How Much Does It Cost To Become A Truck Driver?

Any skilled profession will require some level of training, and truck driving is no exception to this rule. You must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before you get onto the road, not to mention training to learn how to properly handle a semi-truck.

When training is required for a job, there is typically a cost involved. You may be interested in truck driving because the cost is significantly lower than paying for other technical programs or for a college degree. While this is true, some training options will take advantage of truck driving students and charge tuition at an extremely high rate. Choosing the wrong kind of program could cost you exponentially in the end. Whether you want to attend a CDL School or go through a company-sponsored CDL training program, it is key to do your research and find the best fit for you.

Find out more about how much your truck driver training could cost you.

 How much is a truck driving school?

Many drivers choose a truck driving school to obtain their CDL. Truck driving schools allow students to learn locally and stay near home most of the time, which can be a factor in choosing a school. A truck driving school is usually run independently or operated through a technical college. These programs can come at a premium cost, with the average price ranging from $3,000-$7,000. Though the cost is higher, this does not necessarily mean that the quality of education is better. In fact, truck driving schools typically have drivers practice during the daytime in a small range around the school and may have little, if any, on-the-road education time.

Paying for truck driving school can also be troublesome. Most programs will require that you pay upfront, meaning you will need to work out a method of payment sooner rather than later. Some may be eligible for student loans if the program is run through a college, but this could come with a high loan payment later. Other programs may encourage you to use a sign-on bonus to pay, but this assumes that you will find a job immediately after and that it will offer a sign-on bonus. If none of these options are available, you might resort to private loans, which can have even higher rates than student loans and may be difficult to pay off. Some students can get grants for their CDL School. Be sure to check into your options and ask your CDL School if they can connect you with any additional resources if you choose to attend a school.

Truck driving schools usually do not pay for other aspects of your training, including:

  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Transportation to training

What is the cost of a company sponsored CDL training program?

There are several company-sponsored CDL training programs in the industry. Each program is different so be sure to ask for details on overall cost and pay for the program.

One such program is the Prime Student Driver (PSD) Program. By enrolling in the PSD Program, you can get top-tier truck driving education at a fraction of the cost. Students who commit to driving with Prime for a year pay only $100 fee and permit costs to start for a training program that is valued at $4,475. As long as you driver for Prime with your Class A CDL for one year, you do not pay anything else for the training program.

While you prepare to take your CDL exam (which takes approximately one month), you can receive an interest-free $200 per week loan for living costs and food. After you have earned your CDL you are guaranteed $700 a week as long as you are available to drive for the second phase of training while you obtain 30,000 team training miles out on the road. Through our program, not only will you pay less than at a driving school, you are given a job with Prime upon obtaining your Class A CDL.

Have you already earned your CDL? Don’t worry, there’s still options available for you. Those who have their CDL can still enroll in the Student Driver program. You can earn $600 per week for your first week of training and $700 per week for all weeks after. If you have graduated from a CDL School within the last 45 days and Prime is the first company you drive for with your CDL, you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement of up to $1,500. Ask a recruiter for more detail.


Are you wanting to earn your CDL at a low cost, or are you looking for tuition reimbursement after completing your CDL school?

Enroll in the Prime Student Driver Program and launch your truck driving career. If you have further questions, contact a recruiter for more information.

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