What’s A Good Gift for A Truck Driver?

Giving the right gift can be challenging. The best gifts for truck drivers make life on the road more enjoyable. Whether you’re a family member or close friend, try to give your driver something that fits their lifestyle. 

Get inspired by these 10 gift ideas for truckers. Give the perfect present for Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or as a “thank you” any time of the year. Your driver will appreciate anything from this list, and you can rest assured they’ll put your gift to good use! 

Where to shop: Find great gifts for drivers online at the Prime Inc. Store or in person at our terminals in Springfield, MO; Salt Lake City, UT; and Pittston, PA.

10 Gift Ideas for Truckers 

Wearable or workable—these gifts are sure to make any driver happy. We rounded up great items for those who spend their days traveling. 

1. Hi-Visibility Clothing 

Bad conditions? Dim lighting? Help your loved one stay safe with high-visibility clothing. 

Whether stuck on the side of the road or inspecting their truck after dark, hi-vis apparel makes drivers stand out. Wearing a hi-vis jacket or vest helps them be safer around traffic and busy areas.

Stay seen. Shop hi-vis clothing online at our company store. 

2. Work Boots

Every driver needs a pair of durable work boots. How do you know which boots are really made for walking? 

A cushioned insole adds comfort to everyday wear and helps fight fatigue. The outer sole should have excellent traction. You’ll want to find boots that can grip slick surfaces. 

Leather boots are a practical choice for any season. Drivers wear leather boots to protect their feet while inspecting equipment or unloading cargo.

Give them tough boots with Carhartt footwear

3. Portable Stove

Making warm, delicious meals in a cab is possible with a portable stove. Drivers can save money on fast food or rekindle their love for cooking with portable appliances. A 12-volt stove plugs into a 12-volt power port, allowing drivers to cook meals or warm leftovers at up to 300°F.

Cab-friendly kitchen equipment is a thoughtful gift they’ll use often. Find portable stoves and other kitchen appliances online at our company store. 

4. Multicooker 

Pair a portable stove with a multicooker for your on-the-go chef, or give this cooker alone. A multicooker is a slow, pressure and rice cooker all in one. Three appliances combined in one pot occupy less space in a sleeper berth. 

Multicookers are a must-have for cab cooking because they offer several ways to cook ingredients. They’re great for one-pot meals or preparing rice and grains for the week ahead. 

See more truck-friendly appliances.

5. Yoga Mat 

Yoga releases tension in your body and improves flexibility. All it takes is a few minutes a day! A yoga mat isn’t essential for yoga away from home, but it does protect you from parking lot concrete.

A yoga mat adds cushion below your feet, hands and elbows for poses like planks and downward dog. You can also carry your mat into Prime’s training centers for fitness classes or to claim your spot at the gym. 

6. Bluetooth Headset

Drivers communicate with many people daily, from dispatchers to family members. Bluetooth headsets help them do so. 

Headsets eliminate the need to mess with handheld devices that are illegal and unsafe to use while driving. The buttons you need to receive a call are on the headset. 

Operating a big rig can be noisy. Headsets with microphones help cancel out noise, making it easier for callers to hear the driver. 

Some states don’t allow headsets to cover both ears if you’re using one while driving. Ensure you know state laws before purchasing your gift, or buy a headset that covers only one ear.

Take a look at the CB RoadKing or Blue Tiger Storm

7. Orthopedic Seat Cushion 

Sitting for long hours calls for an orthopedic cushion! Give a driver comfort and support from their seat, helping to reduce tiredness and tension after a day’s drive. An orthopedic seat cushion also helps improve posture by supporting the driver’s back and hips.

8. Work Gloves

All truck drivers benefit from tough work gloves. Drivers need to protect their hands when working with tools or cargo. They’ll also want a pair around when the weather gets cold. 

  • Canvas gloves are great for greasy parts like chains or tools. 
  • Leather work gloves are essential for fueling and checking oil. They protect your hands from oils and chemicals and keep them clean at the fuel pump. 
  • OTR drivers will likely need winter gloves for cold regions.

9. Blackout Mask or Curtains 

Sleeping in a truck stop parking lot can be hard. These facilities have bright lights on at night for safety and visibility. Unfortunately, those bright lights can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Blackout masks or curtains help drivers create an ideal environment for sleep. If it’s sunny or bright, putting on a blackout mask or drawing blackout curtains makes it easier to rest.

10. Lock Box

Drivers travel across the country; the last thing anyone wants is to have something stolen or lost. Many drivers carry valuables with them. They may also have documents with personal information on board. 

In an accident, a small lock box can protect drivers’ valuables. For drivers worried about losing things, a lock box also serves as a set spot to store belongings so they aren’t misplaced.

Gifts You Can Give from Anywhere

For drivers that have it all, try sending digital gifts. They’ll appreciate the gesture—especially if you can’t see them in person. 

You can purchase a subscription service with their favorite shows or the latest audiobooks. Some streaming services, like Disney+, let you buy gift subscriptions. With others, you can buy a gift card for your loved one, who can use it when they sign up for the service.

  • Video Streaming/TV Subscriptions: Sign them up for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, HBO Max, Apple TV or BritBox.
  • Music Subscriptions: Let them jam out to their favorites on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or YouTube Music.
  • Audiobook Subscriptions: Foster their literary side with Audible, Audiobooks.com, Blinkist, Chirp or Barnes & Noble Audiobooks.
  • Digital Gift Cards: Send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, apparel store or truck stop. 

Give a gift that goes the extra mile! Gifts are a show of love. A gift can brighten someone’s spirits, no matter how big or small.

Whether you send a digital gift or give a present in person, your thoughtfulness will make the driver feel loved and appreciated. Your gift will remind them of home and the people who care about them.

The Gift of A Career Nudge

Sometimes, we need a change of pace or to take our careers in another direction. If you know someone considering driving, you can always give them the gift of encouragement. Prompt your friend, spouse or family member to become a driver!

At Prime Inc., drivers earn competitive pay and benefits. Driving careers help people support their families, meet long-term goals and advance professionally.

  • Prime drivers can opt-in for medical and 401(k) benefits. 
  • They also receive paid vacation time.
  • Prime drivers get one day of home time per seven days out.

If you or someone you know is ready to train, encourage them to apply online today!

Our Driver Training Program helps new drivers become successful professionals. For further questions, interested drivers can call our Recruiting Department at 866-290-1568

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