Keeping Love Alive In a Long Distance Relationship as a Truck Driver

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re reminded of the amount of effort required to maintain a long distance relationship with a significant other when you’re a truck driver. All relationships take effort, but when hundreds or thousands of miles separate partners for weeks at a time, a strong commitment is required by both to keep the relationship fresh and strong. James Burrow and his wife, Lesley, understand what’s required to make a long distance relationship work, and both work hard at it every day.

James is a team driver who hauls cross-country loads for Prime Inc. He and Lesley have been together for 4 years, and are raising children as well. James has been driving for 9 years, so Lesley was aware of what being married to a truck driver was all about and decided it was well worth the effort. Both James and Lesley make the best of their long distance relationship by staying in touch constantly by phone when he’s on the road and spending as much time as possible talking and being together when he’s home.

James says, for him, the hardest part of being on the road and in a long distance relationship is that he can’t always be available when things break around the house or when family matters arise. Special days like birthdays and holidays—and yes, even Valentine’s Day—sometimes have to be celebrated before or after the actual day, when he’s at home to be a part of the celebrations. Everyone in the family seems to take it in stride, however. It’s just how the relationship works. James’s role is to be on the road earning money to provide for the family, and Lesley’s role is to manage family affairs when James can’t be there to help out.

When James is home, it’s time to put the long distance relationship on hold and get on with the business of being a family again. James and Lesley spend time taking care of the necessities—like paying the bills, stocking the pantry, and fixing things that have broken—and then spend the rest of their time together relaxing, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. It’s their payoff for all of the hard work they put into their relationship when James is on the road, and they’ve come to love the lifestyle. A long distance relationship isn’t right for every couple, and no one ever said it was easy, but James and Lesley are making the best of it, and it’s working well for them.

If you’re considering a career as a truck driver, visit the Prime Inc. website for more information

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