Diamond Spotlight – Rachel Carvallo

In January of 2022, Rachel Carvallo decided to make the leap from being an automotive technician to becoming a driver.  After doing a lot of research and speaking with her brother, who is also a driver, Rachel decided it was finally time to change careers and be well-compensated for the work she puts in.  Based … Read more

Lock Trade Up Program

All Prime drivers are required to lock their trailers with large Abloy locks at all times.  If you do not have a large Abloy lock, go to the Springfield terminal outbound lanes to trade in your current lock and receive an Abloy lock for $13.10.  You can also purchase a lock at the Prime Store … Read more

Driver Advisory Board July 2022

Last week, we had a very productive Driver Advisory Board meeting!  We heard from many departments including leasing, IT, sales, security, driver development, and more!  We’re not perfect, but we always want to be better for you.  We addressed issues such as truck order delays, new sections in the Prime Mobile App, Omnitracks, new shower … Read more

Driver Referral Program

Have you heard about Prime’s driver referral program?  Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your paycheck and grow the Prime family! Interested in driving for Prime? Apply online at www.primeinc.com/?r=blog or give our recruiters a call at 888-664-9121.

Perks of the Job

Given the demands of everyday life keeping us busy, dealing with an emergency or planning for the future can feel overwhelming, and it can often be hard to know where to begin.  However, for Prime members, there is a program that can make dealing with these types of situations easier to manage.  The Prime Employee … Read more

Multi-Million Safe Driving Miles

In the month of June we had several drivers achieve multi-million safe driving miles! Here are our drivers: Aubrey Prince, who has driven 3 million safe miles in 22 years at Prime. Archie McCourt has driven 4 million safe miles in his 28 years at Prime. Husband-and-wife team, Steve and Rita Marsh, have driven 3 … Read more

Operation Safe Driver Week

Operation Safe Driver Week is a safe-driving awareness and outreach initiative aimed at improving the driving behaviors of passenger vehicle drivers and commercial motor vehicle drivers through educational and traffic enforcement strategies and interactions with law enforcement. The next Operation Safe Driver Week is scheduled for July 10-16, 2022. Throughout Operation Safe Driver Week week, … Read more

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to our Prime Family! We thank those who have served and continue to serve for our freedom and independence. Have fun and stay safe! Share your 4th of July festivities with Prime’s Instagram or Facebook! Interested in driving for Prime? Apply online at www.primeinc.com/?r=blog or give our recruiters a call at 888-664-9121.

The Key to Eating Well on the Road

It will come to no surprise that keeping up with your health and fitness can be a bit tricky when most of your time is spent driving.  That’s where Prime’s Fit in 15 program comes in.  Through the program, drivers and Prime associates can work with personal trainers and dieticians like Rachel Dreher to come … Read more

William McVay

William McVay wanted to be a truck driver since he was a little kid.  He remembers riding in the car as a kid, pulling up alongside a tractor trailer and pumping his arm.  “I still can picture the guy’s face,” William says.  “He kind of grinned at me and gave me a toot, and it … Read more

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