Prime Training Series: What’s TNT Training?

Ready to complete your truck driver training? Prime’s CDL training program consists of four main parts: orientation, CDL instruction, CDL exam, and TNT training. Once you pass the CDL exam, you are eligible to move onto TNT training. 

During the TNT Training stage of the Prime Training Program, you will be team driving with a certified trainer. The support of your trainer and the opportunity to run real loads will help you gain the skills and experience you need to be successful driving on your own or as a permanent team. 

Prime driver and instructor shake hands in front of semi-truck.

Team Driving During Training

TNT training requires you to travel with your trainer and share their truck. It’s the first time you may drive without a trainer in the passenger seat. 

You will experience what it’s like to drive by yourself without ever truly being alone. Your trainer will be there to guide you and help you improve. 

Team driving is a partnership. You and your trainer will work out a driving schedule to make sure you arrive at your destinations on time. The two of you will take turns driving and resting. You will take the wheel while your trainer sleeps and vice versa. 

How Long is Prime’s TNT Training?

TNT training takes about three to four months. You and your trainer must obtain a minimum number of team miles before you can upgrade. Both the miles you drive and the miles your trainer drives count toward your mileage requirement.

You must complete a minimum of 50k training miles before becoming eligible for upgrade review. Upgrading into your own truck is based on service, safety, and truck availability.

Your required training miles may vary based on your CDL seat and division. For example, tanker and flatbed drivers must obtain 35,000 training miles to be eligible for upgrade. Check with your recruiter to learn more about the required minimum mileage for your path.

Could Your TNT Training Be Extended? 

It may take you longer than three to four months to reach your required minimum mileage. The amount of home time taken during training or inclement weather could potentially delay finishing your training.  

Other incidents, like preventable accidents and moving violations, can extend the time you must spend training. Having more time to hone specific skills, such as driving in winter weather, can help you become a safer, more confident driver. 

Do You Get Paid for CDL Training?

You get paid a minimum of $900/week during the Prime Training Program after you obtain your CDL! You must be available for dispatch and away from home to earn training pay. A minimum of $672/week will be paid if you are at home and available for dispatch. 

Where Does Your Career Lead?

Once you complete your TNT training, you’ve made it to the finish line. Students who graduate from Prime’s Training Program are eligible for an upgrade review. 

The next step is up to you. If you want to travel the country, being an over-the-road driver may be your calling. Interested in a regional route? Check with your recruiter or fleet manager to see what options are available in your area.

Prime is here to support your trucking career—wherever it takes you. Are you ready to start training? 

Apply to Prime today to take the first step toward our company CDL training program. One of our recruiters will be in touch after you fill out the application. 

For more information about our training program, call 866-290-1568 to reach our Recruiting Department.

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