Proofs of Delivery Available on Prime's Website

Proofs of Delivery Available on Prime's Website

You can now quickly and conveniently get copies of original Bills of Lading right from Prime's web site, if you are already set up for Load Tracing. Bills of Lading can be viewed and printed right from your PC.

  • No more phone tag to request a copy of the proof of delivery.
  • No more waiting for it to be faxed from Prime.
  • No more calling Prime to get the name of the person who signed the Bill of Lading.
Just click on the "Proof of Delivery" option at the bottom of the Load Tracing screen at Then click on the load that a Bill of Lading is needed for, and an image of the BOL will be display.

Using viewing software you will be able to display, rotate, print and even zoom in on any portion of the document, such as the signature.

For two years, customers have had the convenience of tracing their loads in real time on Prime's web site. They no longer need to call Prime to find the information they need. They can choose to see data on:

  • Loads by origin or date
  • Current orders
  • Delivered orders
  • Individual orders by Prime's or the customer's reference number
For each load, customers can see:
  • Current position
  • Track movement of load
  • Stopoff information
  • Next via point and its distance from the truck
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Temperature settings
Special colors and reverse images enable customers to quickly identify:
  • Orders with a scheduled delivery today
  • Loads driven by teams
  • Potential late loads
Customers can easily send messages directly to their Prime sales coordinators, who are notified immediately when they have a message, so they can respond quickly to questions, requests or changes to a load.

If you would like to trace your loads on Prime's web site, please contact your sales coordinator or telemarketer.

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