Tips to Maximize Your Truck Driver Income

There’s never been a better time to be a truck driver. The industry is in need of dedicated, passionate drivers, and those who fit the bill have the opportunity to make a living while carrying important freight across the country. With Prime’s increasing pay rates and bonuses, the sky’s the limit for drivers who are committed to earning more.  

Discover how you can increase your paychecks as a Prime driver.

How do I earn more as a truck driver?

Prime drivers are able to earn more based on their performance and additional services they perform outside of their basic job duties. We’ve highlighted some of these bonuses for you below.

Drive safely & efficiently

Being cautious and timely are two of the most important habits a truck driver can have. At Prime, we want to reward our associates with bonuses for those who exhibit excellent driving performance. Independent contractors who regularly deliver on-time and avoid safety violations can receive an extra 5 cents per mile for weekly miles between 2,400-2,900 as a solo driver. Team drivers who are independent contractors can see even more of a payout, with an additional 2.5 cents per mile for all weekly miles above 4000. Assuming a team runs at least 5,000 miles a week, this could be an extra $1,300+ per year! Company drivers who are vigilant about their mileage may receive an extra fuel mileage incentive bonus, as well.

Help train new truck drivers

Want to help the next generation of Prime drivers get onto the road and earn money while you do it? Become a trainer for our Student Driver Training Program! Our CDL Instructors are eligible to earn up to $3,175 in earnings per student driver they train. In order to become a trainer, there are a number of qualifications you must meet. Some of these include having nine months of driving experience (6 months if you graduated from the Prime Student Driver Program), no DOT reportable accidents in the last 12 months, a solid on-time service record and being an A seat lead driver at Prime for at least 60 days. For a full list of requirements and to sign up to become a trainer, contact your fleet manager.

CDL Instructors can earn:

  • $300 per week up to 4 weeks during training a student with their CDL permit
  • $500 bonus when their student driver passes the CDL exam or $875 if the driver passes on the first try
  • $300 when your student driver stays with Prime for six months
  • $300 when your student driver stays with Prime for a year
  • $500 when your student driver becomes an A seat lead driver

Refer drivers to Prime

Spreading the word about Prime pays off. Through our referral program, you can earn extra money when someone you refer joins the Prime family. You can earn:

  • $100 when your referred driver hauls their first load
  • $500 when your referred driver stays with Prime for six months
  • ¼ cpm on every mile your referred driver runs after six months
  • $1000 when you refer 3 drivers who stay with Prime for six months

To put it simply, if you were to refer 3 drivers who stay at least 6 months, you would earn $2,800 before counting for any additional mileage pay! If you need some tips for referring and for full driver referral program details, our Recruiting Department can help you out. You can also order your own Prime Inc. business cards (through the Prime Mobile App) to hand out to potential drivers.

Stick with Prime

Staying with the same company pays off, in both bonuses and overall benefits. Each year, Prime and Success Leasing add a total of $1,500 to independent contractors to your Rewards & Retention account to express our appreciation for your work. Not to mention, switching companies frequently can hurt your wallet more than you may realize. The average amount of lost earnings over a career due to changing jobs has been found to be over $120,000 due to time spent retraining and downtime. The longer you stay with a company, the more likely you are to earn more over time.


Looking for a trucking company that can provide you fair pay and benefits?

Apply for Prime’s Student Driver Training Program and become a part of a company that has seen a yearly increase in pay for the last six years. If you have further questions about pay and benefits, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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