Is Truck Driving Hard?

Truck drivers face many challenges. The lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Being a driver is a unique experience. Most people will never understand what it takes. A career as a driver is the perfect fit for many individuals, but is being a truck driver hard?

Truck drivers work hard, yes, and the day-to-day can be an adjustment. You’ll learn a lot in your first year of truck driving. The longer you drive, the more you’ll grow as a professional and person.

Like any profession, this career path has benefits and drawbacks. Learn about common truck driver challenges and how to overcome them.

Truck Driver Challenges With Equipment 

As a new driver, operating equipment may be one of your chief concerns. Not everyone can safely haul a loaded 53’ trailer. It takes practice! 

New drivers go through CDL training. During training, you prepare to earn your Class A CDL and learn how to operate equipment. 

Newcomers may find aspects of driving difficult. Backing or parallel parking may be tricky at first. With time, you’ll master right-hand turns and any other challenges you face. 

Prime Driver Training Program

Prime’s Driver Training Program pairs you with an instructor as you learn the ropes! 

Once you pass your CDL exam, you’ll team up with a trainer for 50,000 miles. Trainers help you learn proper safety protocol and support you as you gain confidence in your abilities. 

You’ll be ready to drive solo after your training is done. You can partner with a driver and haul as a team if you want someone to have your back every haul.

Truck Driver Lifestyle Adjustments 

After learning how to drive, the unique lifestyle is one of the biggest challenges truck drivers face. How and where you eat, exercise, shower and sleep will differ from other people. You’ll live out of a truck for days at a time. You won’t have immediate access to a kitchen or bathroom.

Prepare yourself for trucking life. Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

1. Food Options 

You have fewer options for healthy and quick meals on the road. You won’t have a kitchen in your cab to cook dinner. Instead, you may have a mini fridge or microwave at your disposal.

There are many options for fast food, which can be convenient but costly over time. For healthier and cheaper meal options, many drivers meal prep before heading out each week. 

Prime’s Driver Health & Fitness offers nutrition counseling for drivers. Get ready to build healthy eating habits! 

2. Time to Exercise

Exercise improves your quality of life. Movement boosts your mood, maintains your mobility and keeps you energized. 

A downside of life as a driver is the long hours and lack of time (or space) for exercise. Drivers sit for long periods. They don’t often have the option to hit the gym while hauling freight.

Sitting can cause back and leg discomfort. Additionally, lack of exercise has been linked to weight gain, heart disease and diabetes.

What can drivers do? Even 15 minutes of activity helps! When parked for a break, you can stretch and do bodyweight exercises. Some drivers even haul a few weights with them for building strength.

At Prime’s Springfield, Salt Lake City, and Pittston terminals, drivers can use the weight room and training facility to exercise. 

If you’re looking for more ways to stay fit, Prime’s Driver Health & Fitness offers personal training and on-demand fitness videos

3. Handling Hygiene 

Finding nice restrooms and truck stops with showers isn’t always easy. How do you keep up with hygiene as a driver? First, know that there will be days you won’t get to shower. On those days, be ready with supplies. 

Many drivers use baby wipes to freshen up when they can’t shower. You can also pack washcloths and use bottles of water to sponge off. 

Bring deodorant, micellar water or makeup remover wipes, and extra clothes. Changing clothes helps you feel more refreshed.  

When you can shower, pack a shower caddy or duffle with the hygiene items you need. Truck stop showers are often busy, so be ready to wait for showers to open. 

Many truck stops let you earn points for free shower credits. Prime Inc. terminals at Springfield, Salt Lake City, and Pittston also have showers open 24/7. 

4. Getting Good Sleep

Good sleep is crucial for your health. Drivers may have odd sleeping hours. For example, if you run team, you may sleep most of the day and drive at night. You’ll have to adapt to being away from your bed and the comforts of home. 

A few tips to get better sleep in your truck are to upgrade your mattress and bedding. Try mattress toppers and weighted comforters to help you fall asleep. Many drivers use shades to block out parking lot lights and earplugs to reduce noise. 

Almost one-third of truck drivers have mild to severe sleep apnea, which prevents them from getting restorative sleep. You can get tested for sleep apnea at Cardinal Sleep in Prime’s Springfield terminal. 

5. More Time Alone 

Drivers spend a lot of time away from home. It’s hard to be far from your loved ones. Loneliness can affect your mental and physical health, so it’s important drivers check in with friends and family often. 

Plan times to talk to loved ones throughout the week. Some drivers schedule calls or video chats with family. Having a planned talk time puts intention behind the call, helping everyone stay focused on the conversation. 

Beyond checking in with loved ones, drivers can fill the hours with podcasts or their favorite music. On breaks, you can bring supplies for your favorite hobby.

Prime Inc. offers team driving. You can pair up with another driver, so you’ll never be alone. Drivers can also travel with a pet for company. 

Become A Truck Driver Today 

While trucking differs from office and retail jobs, it can be incredibly rewarding. You’ll learn to trust yourself. You’ll gain confidence and enjoy unleashing your independence, especially if you become an over-the-road driver.

If you’re ready to switch careers, take the next step. Prime Inc. hires both new and experienced drivers. You can apply and take off immediately or start training to earn your Class A CDL. 

Apply online today! We can’t wait to see you in the driver’s seat.

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