Leasing 101

The four things you should know about leasing:

  1. Prime’s leasing program continues to grow each year.  In fact, 80% of Prime trucks are now driven by lease operators.
  2. Unlike company drivers who are paid by the mile, lease operators at Prime are paid a percentage of the load revenue.  So as revenue increases, lease operators are paid more.
  3. Lease operators are given an end-of-lease bonus after a three-year lease, and the average bonus is $17,000.  Many drivers use this bonus to go on a big family vacation, buy a new home or pay off debt.
  4. To help lease operators make as much money as possible on the road, Prime offers several courses.  There’s the Slingshot class for new lease drivers and the Ace 2 class that’s aimed at helping established drivers evaluate their recent deliveries and pinpoint areas of opportunity where they could spend less while on the road.  Each course is offered several times each month (and sometimes each week) at the Springfield, Pittston, and Salt Lake City terminals.  Contact your fleet manager to learn more.

Read more in the Prime magazine, Prime Ways – Family Road Trip

Interested in driving for Prime? Apply online at www.primeinc.com/?r=blog or give our recruiters a call at 888-664-9121.

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