What Are The Benefits of 1-on-1 Company Sponsored CDL Training?

So you’ve chosen to pursue the career of a truck driver, ready to take on the world and help deliver cargo across the United States. Now that you’ve made the decision, what are your next steps? It’s not as easy as signing a form and hopping into the first truck that you see. You’ll have to get your CDL before you can embark on the open road on your own, which comes with a fair amount of training.

Trucking requires learning new skills you’ve likely never encountered before, so a CDL truck driver training program is a must. You will want to choose a certified program with a learning style that connects with you, not just the easiest program or the one that’s closest by. A good CDL training program will prepare you for the rest of your career.

Find out what to look for in a truck driving training program and why you should look for programs with 1-on-1 training.

What should I know before starting company sponsored CDL training?

As you start exploring where to train, take along these questions with you:

  • Is room and board provided? Some programs will offer you food and a place to stay, while others may rely on you figuring that part out. While this shouldn’t be a major part of your decision, it’s still an important factor to consider. Those costs can add up quickly, and if you have any other costs associated with earning your CDL, you’ll need to carefully consider every dollar you’re spending.
  • What percentage of graduates become employed? If the employment rate post-graduation is incredibly low, you may be wasting your time training. Look for companies with high rates of employment or job offers after completion of your program so you can get on the road and get earning as fast as possible.
  • How long is the program? Though it may only take a couple weeks to earn your CDL, no good program will send you out onto the street in your own truck the second you pass the test. Passing your CDL exam only encompasses a short period of your training, and you will likely require more training to be prepared to go solo.  
  • Do I receive any real world experience? When it comes to truck driving, you can only learn so much in a classroom. If you spend your entire training learning out of books, you’ll never know what to do when actually on the road. Be wary of programs that only have you practice on a training course too – while they may offer you experience behind the wheel, it doesn’t necessarily prepare you to drive down an interstate and know how to handle various weather conditions, daytime versus nighttime driving, and new situations that may occur out on the road.

What are the benefits of personalized CDL training?

The ability to have 1-on-1 training should be one of the biggest aspects you should consider when choosing a CDL truck driver program. Imagine if you were learning a foreign language for the first time. Do you think you would learn better in the middle of a huge lecture hall, or with a personal tutor? 1-on-1 training makes it easier to avoid any distractions, keeping your focus on the road. You only need to focus on what you’re doing, not any classmates who may be learning at their own pace.

This also means that your learning is personalized to your level of skill. Need more time to practice backing? Your trainer can arrange that. Already doing a great job parallel parking? It never hurts to practice more, but you can use the extra time to work on your other driving maneuvers. 1-on-1 training allows you to hone your skills better than if you were in a class with dozens of people, letting you practice until you’re ready to ace your CDL exam.

If you want to earn your CDL while learning 1-on-1 with qualified trainers, apply to Prime’s truck driver training program. Not only will you receive personalized training, you will haul real loads across the country while training and receive a job offer after successful completion of the program.

For any further questions about the field of truck driving or CDL training, feel free to contact us. A recruiter will reach out to you shortly.

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