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Well, it happened again—Prime made it into the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For in 2022.

The award is given out by the Truckload Carriers Association and CarriersEdge each year, and this is the seventh year in a row that Prime has been in the top 20.  While that alone is reason to celebrate, this year’s award ceremony was extra-special.  That’s because CarriersEdge introduced a new award in 2022—induction into the Best Fleets to Drive For Hall of Fame.

Eight companies were included in the Hall of Fame at this year’s ceremony, which took place in Las Vegas, Prime was on the list.  Out of 2022’s inaugural list, Prime was the largest trucking company by far.  “The next largest fleet is Bison,” says Jim Guthrie, director of operations at Prime.  “And Bison is about half our size.”

That’s a big deal—mostly because the Best Fleets to Drive For awards are based on driver feedback.  The happier your drivers, the more likely you are to b e on that list of top 20 fleets.  The awards have been going on for 14 years, and the Best Fleets to Drive For is an annual survey and contest that recognizes trucking companies that provide the best workplace experience for their drivers.

Surveys are sent to drivers who then rank their fleet based on a range of criteria including: programs for drivers, driver satisfaction and results in safety and retention just to name a few.

This year’s introductory Hall of Fame recognizes carriers that have been names a Best Fleet for 10 consecutive years, or seven consecutive years plus they’ve won an overall award.  Prime made the cut for the Hall of Fame thanks to seven years on the Best Fleets to Drive For plus its 2019 win as Best Overall Large Fleet.

“To win these awards, your drivers evaluate every aspect of your company,” Guthrie says.  “We know it’s important to have a culture that respects our drivers, which is why we make investments in our drivers each and every day.”

Amenities including in-house doctors, spas, fitness trainers and childcare are all part of Prime’s commitment to its drivers.  “Even programs like Highway Diamonds and Prime Good Dads are ways we show our drivers support,” Guthrie says.  “Those programs plus events like our holiday parties, company picnics and smaller team events are all designed to build a community and culture with our drivers.  Everyone at Prime from our owner Robert on down to our fleet managers and shop crews demand that we show respect and appreciation to our drivers on daily basis.”

Another way Prime shows respect to its team of drivers is by making sure drivers aren’t siloed and separated from the rest of Prime’s in-house team.  “A lot of other places have separate facilities for drivers and in-house teams,” says Mitch Coiner, director of marketing at Prime.  “But our facilities are built so drivers can come into our buildings anytime and talk with literally anyone.  That starts with Robert being here everyday and walking around and talking to folks, and it goes down to our spa, our salon, our mailroom, our theater, our showers, bunkrooms, cafes and our driver health and fitness centers.  All of those facilities are used by both drivers and in-house team members.”

Obviously, being inducted into the Hall of Fame was a sign the Prime’s commitment and investment in its drivers is paying off, and even after seven years as a Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For, the win felt big for Prime.  “For a carrier of our size to get this kind of positive feedback from our drivers, and to get positive reviews each year, it’s really an extraordinary achievement,” Guthrie says.  “It also shows that we’re committed to being at the top of our industry.  We want to be the best fleet in the nation, and we’re going to keep improving so we can be at the top of the pack in every category.”


Read more in the Prime magazine, Prime Ways!

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