Why You Should Tell a Driver “Thank You” Today!

Holding the role of a truck driver makes for an exciting and unique career. Truck drivers are able to travel and view the world ahead of them, experience the freedom of the open road, and enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of the trucking industry. However, many of those who are not truck drivers may not realize how much dedication it takes. While National Truck Driver Appreciation Week isn’t until September, Prime wants to take a moment to thank all drivers–after all, they deserve it!

Truck drivers are absolutely critical to our nation’s economy. They work hard to keep our country moving forward. America’s supply chain is constantly rolling, and this wouldn’t be possible without the trucking industry and each driver’s job duties. From the clothes on your back, to the food in your mouth, to the TV you watch, at some point or another it was delivered by truck. The transportation industry and the resources required to transport goods from suppliers to the public is compelling and meticulous, and it wouldn’t happen successfully without our nation’s truck drivers. Thank you!

Another reason they deserve our respect is because unlike many other professions, drivers aren’t always able to see their families at the end of the work day. Being on the road definitely has its perks, but for families this can be tough at times. Spouses and parents are away from their family which gives us a big reason to appreciate drivers for their work hard. While not all truckers have the luxury of being home every night, the great news is technology allows truckers to interact with their loved ones on a daily basis. The Internet and platforms such as FaceTime and Skype give drivers a chance to see and speak to the ones they care about. Nevertheless, they’re taking time away from home to fulfill their trucking duties. Thank you!

Truck driving can be a demanding job. Drivers live, eat and sleep in their trucks. They aren’t able to eat home-cooked meals, take showers in their own bathroom, or sleep in a large bed. It’s not an easy task adjusting to this lifestyle, but truck drivers make sacrifices like these to help our country move forward. The truck driving lifestyle takes dedication, so thank you!

Even though truck drivers chose this unique career path and understand the components of the position, that’s all the more reason to thank a truck driver. Remember, if we didn’t have drivers, our country wouldn’t have the necessary goods required for our homes and businesses. Consumers need an abundance of items for survival, and it’s comforting to know the supplies are there when you need them. So next time you come across a truck driver, express gratitude and say thank you!

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