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As part of Prime’s ongoing efforts to minimize operating costs for our independent contractors, Prime is excited to announce the automated Fuel and Route recommendation program.

Effective as of May 21, 2020, all Prime independent contractors now automatically receive a Fuel and Route recommendation at the time of dispatch. Because independent contractors previously had to manually submit a Macro 27 in order to receive a Fuel and Route recommendation, many operators would forget to submit a Macro 27 until they were nearly out of fuel. Requesting a Fuel and Route recommendation when a unit is low on fuel greatly limits the potential cost savings the optimizer can provide.

With the new, automated Fuel and Route program, independent contractors receive a recommendation at the time of dispatch, which allows the optimizer to provide a high-quality recommendation.

Fuel and Route recommendations include fuel stops and routing that should be utilized during a dispatch to minimize operating costs. The Fuel and Route optimizer considers more than 100 variables when providing a recommendation for a dispatch. Some of the variables considered when generating a recommendation include: fuel costs, toll costs, out of route costs, state fuel tax costs, asset utilization costs and the value of your time.

As you can see, the Fuel and Route optimizer is analyzing many more costs factors than an individual would be capable of analyzing on each dispatch. If followed, the Fuel and Route optimizer can significantly decrease the operating costs for an operator.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Fuel and Route optimizer, please contact the fuel desk at 800-641-4068. Your feedback is very valuable to Prime as we continue to try and maximize the value of the optimizer to operators.

See the article in the Prime Ways issue here on page 17!

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