What Can You Expect During CDL Training?

If you’re ready to pursue a career as a truck driver, the first step toward getting on the road is to earn your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) demands a higher level of skill than for a typical non-commercial car, truck or van. To obtain your CDL, you must pass a CDL exam that includes rigorous skills and knowledge testing.

To help you out, Prime offers a CDL training program for new drivers through the Prime Student Driver (PSD) program.

Keep reading for a preview of what you can expect as you learn the skills you need to become a successful truck driver — and to successfully pass your CDL exam!

Get Your CDL Learner’s Permit

Before you can earn your CDL, you must first acquire a commercial learner’s permit, which authorizes you to drive on public roads with a qualified CDL holder.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers the following points to keep in mind when applying for your learner’s permit:

  • Your driving record will be checked for past 10 years in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • You must present proof of medical qualification.
  • You will need to pass a DOT physical to obtain a DOT medical card.
  • You must possess your learner’s permit for at least 14 days before taking the Skills test to earn your CDL.

You will need to obtain your CDL permit in your home state prior to starting orientation with Prime Inc. Typically, you will be sent to the orientation location nearest to your home state.

How Does the Prime Training Program Work?

The Prime Student Driver (PSD) program was created in 2002 to offer an alternative to CDL training school for new drivers and provide hands-on, real-world training with an experienced professional truck driver.

The program starts with an orientation in Springfield, MO; Pittston, PA; or Salt Lake City, UT followed by CDL instruction, CDL exam, and TNT training. The entire program takes approximately 4 to 5 months in total from orientation until a driver can upgrade into their own truck.

The only amount you pay to start the PSD program is the $100 entry fee plus your permit costs. You pay nothing more for the training program as long as you drive for Prime with your CDL for at least one year. 

  • New orientation classes start every week in Springfield, MO; Pittston, PA; and Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Prime pays for transportation to the orientation as well 3 meals per day and hotel accommodations during orientation.
  • Orientation is mainly comprised of the following:
    • Interview and file review
    • Computer-based training
    • Driving simulator training
    • Classroom training
CDL Instruction

Once you get your commercial learner’s permit, you will be paired with a CDL instructor (an experienced Prime driver) and go out on the road for 2 to 4 weeks for this phase of training. Anytime you are operating the truck with a permit, your CDL instructor must be in the passenger seat, awake and alert to be able to assist you at all times.

During this phase of training, you will be running real loads across the country with your instructor while learning everything you need to know to successfully pass the CDL exam. Your instructor’s primary focus will be teaching you how to complete a vehicle inspection, safely driving and operating a truck and trailer, and backing the tractor-trailer.

You are not paid during this phase, but Prime does provide a $200 interest-free loan each week to use for food and living costs. Once you obtain your CDL and start getting paid, you will pay the amount you borrowed back at $25 per week until it is paid back completely.

CDL Exam

After you complete the CDL instruction phase (2-4 weeks of training with your permit), you will return to Prime to take your CDL exam. The CDL Exam is comprised of three parts: vehicle inspection, backing skills, and road test.

Once you pass the exam and obtain your CDL, you are eligible for hire by Prime as a company employee and will start earning the $700 per week guarantee as long as you are available to drive during the first 40,000 training miles of the 2nd phase of training. After the first 40,000 training miles, you will start earning $800 per week guarantee as long as you are available to drive for the remainder of training until you upgrade. 

If you pass your CDL exam on your first attempt (also known as a “trifecta”), you earn a $250 bonus from Prime.

Final Training

After obtaining your CDL, you will go back out on the road with a TNT trainer (an experienced Prime driver) who may be the same as your CDL instructor. This phase is comprised of team driving training meaning you could be driving while your trainer is not in the passenger seat and vice versa.

The goal is to obtain a minimum of 50,000 team training miles during this phase. Any miles driven whether by you or your trainer will count towards this requirement. This final phase of the PSD program takes approximately 3 to 4  months to complete.

Once you complete your training mileage requirement, you will be eligible for upgrade. You can continue running as a team driver with your trainer or upgrade into your own truck. 

How Much Does CDL Training with Prime Cost?

If you commit to drive for Prime for at least one year after earning your CDL, the only amount you pay is $100 entry fee plus your permit costs to start.

You are eligible for hire by Prime Inc. after earning your CDL, and you will begin earning money as you complete your 50,000 team miles of additional training.

Would you like to learn more about how to train to earn your CDL?
Call 866-290-1568 Prime Inc. to speak with a recruiter about launching your career, or apply online at any time.

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