how was your experience? A: I came through as a PSD five years ago. I had a great training experience. I took the information that I received from my trainer and made it my own. Q: What made you decide to … Read more

Highway Diamond Spotlight: Crystal Scott

Q: What did you do before coming into the trucking industry? A: A little bit of everything. I drove a bus for special needs kids. I delivered pvc pipes for Seven Eleven. I did in home healthcare, and I worked at Toys R Us.   Q: Were you intimidated coming into a male dominant industry? … Read more

Highway Diamond Spotlight: Ayla Davis

  Q: What were you doing before you came to Prime Inc.? A: I was a Yard Jockey at a Dollar General warehouse in Montgomery, Alabama.   Q: How did you hear about Prime? A: A highway Diamond named Jessica Taylor used to deliver to the Dollar General Warehouse.   Q: Since coming through the … Read more

Highway Diamond Spotlight: Letrenda McCallister

Q: Who’s your fleet manager? A: Rolland Kendall aka: Rollie   Q:What did you do before trucking? A: Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) in management and coordinator in a Manufacturing warehouse   Q: Did you get your cdl through Prime? if not, how long have you been driving? A: I did not obtain my cdl through … Read more

Highway Diamond Spotlight: Julie Barnett

  Q: Who is your fleet manager? Are you lease or company? A: Bron Beck is my fleet manager and I’m a lease operator. When I started, we didn’t have company drivers. I’ve leased since the very beginning. It was a company of all lease drivers. You couldn’t work here if you didn’t sign a … Read more

Highway Diamond Spotlight: Joanne Burns

    Q: What does Highway Diamonds mean to you? A: Highway Diamonds means to me that I belong to a strong, powerful and blessed group of women.   Q: Did you come through the training program? If so, how was the experience? A: I did get my training through the PSD training program here. … Read more

Highway Diamond Spotlight: Renae Mohr

Before coming to Prime Inc, I was a pay day loan manager and I traveled to other stores in the upper peninsula of Michigan. While riding in the truck with my husband, we passed by a Prime truck and I thought, “that’s a nice looking truck.” I came through the training program in January of … Read more

Highway Diamond Spotlight: Tammy Pickett

Q- How long have you been working for Prime Inc? A- December 2022 will be 8 years Q-Did you come through our cdl training program? A-I did. Originally, I went through a community college. But because I hadn’t driven in a while, I had to go through additional training. The training that I got at … Read more

Highway Diamonds Guest Blog: Olga Mustach

My name is Olga Mustach, I was born and raised in Kazakhstan in a small town nestled on the shores of the Caspian Sea.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union, I immigrated to the United States – Seattle area to be exact. Washington state became my new home ever since. I got married and … Read more

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