Managing Back Pain: Truck Drivers & Chiropractic Care

Hours of sitting. Exposure to vibrations and bumps. Hunching or leaning while steering. All of these things can contribute to truck driver back and neck pain.

Do you experience back pain from driving? Are you looking for an alternative, drug-free method of relief? Prime offers chiropractic services on-site at our Springfield, MO terminal. 

Stress on the Body & Back Pain from Driving 

Back pain is one of the top reasons cited for visiting a doctor. According to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative, one in two adults experience a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD), which includes upper and lower back pain. 

Truck drivers are at a high risk of developing back pain due to prolonged sitting, slouching and vibrations from the road. A recent Canadian study reported that nearly 60% of truck drivers experienced some form of MSD pain.

Spending hours behind the wheel can cause truck drivers to have pain, muscle discomfort and reduced mobility. You may experience lower back pain after driving or while driving. 

Try these tips for preventing or managing your pain:

  • Adjust your seat for better driving posture. What is the best seat position for driving? You want to be an appropriate distance from the wheel. You should avoid hunching or leaning over the wheel, as well as stretching forward to reach it. Seat adjustments can improve your driving posture and help your body stay aligned. 
  • Step out of your truck when you can. Time is money on the road. But you should try to take regular stops to break up long periods of sitting. Each time you stop, take a walk around your truck, do some stretches or get in a bit of exercise. 
  • Invest in a good seat cushion. The quality of your seat matters. When you drive, you are exposed to frequent vibrations that can increase the load on your spine. Seat cushions can absorb shock from vibrations and offer your spine support. 
  • Find ways to support your back. Something as simple as a rolled towel placed at your lower back can provide lumbar support for driving. You can also use a small towel or pillow to support your neck. 
  • Visit a chiropractor. Should you visit a chiropractor? Frequent back pain is one of the most common reasons to go to a chiropractor. Chiropractic care explores both hands-on and hands-free treatments to relieve pain and improve mobility without the use of drugs or surgery. 

Happy Spine Chiropractic Offers Prime Drivers Care

If you have back pain, chiropractic treatments may offer you relief. Happy Spine Chiropractic is located in the basement of the Millennium Building at Prime’s Springfield, MO terminal—right across the hall from Trinity Healthcare. 

Do you have locked spinal joints or back spasms? Do you need help restoring tired muscles? At Happy Spine Chiropractic, you can receive the care you need through a variety of chiropractic therapies including spinal adjustments, electrical muscle stimulation and Kinesio Taping.

Prime drivers can book appointments five days a week. You will pay a flat rate of $35 per visit out of pocket. Happy Spine Chiropractic will not file your insurance. 

Schedule an appointment online or call (417) 799-8925 to book your chiropractic visit today!

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