Making a Truck More Like Home

Drivers often make their trucks as much like home as they can, since they often spend many hours on the road.  Now, a new piece of technology, the Tundra Inverter, is helping to provide a little more power for inside accessories.

Kevin Bergman, director of fleet maintenance at Prime, says the inverter can power all sorts of items inside the truck, such as a coffee maker, a refrigerator or even a PlayStation.  He says any time, but especially in times of inclement weather, the Tundra Inverter can help drivers feel more comfortable by powering ways to cook, clean, entertain and make life more convenient for Prime drivers.  He adds that it even has enough power to help with mechanical needs such as CPAP machines, which is used to help individuals with sleep apnea.

Bergman says Tundra Inverters are now installed in all new truck preps, so drivers should be able to have this new piece of technology installed on their rigs.  So far, Bergman says Prime has had a great success with the inverter and drivers seem to like it.  “No news is good news,” he says.  “We don’t have near the failure rate that we had with our old supplier.  We are currently at a 1% failure rate, and that is a vast improvement.”

Although this is a technology that make life more convenient on the road, drivers still need to be mindful of safety protocol with these inverters.  “Keep objects or clothes away from the inverter to ensure proper airflow,” Bergman says.  “Another thing to consider is to not run more than one high-wattage item at the same time.”  Bergman says an example of high-wattage items might be a hot plate, microwave, or a space heater.  He adds that it’s also a good idea to keep liquids clear of the inverters to prevent potentially hazardous spills.  But so long as you keep safety in mind, the new inverter is a great way to turn your truck cab into a home away from home.

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