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Over-the-Road Truck Driving Jobs

Over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers, also known as long-haul truckers, often spend three to four weeks on the road, hauling freight. For OTR drivers, trucking is a lifestyle. You can make a good living while traveling cross-country. At Prime, we consistently have over-the-road truck driving jobs for both experienced and inexperienced drivers.

Over-the-Road Trucking Jobs

Travel the Country & Enjoy the Drive

Are you interested in becoming an over-the-road truck driver? We’re hiring. Even if you have yet to get your Class A CDL, we have open positions available to you. We’re proud to say that, with our competitive pay rates and financial incentives, Prime is one of the best trucking companies to work for in the United States.

Company drivers at Prime have access to industry-leading pay rates, various benefits like a 401(k) with company match, and incentives like fuel-mileage bonuses. Not to mention, our company drivers drive the best semi-trucks available today.

  • OTR Flatbed
  • OTR Refrigerated
  • OTR Tanker

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Drive More, Earn More

How Much Do OTR Truck Drivers Make?

Over-the-road truck drivers can expect industry-leading pay rates at Prime, regardless of whether you’re a company driver, independent contractor or team driver. Find out below just how much OTR drivers can make at Prime:

Refrigerated Company Driver

Full-size truck: 46 cents per mile
Lightweight truck: 51 cents per mile

Prime Inc. Flatbed trailer with sunset in background

Flatbed Company Driver

48 cents per mile

Tanker Company Driver

53 cents per mile

A Prime refrigerated division truck drives through the snow.

Refrigerated Owner-Operators

72% of total revenue

Flatbed Owner-Operators

72% of total revenue

Tanker Owner-Operators

71% of total revenue

Refrigerated Team

56 cents per mile split + team bonus

Prime Inc. Flatbed trailer with sunset in background

Flatbed Team

54 cents per mile split + team bonus

Tanker Team

57 cents per mile split + team bonus

Company teams earn additional bonuses for logging so many miles each week. Prime offers a 26 cpm split bonus for miles between 3,000-3,999 per week and a 31 cpm split bonus for miles over 4,000 per week.

Adventures on the Job

Why Drive OTR?

The over-the-road lifestyle isn’t for everyone. For those who love adventure and a sense of purpose, OTR may be your calling. Ask your recruiter about what it’s like to be an OTR truck driver.

Travel the Country

As an OTR driver, you get to travel for your job. See beautiful mountain ridges, grassy plains, coastal cities and everything in between. You won't be stuck on one route.

Job Security

OTR truckers have built-in job security. We will always need freight to move across the country. You are in high demand!

Driver Referral Bonus

Help Prime recruit new drivers. You earn $100 when a referred driver delivers their first load.

OTR CDL Training

Train. Get Your CDL. Start Driving.

Prime offers truck driver training to those who have yet to obtain their CDL. Our Driver Training Program can also help experienced drivers sharpen their skills and advance their careers. Whatever your skill level, our industry-leading training program will take your career in trucking to the next level.

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