Shear Delight

Marione Estacio has been a licensed cosmetologist for 15 years and worked for a chain of resorts before coming to the Tru Salon & Spa at the Pittston terminal in June of 2021.  She started as the receptionist for about two months and filled in for another stylist before moving into the full-time stylist position.  “The clientele at resorts is very similar to the trucking industry,” she says.  “A majority of my customers are transient.  I often see drivers who stop over and need a trim while they are away from their home stylist.”  The great thing about working in a hub, though, is that Estacio has now built a loyal returning client base.  “I am known for my versatility and willingness to work with all hair textures,” she says.  “Curly and textured hair cam ne tricky to work with, but I love the challenge and now have several regulars who trust me with their curls. In the two-employee, two-chair salon and spa, Estacio is the only stylist.  No two days are the same, but she likes the variety.  “I’m really a jack-of-all-trades,” she says.  Here’s a look at an average day in the salon.



Estacio and the receptionist arrive and start setting up the stations and laying out styling tools.  Estacio grabs a clean smock for herself and checks the appointment book.  Appointments can vary from haircuts, hair color and conditioning treatments to manicures, pedicures, brow/lip waxes and facials.  “On an average day, I may see up to nine clients depending on what they get done.  Waxing can go quickly, so I can fit it in between cuts, colors and manis/pedis,” she says.



Some weeks are slower than others, but Estacio often gets a rush of walk-in traffic when there are safety classes and training classes happening at the hub.  The Pittston Salon might have up to 30 walk-ins in a week.  “I enjoy meeting all the different people that come in off the road or from some other locations,” Estacio says.  “The drivers like to come in and get pampered.”



In between appointments, both salon associates work on cleaning up.  “I have to sanitize all the tools I use, wipe down chairs, bleach out the tubs for pedicures and switch out fresh linens,” Estacio says.  They also check supplies and place any needed orders.


End of Day:

Pittston’s Tru Salon & Spa can stay open as late as 19:00 some days to accommodate later walk-ins.  When the salon closes, it’s time to tidy up and prepare for the next day.  “We scrub and sanitize all of the areas, run loads of laundry and put away the tools so everything is ready for the next morning,” Estacio says.  “It’s a lot of cleaning!”


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