Prime Inc Recognizes Drivers at the 2017 Night of the Millionaires

Prime Inc Recognizes Drivers at the 2017 Night of the Millionaires

Prime Inc. hosted its third annual ‘Night of the Millionaires’ event on March 6, 2017 to recognize drivers who achieved at least one million safe miles driving for the company. The event, held at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield, MO, honored nearly 500 Prime drivers who have driven at least one million miles without a preventable accident. The company honored new inductees who earned their one million miles of safe driving in 2016 by recognizing them on stage and providing them with a commemorative plaque to take home. The company also displays a second plaque to celebrate these drivers in the hallways of the Springfield, MO and Pittston, PA terminals. 

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“We are very pleased to be able to honor our safest drivers each year with the Night of the Millionaires banquet,” said Steve Field, Director of Safety at Prime, Inc. “Safety is so important to all of us in our industry, and this special evening allows us to honor some very exceptional driver associates with recognition. Reaching the one million or more safe miles achievement is something very outstanding in our industry, and it uniquely identifies those drivers who are the best. We are very fortunate that each year we have been able to recognize more drivers than the previous year.”

Prime would like to congratulate the following drivers for their safe million mile status: 

Three Million Mile Drivers (21 Years of Safe Driving):

Willard Boyd
Eugen Ghiurca
Henry Manning
Woodrow Richardson
Gary Turner
Roger Tweedy
Leslie Walter

Two Million Mile Drivers (14 Years of Safe Driving):

Kenneth Adams
Jamie Garcia Jr
Albert Lambert
Gabriel Arreola
Don Garrow
Steve Marsh
David Ausemus
Gino Gerald
Jerrold Root
Michael Baptist
Donald Goetz
Joseph Root
Julie Barnett
Samuel Gonzales
Theodore Shaw
Jack Battle
Andre Green
Randy Soria
Franklin Davis
Kenyon Green
Jerey Villafuerte
Daniel Dodds
Walter Gregory
Thomas Washington
Jamie Garcia
Junior Jenkins

One Million Mile Drivers (7 Years of Safe Driving):

Gary Adams
Arthur Goldston
Larnce Moore
Taj Adams
Antonio Gonzalez
Lynda Moore
Jose Andrade
Nelson Goodley
Mary Murray
Charles Baker
Kenyon Green
Michael Neal
Jack Battle
Bruce Greeninger
Sheila Nevels
Richard Benham II
Timothy Grimes
Cary Nickolson
Warren Beyer
Jerry Haecker
Jose Orellana
Joel Bishop
Narward Hartman III
Kevin Owens
Walter Bloom
Andrew Healy
Thomas Parker
Gideon Boots
Steven Henderson
Steven Parrish
Pernell Brodie
Roberto Herrera
Patricia Potts
Roderick Brown
Lee Howard SR
Troy Potts
Paulette Brownley
Jerey Hubbart
Douglas Pounds
Fenton Buchanan
Michael Hutchinson
Barbara Price
Jerry Byrd
Shannon Hydar
Gary Rhone
Shirley Carey
Johnny Jackson
Harry Riley II
Teodore Castellano
Charles Jameson
David Robinson
Shawn Castillo
Angela Johnson
Jerry Rogers
Mark Clements
Calvin Johnson
Tona Rollins
Craig Coates
Keron Johnson
David Santoyo
Jose Coelho
Yvonne Johnson
Clayton Saxer Jr
Daniel Collins
Thomas Jones
Christine Shaw
Jason Conway
Jason Kendall
Kimberly Shaw
Michael Cope
Susan Kleinhampl
Theodore Shaw
Michael Cramer
Dion Kitchen
Thor Sheneman
Lee Crumbly
Richele Lake
Bruce Sherman
Franklin Davis
Cornelius Lampkins
Charles Smith Jr
Patrick Davis
Bobby Lane
Randy Soria
Thomas Dawson
Hiram Lastinger Jr
Randy Starkes
Matthew Dean
Jerry Lawrence
Charles Starnauld
Roosevelt Deener
Richard Layton
Roland Strobel
David Dickson
Keith Luce
James Stroud
Gwendolyn Dison
Hernandez Luckett
John Sumy
William Eastrich
Robert Lyon Jr
DeVonte Taylor
Adam Engelhardt
Jesse Mack
Richard Tillinghast
Chris Farrar
Korey Martin
Miroslaw Tlalka
Horatiu Firica
Ramon Martinez
Octavian Tudor
Larry Flanagan
Bruce McClendon
Jeery Villafuerte
Anthony Flood
David McKenzie
William Walton
Nicholas Frisbie
Troy McKinney
John Wankel
James Gantt II
George McLean
Thomas Washington
John Garcia
Randy Medlin
Dennis Wesselman
Scott Garl
Theresa Medlin
Karl Wiggins
Gino Gerald
Sherron Mitchell
Jeery Wilson
Jerey Gibson
Donald Monroe
George Wolf
Wesley Gilliland
Joey Moore
Randy Womack
Charles Yordy

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