Prime Inc. Partners with Mastery & Implements New TMS Cloud-Based Solution

As logistics complexity soars and driver engagement continues to be paramount in the transportation industry, Prime has searched for a more efficient and dynamic transportation management software (TMS) platform. Its current TMS has been continually developed, tweaked, and perfected by its IT team throughout the years supporting exceptional company growth. Over time, growth had also created some limitations within the current TMS software offerings, therefore time has come to embrace the next level of technology provided through Mastery Logistics Systems and its MasterMind® TMS. Built by logistics experts, MasterMind® TMS provides unprecedented visibility and control that is built for size, stability, efficiency, and automation within and across functional areas of Prime’s business.  With a tiered implementation approach, Prime will introduce the cloud-based SaaS solution system Q1 of 2022.

“We’ve been experimenting for the last several years with a cloud solution for our Brokerage offering and Intermodal offering and have seen improvement in overall efficiency in those areas while still supporting and enhancing our highly modified ICC system for our Asset and Power Only offerings.  MasterMind® will give us the opportunity to move all of our business lines to the cloud and leverage the latest in technology,” says Rodney Rader, Director of Technology at Prime Inc.  “We’ll start with the Brokerage offering, emulating the current Brokerage offering while taking advantage of advanced features in the MasterMind® platform.  This will be followed by the Intermodal offering, again taking advantage of advanced features in the MasterMind® platform.  As we move these lines to the MasterMind® platform, we’ll learn more about the system capabilities as Mastery will learn more about custom features in our Asset and Power Only offerings.  This knowledge will be used to make the final move of our Asset and Power Only offerings to the MasterMind® platform.  We’re very excited to take these steps with Mastery to see how far this takes us in the future.”

Prime Inc. is the nation’s largest refrigerated service provider, and also provides flatbed, tanker, intermodal and logistics services.  The complex nature of refrigerated transportation, shifting seasonal freight network, multi-faceted transportation services and focus on professional truck driver work/life balance has created an obligation for Prime to implement a more robust TMS solution.  MasterMind® gives Prime the ability to see all their transportation operations in one place that functions across work streams and connects suppliers, vendors and customers through automation, control, and visibility.  These seamless features are key to Prime’s sustainable growth plans.

Prime has always been a high-touch trucking company with exceptional service. Its driver programs, driver pay, equipment, building amenities, and numerous carrier of the year awards have proven Prime’s commitment to excellence throughout 50+ years.  The CRM platform within MasterMind® is a function that has been missing for Prime and the company is excited to utilize this offering to create an even stronger relationship with drivers, customers, and vendors.  “We are excited about the partnership with Mastery and the additional capabilities that it will provide,” says Robert Low, CEO & Founder of Prime Inc. “We have long been admirers of Jeff Silver and his knowledge and grasp of the complexities of the logistics industry and its unique demands.  He has been a leader in the Brokerage business for several decades while always having an in-depth understanding of the asset-based truckers’ viewpoint.  We were excited to hear of Jeff’s founding and building out of a comprehensive software offering.  We are eager to join forces with his software experts to facilitate our company’s growth and advancement as a premier logistics service provider.”

Mastery is thrilled to be selected to provide Prime Inc. with the MasterMind® TMS technology offerings to support their continued growth. “Prime Inc. is one the nation’s key logistics providers. Our aligned core values of providing extensive employee services and philanthropic efforts in the community, including both giving to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in past history, extends the value of the partnership beyond technology and exceptional service. We could not be more proud to partner with Prime, Inc.” Jeff Silver, Founder and CEO, Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc.

About Mastery

Chicago-based Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc. launched in 2019. Mastery was founded by Jeff Silver, whose technology systems and teams have powered some of the largest logistics companies in North America for over four decades. MasterMind® TMS is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS transportation management system built from the ground up by a team of 300 engineers, designers, and programmers, to help large shippers, carriers and logistics service providers manage complex transportation needs in an efficient, cohesive, and intelligent way. To learn more about Mastery, visit

About Prime, Inc.

Prime, Inc. is North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, logistics and intermodal transportation company. At Prime, we have built a strong and enviable reputation for providing superior transportation services throughout North America. Our commitment to providing unsurpassed world-class customer service continues as we seek new methods, technical advances and systems which enable us to meet the ever-increasing demands of the shipping industry.

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