6 Fuel-Saving Tips: Go Green and Save

As North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, and tanker trucking company, Prime, Inc. simply offers more for our drivers. By offering outstanding opportunities, great pay, and the nation’s strongest freight network, we make sure every second counts toward an excellent career home. Our drivers mean everything to us, and so does making positive contributions to the trucking industry and our environment as a whole.

One aspect of truck driving that we believe is important to recognize are ways to reduce fuel. When we’re clued in on fuel-savings tips, it improves the environment through reduced emissions for a cleaner, greener place for all. As a driver, you can make a difference.


Prime wants to provide helpful information and educate those who love truck driving just as much as we do, so if you want to think green, act green, and be more conscious on fuel consumption, check out these 6 tips to minimize fuel use:

1.  Keep your tires inflated correctly – Make sure the tires on your truck are kept at the correct pressure. Not only does this notably help improve fuel economy, it also improves the life of your tires and reduces the chance of an accident. Check your tires precisely and regularly.

2.  Avoid excessive idling – An idling truck consumes about a gallon of fuel every hour. That can quickly add up. Pause and consider if you really do need your engine running. If not, turn it off. Monitoring and controlling idling is a great habit to get to know!

3.  Monitor traffic ahead to minimize gear changes – By keeping an eye on upcoming traffic conditions, you can anticipate having to slow down. It’s more efficient to keep the truck moving than to start from a complete stop. It also reduces the number of gear changes you need to make.

Remember to always check for any hazards ahead, both for safety reasons and to improve efficiency. Truck drivers can make use of their added height advantage to help monitor traffic and road conditions.

4.  Use cruise control – Cruise control can be useful on long journeys to maintain a steady, economical and safe speed. If you’re driving a long stretch on highway, set your cruise control to minimize fuel consumption.

5.  Obey posted speed limits – Not only is speeding unsafe and increases the risk of an accident, it also significantly decreases fuel economy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, aggressive driving can lower your gas mileage by 33% at highway speeds. Sensible driving is safer for you and others on the road, and improves fuel economy.

6.  Use your momentum – The momentum your truck collects can be used to get over hills more economically. In some cases, momentum can be used to roll to a stop at traffic lights. By removing your foot from the accelerator, your engine can stop using fuel and simply glide, a big saver.

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When you drive smart and minimize fuel use, you’re improving the environment in more ways than you know. You’re saving money, as well–so it’s a win win! If we all make an effort to save fuel and be green, we’ll keep our Earth clean and beautiful.


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