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Many carriers today have transportation job postings that may draw your attention, but have you considered an office position with a trusted transportation company? At Prime Inc., fleet managers have a positive impact on the company and its drivers. They don’t watch the clock, waiting for the end of the day; instead, they work hard and help their 80- to 100+driver fleet transport their loads safely and efficiently.

Here’s a closer look at what fleet managers are responsible for and why ­drivers need them.

Drivers Count on Fleet Managers

Each professional driver counts on the fleet manager for assignments—the best loads and schedule available. The fleet manager also ensures the loads are delivered on time and at the right temperature, if refrigeration is required.

Fleet managers are the first point of contact when a professional driver communicates with the carrier. Drivers are encouraged to call on their fleet manager or message them through Qualcomm whenever an issue arises.

Night dispatchers are responsible for multiple fleets and are available all night long to answer the call of drivers in distress. The responsibilities of a night dispatcher are very similar to those of a fleet manager; they simply work overnight and weekend shifts as required.

Fleet Managers Grow the Company

Along with taking care of their drivers, fleet managers also strive to help grow the company in the following ways:

  • Ensure DOT compliance
  • Monitor driver mileage and performance
  • Focus on driver retention
  • Educate drivers about best practices to conserve fuel and reduce operational costs
  • Conduct counseling sessions with drivers to address rule infractions
  • Process payroll promptly and accurately

Fleet Manager Incentives

Fleet managers at Prime are paid a base pay in the form of an hourly rate or salary, depending on the situation. Then, incentives on top of the base pay are tied directly to performance factors and overall responsibility, such as:

  • Number of drivers the fleet manager oversees
  • Number of miles driven
  • Number of loads delivered
  • Safety and compliance
  • On-time service


Anyone who responds to a transportation job posting with Prime should know the company operates like a family. Fleet managers know their drivers by name and are often even familiar with their families. Such closeness makes drivers feel like an extended part of the family, which is important for maintaining the positive culture at Prime.

For more information about positions at Prime, please visit our website. Then, keep up with future blog posts for more information about becoming a professional driver.

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