Prime Inc. Driver Meeting – May 20th

In this week’s Driver Meeting, we heard from Safety, Driver Recruiting and more! Didn’t make it to the meeting? No worries! Check out the YouTube version or the fast facts below to catch up on all things Prime. We host the weekly Driver Meeting every Friday morning at 8 a.m. CST in Springfield, MO; Salt Lake City, UT; and Pittston, PA. Join us in-person or live on Facebook & YouTube.

Steve Field & Dave White – Safety

  • Safety focused while driving
  • This week: 138 total inspections – 91 clean (66% clean rate)
    • Slow down when entering a construction zone
    • Increase attention to the road
    • Increase following distance
    • Don’t block traffic

Brianne Madura – Information Technology

  • Prime mobile app
    • “My contacts” shows where your fleet manager and others on your team are located
    • “My referrals” allows you to track earnings based on referrals
    • Keep your app up to date
      • We’re currently on version 3.16 (Apple) or 3.16.1 (Android)
    • 96% of trips were scanned into the Prime mobile app last week

Jenny Tran – Driver Recruiting

  • When you recruit someone, you make:
    • $100 when they haul their first load
    • $500 when they stay 30 days
    • $500 when they stay 6 months
    • ¼ cent per mile they drive as long as you’re both with Prime
    • $1000 when 3 of your referred drivers stay 6 months
  • Our top referrer earned $160,000 on referrals alone last year

Teri Wingo – Abacus CPAs

  • If you’ve filed an extension you need to file your tax return as soon as possible
  • Lease Operators should get an LLC for protection

Stan Kasterke – Training Program Manager

  • Take advantage of Primes resources and amenities

Jim Guthrie – Director of Operations

  • Everything we do is in support of our drivers
  • The spot market is crashing
    • This is typically good news for Prime due to our contracts with customers
  • Demand has not decreased for Prime
  • Between Memorial Day and the 4th of July is one of our biggest demand periods
  • Take advantage of the Fuel Surcharge program
    • Average net fuel costs to drivers were 15 cents per mile last week
    • Average net fuel costs to drivers are 13.5 cents per mile this week
  • Ensure load documentation you receive matches what is in the computer

Robert Low – Owner and Founder of Prime Inc.

  • Every time you get better than 7 miles per gallon and gas is high, you’re making money on your gas


Interested in driving for Prime? Apply online at or give our recruiters a call at 866-290-1568 for more information.

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