10 Semi-truck Organization Ideas: Easy Cab Storage

Your truck is your home away from home, so you need to store everything from food to emergency tools. Having what you need helps you feel more comfortable. While Prime’s equipment is spacious, you’ll only have so many places to store your belongings. That means you’ll have to get creative. 

If you’re a new driver, you may already have storage ideas for your cab. Before purchasing supplies, measure your sleeper berth’s storage spaces and open areas. You’ll have cabinet space and storage under the bed. Measure those areas so you know what can fit there. 

Once you have the lay of the land inside your cab, you’re ready to start making your shopping list. Try these 10 semi-truck organization ideas for yourself. 

1. Transparent Storage Boxes

Plastic storage containers are your new best friend. You want a variety of plastic boxes or containers to keep on the top bunk or shelving area, under your bed or inside cabinets. We recommend clear containers so you can see what’s inside. 

Consider plastic boxes with latching lids or drawers for clothes, exercise equipment and heavier items. Inside your cabinets, storage baskets help you group similar things together. With a basket, you’ll keep food and cleaning supplies from moving inside or toppling out when you open the cabinet. 

You’ll encounter bumpy roads and turns that will jolt your cab. VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners keep things from sliding around. Attach VELCRO® to the bottom or sides of your storage boxes to ensure they stay in place. 

2. Adhesive Hooks 

Don’t discount your walls and ceiling. With adhesive hooks, these areas can become prime storage real estate. You can make the most of your space by hanging things so they are easy to reach. For example, as the seasons change, you can use adhesive hooks to hang coats and scarves. 

You can also use hooks to hang storage baskets or mesh pockets, giving you more places to organize your belongings. Adhesive hooks, like Command™ Utility Hooks, can hold weights up to 10 to 15 lbs. 

3. Mesh Net Organizers 

For lightweight items, consider mesh nets as a storage option. A large mesh pocket across the ceiling of your cab works well to store clothes, towels or extra bedding. 

Beyond the cab’s ceiling, you can hang a pocket organizer on the back of your seats or the front of a cabinet. Over-the-seat mesh organizers help you store office items, cleaning supplies and snacks. 

Some backseat organizers fold down and serve as makeshift desks for working or connecting with family on your laptop. Several equipment models come with a built-in writing surface. If you’re looking for more surface area, a desk-like backseat organizer gives you another place to set your belongings while using them. 

4. Over-the-door Shoe Organizer 

While sold for shoes, hanging shoe organizers are fantastic for storing anything small inside your cab. Hang it on a cabinet, and organize to your heart’s content. 

You can transform a shoe organizer into a mini pantry for groceries and snacks. You can view it as an extension of your closet and store rolled-up shirts. They also make a great catch-all spot for your odds and ends. 

These organizers come in a variety of sizes. Get one with several pockets or just a few to suit your needs. 

5. Baskets With Suction Cups 

Take your baskets to the next level with suction cups. Like VELCRO®, suction cups help baskets stay in place as you drive. You can use suction cups to mount baskets on cab windows to maximize storage. Smaller baskets can even stick to your dash, as long as they aren’t blocking your view of the road. 

6. Shower Caddy 

A shower caddy can do more than hold toiletries. While you’ll want one to haul shampoo and soap into truck stops, you can also use shower caddies to organize other items in your space. Put several caddies to work across your cab:

  • Store your personal grooming products. 
  • Keep cleaning bottles, rags and paper towels together. 
  • Organize plates, silverware and kitchen utensils. 

Many shower caddies are designed with handles. When you’re ready to get something out, grabbing the caddy and finding what you need is easy. 

7. Wall-mounted Pocket

You should keep the things you need often or at a moment’s notice somewhere convenient. You can use a wall-mounted pocket to store important documents you’d need to access quickly. You can also use these pockets to hold backup log books, atlases and maps, should you need them. 

8. Small File Cabinet  

You can store almost anything in a small plastic file cabinet. Use two- to three-drawer containers to store belongings underneath or above your bed. 

You can also put containers inside your biggest cabinet or closet area. Some drivers opt to hang their clothes inside the large cabinet. If you prefer to roll or fold your clothing, adding a three- to four-drawer container inside this cabinet gives you more opportunities to organize your belongings.  

With this type of container, you can store: 

  • Documents 
  • Clothes
  • Dishes 
  • Food
  • Toiletries 
  • Books
  • First aid kit

9. Bungee Cords 

A bumpy road, quick stop or sharp turn can knock items over or send them sliding across the cab. Bungee straps prevent items from moving around while you are driving. 

You can use bungee cords to secure containers or baskets in open storage areas. The bungee cord will prevent containers from sliding around. If you use multi-drawer containers, you’ll want to secure the drawers with bungee cords, too. This will stop drawers from accidentally opening. 

Bonus: You can also use bungee straps to create clotheslines inside your cab.

10. Labels

Most of your belongings will live in containers or baskets while you’re on the road. Clear bins help you see what’s inside. Labels make identifying what’s stored where even easier. 

You can purchase a label maker, pre-cut labels or make labels from paper and tape. On each container, you’ll label what’s inside. For containers with drawers, you can label each drawer based on its contents. 

With everything properly labeled, you won’t be stuck wondering where you or your co-driver put something. 

Plan First, Organize Second

Whether it’s your first time getting into a truck or you’re upgrading models, be sure to research the specs inside or measure the available space if you can. Then, you’ll be ready to find containers and organizers to optimize that space. 

If you’re a new driver, you may need to live in your truck for a while before you find the right places to store everything. As you organize your cab, you’ll want to keep these things in mind:

  • Safety
  • Convenience 
  • Efficiency 

TL;DR – Your Semi-truck Storage Wishlist

Need semi-truck organization ideas? Here’s a list of supplies to help you get started: 

  • Transparent storage containers
  • Bungee cords
  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Adhesive hooks 
  • Mesh organizers 
  • Small baskets 
  • Shower caddies 
  • Wall-mounted pockets
  • Small plastic file cabinet 
  • Labels 

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